Saturday, 9 April 2011

For once, damn it!

Remove those damn masks. All of them. I will, if you will.

For once, lose yourself in the mystery of who you could be rather than hiding behind those self constructed masks and wilting away. Know yourself. Cherishing or self-deprecation comes later.

All this hiding and convenient excuses of 'I don't know myself' or 'Sometimes, I'm lost in unraveling myself' is as irritating as pigeon shit on a crisp white shirt. You're not a fuckin Egyptian Mummy to be unwrapped by someone else. Do it yourself you lazy bum. If you are so bloody afraid of coming to terms with what's underneath all those inane masks, your expecting that someone else would appear out of thin air and help you soften a potential blow is not only earth shatteringly daft, it is pathetic, idiotic, irresponsible and sadly for you, even worrisome.

Get over yourself, by knowing yourself.