Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry X-Mas!

Christmas usually means wishing every Christian friend I've got and this year was no different. Rakesh, the eternal fun neighbour was the first recipient. Also, Christmas to me brings back memories of my 8th and 9th Grades when I was part of the School Choir group. :D

Heard someone singing- "We wish you a Merry X-Mas, we wish you a Merry Y-Mas, we wish you a Merry Z-Mas and a Happy New Year" Mokkai in singing I tell you.

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly, fa la la la la la la la la la
Tis the Season to be Jolly, fa la la la la la la la la la....

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Saturday, 22 December 2007


For a while now, Rapecase and Golti J have been competing against each other about the non-use of their cell phones. The first thing they do when they come to college is check each other's SMS count for the day and the Lifetimer thingy. Golti J has been winning hands down in SMSs and it's Rapecase to glory with the lifetimer.

Yesterday, during one of their routine checks, Golti J put in the code for checking the SMS count and it says "Other Error". He thought it was just a one time mistake from Aircel and put in the code to check again and again the same response. He was shocked this time. Then he put in the code to check the Balance and again "Other Error". When he let everybody know of what happened, I replied Immediately "Dude, you know that in Banks, they freeze someone's accounts if they aren't operated for around 3 years or something, probably the same has happened to your phone" and it was laughathon. Just to make sure it wasn't Aircel's fault, Rapecase checked his SMS count and Balance and there was no "Other Error" for him.

After Brainstorming and laughing our asses off for a while, Rapecase came up with this idea of giving Golti J a missed call, just to make sure his phone was working. I gave him a cut call. There was no "Other Error" after he got that cut call from me. Turns out I was right about his Phone's Inactiveness!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Snippets II

- Peeps returned back home from a visit to Sister at Bombay yesterday and it was a total fiasco at home in the cooking area. Very few visits to the Kitchen, coupled with No Milk and Coffee in the morning made it a bit wierd for both my Brother and Me

- Some Mokkais:
At Accounts class in College- Complete Optimisers comp went into Liquidation, Rapecase quips in: So much for their Optimism crap!

At Rapecase's place- I'm drenched to the Bone and dripping wet and Rapecase's mom says "Paathu po pa, nenanjida pore" (Careful, you might get wet), that kept Golti J and me laughing for the rest of our Marathon 1 1/2 hour journey from Besant Nagar to Mahalingapuram.

- Thanks to a Compressing Software that I found, I've been able to squeeze in more songs than before into my mp3 player.

- English Class at IMS, done with the assignment and I am waiting for the rest of them to complete, I start looking at the tube-lights there and count the steel reflectors placed there. There's one right above me and I had to tilt my head back a bit to continue counting and suddenly there's this tap on my head from the girl sitting behind me. Didn't wna risk turning back and looking at her, wasn't sure if it was a jest for jolly tap or an irritating tap!

- Got a Question which included "Something" and "I need you". Soon as I read that, my head started to play Something, couldn't continue with the work and had to let it complete till the last guitar riff, was fun.

Sunday, 9 December 2007


Some Introspection was long due. As a lot of my friends tell me, I am this person who shys aways from his problems mainly because I'm afraid to face them. I feel its because I fear how it might hurt/weaken/damage the relationship I enjoy with the other person.

Anyways, I put my cell in silent mode and left it downstairs and made my way to the Terrace. Star gazing has always been my favourite pass time. So a little bit of that, coupled with clear skies, no moon and no clouds;would've loved to gaze at the moon too, but then, the Empty skies seemed to indicate the emptiness of my life. Spent close to an hour walking around the terrace, making some decisions, coming to some conclusions and still procrastinating some issues.

I don't force myself to do things like these, its just that at some points of time, there are so many things bothering me that I have to get rid of them. People might think this isn't good, waiting for my mind to fill up and then handle them isn't good, agreed, but that's just who I am, what I am and how I am.

Deep Woods'07

Deep Woods, for the uninitiated is MCC's culturals, the biggest among arts colleges. This time was fun thanks to a less turnout. May be the rain in the first day deterred them, nonetheless, this time around the crowd was in right numbers if you ask me, not too crowded, not deserted either.

I took part in Shipwreck and JAM this time. Shipwreck was a total wreck, I was supposed to be Borat and I tried to imitate such a fake accent and ended up sounding a bit like him in the movie and a bit like Joey trying out his fake Italian Accente.

And JAM was awesome to say the least. It was not a walk in the park as it has been so long in Ethiraj and MOP. MCC has the toughest competitions around mainly because they allow Engineering Colleges to participate. Murali, friend and JAM God performed well in Shipwreck and should've won but missed it, did extremely well in JAM and won 2nd place walking away with 600 bucks. Not a lot you may think, but for an Arts college, that's a lot. And his flirting partner from Ethiraj took away 900 bucks as the 1st place. I ended up in the 3rd place, a neat 40 points clear of the 2nd place. I'm Proud of my performance though I threw away certain objections, not caring about the end result. Could've been closer and the Spotter seemed to be Biased against the men.

Out and out I had soooper fun. I learnt a lot of JAMming techniques and I'm waiting to put them into good proper use. Stella Mari's culturals in sometime next week I heard, so waiting to go there.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


+ I had to wipe out the water from one of the rooms in my home thanks to a leaking water can. Bad back ache and a Cold floor for a long time were the results.

+ Watched 'Padayappa' on TV today and the 'Oonjal Scene' totally rocks even after such a long time. Rajni and K.S.Ravikumar is a deadly combination.

+ Been wanting to start on my IMS Word List for a long long long time now and being the huge procrastinator that I am, yet to start with it.

+ During the holidays I did nothing but eat, sleep and watch movies. Now that college's started, another additional work, attending college.

+ Life's Boring.

+Couldn't complete the Nanowrimo Novel I started, lost enthu as usual. But got a story in mind, just too lazy to type or write. If you want a copy of the progress so far, mail me.
Warning:It Sucks

+ Lots of Trips are in the Pipeline including one abroad, nothing sure as of now.

+ I might get my mp3 Player this weekend, again not sure.

+ My life officially Sucks as of now. Well, to be honest, its been that way for a long long time and I think it just might stay that way forever.

+ Excited about ifix's recent campaign. Finally we're getting outta that wretched Besant Nagar area, got bored of it to be frank. Moving closer to my home, K.K.Nagar. Come join us.