Sunday, 25 March 2007

RTFF happened, missed it? Go Die...

Ever heard of a Marathon where the Participants wouldn't have minded a Second Go???

This kind of a Marathon happened. On top of a terrace. A Movie Marathon. Some simply amazing movies and a few handpicked Documentaries, that's all what's needed to keep you awake for the night, of course the presence of a few people like Sudhish and Nandhu would help a great deal.

It was as simple as that. The RTFF finally happened. It started late by around an hour, that wasn't a big deal when we got to watch the movies that were in store for us. I don't wna review each movie that we saw cos it was done enough at the RTFF itself, and for those who missed it, as Ganesh so rightly said "can Worship my Ass". Lol

Blood Simple, Hard Candy, TFLW and Annie Hall were the 4 full length movies that were screened. And a few more Documentaries were enough to keep the 20 odd strong crowd awake till sunrise.

Everything about the RTFF was awesome, the Cool Terrace, the amazing Sea Breeze, the Lack of Mosquitoes and an awesome crowd. Personally the RTFF was totally different for me. For the first time ever, i was watching Movies with people who actually knew what they were talking about. We weren't there to comment on each and every scene. It was not like that at all.

What made this more interesting were the Small Discussions that we had after each movie. Everybody (almost) pipping in with their bits about the movie, criticisms, appreciations, technical novelties, all were explored and I don't think it could've been done any better.

There was everything, Smoking, Drinking, watching movies, literally everything. And for the record. I neither Drank nor Smoked. Family reads man. :D

A couple of Guys managed to get pretty high and sleep off half way through. Ganesh, Mr. Smart Ass was one of them (there you go Sagaro, happy??? :P)

All said and done, I guess this wouldn't be complete without the promise of more RTFFs to come up. I am looking forward to those. And I am also waiting to see some more gals. Probably next time it should be some time in the day, so that more gals can attend it. As a favour for the guys atleast. Suraksha was the only one this time. As I already knew her, it wasn't pretty exciting. :P:P

Anyways, the event was super cool and amazing fun. A truly unique movie watching Experience indeed. Here's to everyone who made this event possible. Thanks a ton people.

Sunday, 18 March 2007


Thank you all for keeping up with my boring and lifeless blog for so long. This is the 50th Post. I was thinking of something worthwhile to fill this up; the F1 season's started, watched the race. Missed the God.

The first GP in my life without the God behind the steering wheel. No Scarlet Machine with the no 1 in bold black, no shining Red Helmet with small stars, no M Schumacher on the positions listings, No MSC on the grid positions, No MSC on Jean Todt's headphones.

It was totally different. It's like watching Cricket without Tendulkar. Golf without Tiger Woods (though i doubt how many of us even follow golf). A newspaper without words. That's how I see F1 without Michael Schumacher.

Most people would just write me off saying there were greats before him and there will be more great racers coming. But look at it this way. He's the reason I had started watching F1. A man who can get his leg fractured in an accident mid way thru the season and still end up finishing 5th overall. He's been the great of my generation.

You grow up watching Sachin Tendulkar playing those flawless cover drives and you see Rahul Dravid hitting the same shot. Isn't there a difference? You can pick out Sachin's brilliance. That's how it is for me. Raikonnen overtaking someone in a corner and Schumie doing it. The result is the same, both the balls end up in the boundary and both of them end up gaining a position.

But still, you can see the difference. Sachin and Dravid. Michael and anyone else for that matter. No comparisons at all.

He's the God of my generation, he'll be the God for the generations to come. No one can ever be more aggresive on the field. This man starts at the back of the grid. On P22, an hour and a half later, he's so casually sipping some $5000 Champagne bottle standing on the Podium. Not many can do this. He can. He is GOD. Simple as that.

Good Racers come and go, great men come and go. GOD come and go. Not many remember the good ones, a few would forget the Greats.

Not even the Goods and the Greats can afford to forget the GOD.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

My First Paycheque

Well, not a cheque. But my first pay.

I've been wanting to blog about this for a long long time, never got around to do it.

Brace yourself to this. Ever since I passed my CPT (read 200 mark obj paper for CA foundation) apparently with decent marks (121/200 with negative markings), I had been on the look out to join an auditor for my articleship.

Ok here goes, the Chartered Accountancy Institute feels it's necessary for every student who passes the CPT to undergo 15 months of articleship, where you have to work under an auditor. I thought working would be fun. Saying that I'm gna be working tomorrow still sounds cool according to some. Well, if this is what I have to go through for the 13 more months, I really regret choosing this line.

Sitting in front of a completely outdated system (Win 98 , celeron) for 5 hrs at a stretch doing THE most monotonous job (Data Entry) is definitely not my cup of tea. The worst part is yet to come, I get paid peanuts, Literally. Hate it completely. But I guess I have to go through if I wna make my dream resume come true.

So coming to my first paycheque, yeah cash. It was an amazing feeling. To get that brown envelope in my hand;All those hours spent on travel, trying to get to a place on time (for a change), that time spent waiting for the computer to restart after a marathon session of ctrl+alt+del. All of it seemed to rush back into my mind. For the first time in my life, I felt that the money coming into my hands was money well earned by me. I truly deserved it.

And I blew some 400 bucks on a single day, never been more hurt ever before. Even when I've spent lots of cash before I started to earn mine.

It's been 2 months now, I've been paid 2 times. It's a completely different feeling. To be able to experience it at this age makes it even more great.

Monday, 5 March 2007


Roof Top Film Fest.

A simple congregation of peeps who are very specific about what movies they watch and who they watch them with. A roof top fest to be organised in Chennai. True blue English classic/great/awesome (and all other adjectives) movies to be screened. Make sure you go through the comments section in that blog to view the movies that might be screened. And you're more than welcome to suggest some movies of your own. The more the merrier. You can visit the Wiki here.

You can write/tell/sms/(whatever form of communication you can come up with) all your friends who would be interested in watching some real good movies with people who might just share the same views as you do.

There's nothing more for you to do except register and visit the wiki often to keep yourself updated.

You're gna be cursing yourself if you miss this...