Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Lessons I've learnt:

1. DO NOT expect logic from a Thalaivar movie. Those who do are plain idiots.

2. No matter how hard Shankar tries to choreograph a fight sequence, it ends up like the one in Matrix 2. (Atleast according to me.)

3. Painting people's belly with pots and Thalaivar's face is not aesthetic to look at, though it's kinda creative.

4. The only way to watch a Thalaivar's movie is to scream Thalaivaa once every three mins and clap till your hands turn red and the person in fronta you turns back to stare at you. You mite wna say "Padatha paaru da" (Watch the movie dumbo) to him/her.

5. Even if the hero is beaten till blood oozes out from every possible location in his face, its only acceptable if Thalaivar makes a comeback from that state. Anyone else? Rejettted!

6. Contrary to popular opinions, I don't find the heroine of this movie a) Hot b) A siren c) The hottest thing to scorch our screens since Simran. In fact someone thinks, "Typical of Rajini heroines, she is 'pothikinu' dressed during the movie and 'avuthikinu' dressed in the songs".

7. ARR should appeal to the Court to give him a right to sue those who manhandle his songs in the name of Picturization. First in the List is Shankar with his unrealistic, unwarranted, lavish sets. (Athiradee is an exception, best choreoghraphed Thalaivar song in History).

8. Thalaivar's style of saying Santhosam used to get on my nerves, now I've realized that I have no other choice.

9. It's very easy to convert Black money into legal money. Watch the Boss do it, with lots of ishtyle of course.

10. "Thalaivaaaa" "Whistle Whistle"

This one isn't a lesson, but an observation. Everytime ARR's name's on the screen, I seem to be the only one screaming my lungs out in the whole theatre.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

One of those Moods

At present, I'm in one of those moods in which you feel everything has let you down. Everyone you trusted, everything you felt that would lift you up, has let you down completely. They weren't expected ofcourse, but you always felt if something like this ever happens, you would stay strong enough to go through it. Right now, I doubt if I can make it through the way I want to. It's pretty hard to digest what's happening. It's even more horrible when you know for a fact that no matter what you do, the things that've happened are irreversible and all you can do is wait for someone to help you or something to get you back to normal. Waiting for that event or that person, the sooner the better.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Legal Issues!


Yes, got my 2-wheeler license today. Had to spend the whole morning waiting for the Inspector to come. Stupid fellow instructed us to come by 10 and that lazy bum ended up coming there only at 1!!! So he came, did the test (Standard 8 pottufying), went back to the RTO, got my picture taken and got the little piece of Plastic which enables me to ride Legally.

Finally got rid of my clean shaven looks, had that only for a week or so. Now back to the Muslim beard, as so many of my lovely friends were so kind to point out.

And the stupid college reopens this Wednesday. Will try to be nice to my juniors. What's the fun in ragging them? No gals! Cha.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Yay! & What the...

1st June 1967, the release date of one of THE most successful and inspirational albums of all times. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, the 8th album by The Beatles, was extremely revolutionary and inspiring for lots of artists and bands who followed. The Album consists of 13 outstanding and memorable songs. This album is said to be The Beatles' Magnum Opus. This album turned 40 yesterday and I celebrated it. :D . Off late The Beatles' songs have been running in my mind. Some ppl mock at me for listening to songs that old. What nonsense I say, the age doesn't matter at all, its the quality. Imagine, a song composed and released forty years ago is still fresh in the minds of loadza ppl all over the world. What more do the composers need?

I cried sometime during Forrest Gump. When Tom Hanks says that he had an interview along with John Lennon, and how John was later shot. I really cried.

Another revolution is this Jack Kevorkian guy. All he does is help sick people who are literally on their death beds. Well, he wouldn't be half as famous as he is right now if he wasn't doing the quirky version of that deed. He helps them alright, but he doesn't help them have a decent and content death, he helps them die. It's an extended version of Euthanasia. He doesn't kill them. He straps them on to a device that he has invented and allows the patient to inject themselves with killer poisons or breathe poisonous gases. He doesn't do anything other than strap them on to the device. The Patients, before actually injecting themselves speak about how they've suffered in life and how this Kevorkian guy is helping them do the right thing.

If you ask me, he's innocent. But the thing that put him in Jail in unforgivable. He injected the poison this time for some Youzuk guy and killed him. Stupid guy further went on to video tape all this and even challenged the authorities to "Stop" him if they can. Stop him they did. He was sentenced to close to 20yrs of Prison, but he was just released from Jail under Parole since he himself had contracted Hepatitis C and was gna die in a year. The Oath? " I Won't help anyone die"....

Whattey freaky world???!!!