Saturday, 18 January 2014


When change is on the anvil and you just wished the blacksmith would wait one more second before he whacks it. When you're at the beach with her, looking into her eyes and feeding her lies that she laps up with joy. When you tell her you're begging the sun for one last moment of moonlight.

When you're alone, hoping nobody would walk into the mess that you claim to be. When you're trying to pick yourself up and decline the helping hand. When you're in tears, moved by something so damn beautiful that it would be ruined beyond measure if it lasted for a second more.

When you're on the sidelines, watching the world go crazy, hoping for one moment of sanity. When you're given that moment of sanity and you're like a dog chasing a car.

When you think the Universe is conspiring against you, whilst holding at bay the thought that you're as insignificant to the Universe as that yet to be discovered species of spider in the Amazon.

When you're utterly clueless about anything and everything. When you're beyond sure of what you want to do.

When you're there and you aren't.

That's when you want to cease to be human.