Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry X-Mas!

Christmas usually means wishing every Christian friend I've got and this year was no different. Rakesh, the eternal fun neighbour was the first recipient. Also, Christmas to me brings back memories of my 8th and 9th Grades when I was part of the School Choir group. :D

Heard someone singing- "We wish you a Merry X-Mas, we wish you a Merry Y-Mas, we wish you a Merry Z-Mas and a Happy New Year" Mokkai in singing I tell you.

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly, fa la la la la la la la la la
Tis the Season to be Jolly, fa la la la la la la la la la....

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Saturday, 22 December 2007


For a while now, Rapecase and Golti J have been competing against each other about the non-use of their cell phones. The first thing they do when they come to college is check each other's SMS count for the day and the Lifetimer thingy. Golti J has been winning hands down in SMSs and it's Rapecase to glory with the lifetimer.

Yesterday, during one of their routine checks, Golti J put in the code for checking the SMS count and it says "Other Error". He thought it was just a one time mistake from Aircel and put in the code to check again and again the same response. He was shocked this time. Then he put in the code to check the Balance and again "Other Error". When he let everybody know of what happened, I replied Immediately "Dude, you know that in Banks, they freeze someone's accounts if they aren't operated for around 3 years or something, probably the same has happened to your phone" and it was laughathon. Just to make sure it wasn't Aircel's fault, Rapecase checked his SMS count and Balance and there was no "Other Error" for him.

After Brainstorming and laughing our asses off for a while, Rapecase came up with this idea of giving Golti J a missed call, just to make sure his phone was working. I gave him a cut call. There was no "Other Error" after he got that cut call from me. Turns out I was right about his Phone's Inactiveness!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Snippets II

- Peeps returned back home from a visit to Sister at Bombay yesterday and it was a total fiasco at home in the cooking area. Very few visits to the Kitchen, coupled with No Milk and Coffee in the morning made it a bit wierd for both my Brother and Me

- Some Mokkais:
At Accounts class in College- Complete Optimisers comp went into Liquidation, Rapecase quips in: So much for their Optimism crap!

At Rapecase's place- I'm drenched to the Bone and dripping wet and Rapecase's mom says "Paathu po pa, nenanjida pore" (Careful, you might get wet), that kept Golti J and me laughing for the rest of our Marathon 1 1/2 hour journey from Besant Nagar to Mahalingapuram.

- Thanks to a Compressing Software that I found, I've been able to squeeze in more songs than before into my mp3 player.

- English Class at IMS, done with the assignment and I am waiting for the rest of them to complete, I start looking at the tube-lights there and count the steel reflectors placed there. There's one right above me and I had to tilt my head back a bit to continue counting and suddenly there's this tap on my head from the girl sitting behind me. Didn't wna risk turning back and looking at her, wasn't sure if it was a jest for jolly tap or an irritating tap!

- Got a Question which included "Something" and "I need you". Soon as I read that, my head started to play Something, couldn't continue with the work and had to let it complete till the last guitar riff, was fun.

Sunday, 9 December 2007


Some Introspection was long due. As a lot of my friends tell me, I am this person who shys aways from his problems mainly because I'm afraid to face them. I feel its because I fear how it might hurt/weaken/damage the relationship I enjoy with the other person.

Anyways, I put my cell in silent mode and left it downstairs and made my way to the Terrace. Star gazing has always been my favourite pass time. So a little bit of that, coupled with clear skies, no moon and no clouds;would've loved to gaze at the moon too, but then, the Empty skies seemed to indicate the emptiness of my life. Spent close to an hour walking around the terrace, making some decisions, coming to some conclusions and still procrastinating some issues.

I don't force myself to do things like these, its just that at some points of time, there are so many things bothering me that I have to get rid of them. People might think this isn't good, waiting for my mind to fill up and then handle them isn't good, agreed, but that's just who I am, what I am and how I am.

Deep Woods'07

Deep Woods, for the uninitiated is MCC's culturals, the biggest among arts colleges. This time was fun thanks to a less turnout. May be the rain in the first day deterred them, nonetheless, this time around the crowd was in right numbers if you ask me, not too crowded, not deserted either.

I took part in Shipwreck and JAM this time. Shipwreck was a total wreck, I was supposed to be Borat and I tried to imitate such a fake accent and ended up sounding a bit like him in the movie and a bit like Joey trying out his fake Italian Accente.

And JAM was awesome to say the least. It was not a walk in the park as it has been so long in Ethiraj and MOP. MCC has the toughest competitions around mainly because they allow Engineering Colleges to participate. Murali, friend and JAM God performed well in Shipwreck and should've won but missed it, did extremely well in JAM and won 2nd place walking away with 600 bucks. Not a lot you may think, but for an Arts college, that's a lot. And his flirting partner from Ethiraj took away 900 bucks as the 1st place. I ended up in the 3rd place, a neat 40 points clear of the 2nd place. I'm Proud of my performance though I threw away certain objections, not caring about the end result. Could've been closer and the Spotter seemed to be Biased against the men.

Out and out I had soooper fun. I learnt a lot of JAMming techniques and I'm waiting to put them into good proper use. Stella Mari's culturals in sometime next week I heard, so waiting to go there.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


+ I had to wipe out the water from one of the rooms in my home thanks to a leaking water can. Bad back ache and a Cold floor for a long time were the results.

+ Watched 'Padayappa' on TV today and the 'Oonjal Scene' totally rocks even after such a long time. Rajni and K.S.Ravikumar is a deadly combination.

+ Been wanting to start on my IMS Word List for a long long long time now and being the huge procrastinator that I am, yet to start with it.

+ During the holidays I did nothing but eat, sleep and watch movies. Now that college's started, another additional work, attending college.

+ Life's Boring.

+Couldn't complete the Nanowrimo Novel I started, lost enthu as usual. But got a story in mind, just too lazy to type or write. If you want a copy of the progress so far, mail me.
Warning:It Sucks

+ Lots of Trips are in the Pipeline including one abroad, nothing sure as of now.

+ I might get my mp3 Player this weekend, again not sure.

+ My life officially Sucks as of now. Well, to be honest, its been that way for a long long time and I think it just might stay that way forever.

+ Excited about ifix's recent campaign. Finally we're getting outta that wretched Besant Nagar area, got bored of it to be frank. Moving closer to my home, K.K.Nagar. Come join us.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sunday, 25 November 2007


Nothing Scientific.

Orey naal unai naan, nilaavil paarthadu...

No idea which movie it is, but a brilliantly melodious song, by Ilaiyaraja of course. It's beats are the same as in Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite by The Beatles.

I'm dead sure of this because the song by The Beatles was on their best album, Sgt.Pepper's which was released way back in 1967!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Culturals At Sankara Vidyashramam

Nope, I wasn't representing my school, how can I? I'm in college. I had gone there to Judge! Yes, you read it right, Judge some Competitions, along with Murali, Rapecase and GS. It was fun to say the least. JAM was awesome, I don't know about the others, but I certainly had a ball of a time.

But the main reason I wanted to blog about it was the return Journey. Here's how it went.

Started Bike at the School-Tidel Park Signal-STOP-Wheelie-Tidel Park Bus Stop-STOP-Hot Chips (Adyar) stopped for Rain-IIT-STOP-Raj Bavan Signal-STOP-Kotturpuram Bridge-STOP-Boston School-STOP-Nandanam Signal-STOP-Burkit Road Signal-STOP-T.Nagar Terminus-STOP-Madley Road Subway-STOP-Lake View Road-STOP I-Lake View Road-STOP II- Lake View Road-STOP III-Rangarajapuram Post Office-STOP

All those STOPs weren't for food or fuel or anything else. My Bike would just stop working midway. So all those STOPs were the places where my Bike Stopped on my way home. What used to be a 20-30 minute journey, took me 75-80 minutes thanks to a trillion kicks everytime the Bike Stopped. My leg was totally screwed by the time I got back home. It was one hell of a Journey.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I wanted to blog about

My kaiku ettina but vaaikku ettatha (Reached my arms but not my mouth) mp3 player
My College
Post 311pm
A Poem
A Sight that I saw
An experience at a Hotel

but all lost thanks to the bloody freaking exams which got over today!!!!!!!!!! :D

Friday, 26 October 2007

3/11/2007 15:11:00

This may sound dumb. Years ago, I used to wonder what my friend would be doing at his place at say 7pm in the night. Would he be having dinner that early? Would he be studying?

Well, I may never know what he was doing, but if you read this and if you are convinced it won't result in you having bouts of dysentery and if you have a camera, then go ahead and click what happens at 15:11 on 3rd November. Its a massive (will be if you end up spreading the word) campaign which might just act as a Time Capsule.

What the hell is this all about?
Some sema seriously vetti people decided (Probably inspired from the Time Capsule episode from The Simpsons) that it would be cool to take a picture of what everybody are doing at one point of time.

So if you have enough time to take out your camera and click it, no matter what you are pointing at (pun unintended), please do and later upload it here. Oh and one more thing, just to make sure you still don't have the Central Station time, synchoronize your time here. Don't worry, you can go back to Central and adjust your time back again.

Monday, 22 October 2007

World Championship with Moti Laddoo!!

YES!!!! Yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah baby!! Raikonnen won it. He did it. Hip hip hoooooray!!! I'm hysterical, ballistic (yes, you read it right), extremely happy as of now. Doubly Happy. Ferrari has won the Constructors' and the Drivers' championships this season. A first after 2004, when the GOD did it for them with a Panache that's yet to be matched. It never was gna be easy for Raikonnen, stepping into MSC's shoes as the leading driver of the team. But Massa never gave up. Michael's retirement seemed to have pushed him and both these drivers were so awesome in the beginning that it was hard to say who's the lead driver for the team. But as the season progressed, Massa rode on a bit of misfortune and again resigned to playing second fiddle to the eventual Champion.

This season has seen ups and downs for both Ferrari and Mclaren. With the spy scandal happening, it was obvious Mclaren was in for a rough year. Even then, you gotta give it to them. Fielding a complete unknown along with the reigning champion isn't usually what a team would do. But I guess with Hamilton and Mclaren both being British, it was kinda obvious he'd have that edge in treatment. It kinda solidified when he started giving everybody including Alonso a run for their money.

Anyways, coming back to relevance. I watched this race only by Live Timing, cause the race started at 1030pm and I had to go to CAT classes this morning, so I couldn't stay at anyone's place to go watch it. Infact, it was due to this reason (not CAT classes, my sis was leaving the next morning) that I didn't watch GOD's last race. But caught every moment of it so many times on youtube. And yet again coming back to relevance, I wanted to celebrate. Had a Model Exam today, was way too happy, hyper to even think of studying. And I wanted to celebrate. Didn't know how to.

Was wondering if I should do a read up on Formula One history at Wikipedia to celebrate. But when I reached home, There It was. 2 whole boxes of one of my most favorite sweets. Moti Laddoo. Brilliance! Excellence!! Bliss!!! Its got an awesome taste which can only be beaten by my mom's vetha kozhambu and Channa. Food is SO much fun I tell you. When its done in a proper way, its Bliss. Can't find a better word.

So here it is. One Whole Moti Laddoo dedicated to Raikonnen's much deserved win this season. One more for Ferrari's victory. Probably one more for the Joint Win. May be one more for typing such a long post. And a final one with a glass of water to wash it all down. And probably a couple more as a Midnight snack. Just hope Nature doesn't call tomorrow morning. ;)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Formula One and India!

"Spyker planning to become Force India for 2008"

My night was normal as usual, a guy having his status message as Happy Saraswathi Pooja in gtalk, until I read that headline at the F1 site.

Ever since Mallya took over (bought 51% of the Spyker Ferrari team) the Spyker team, India has been in the news. With a possible Indian Grand Prix debuting as early as 2010, it's pretty obvious we have to make some inroads into F1 and needless to say Mallya's making the right moves. With our own Formula 1 team, its easier to give that Indian touch to the sport.

But hosting a F1 race isn't that easy. The Malaysian government built a separate town (Sepang) just for the sake of the Grand Prix that happens once a year. They couldn't handle the amount of aircrafts at the Kuala Lampur airport, so they built a huge town complete with hotels, malls and an airport, which isn't used at any other time than the race periods. It's a common saying that around 300 Aircrafts complete with high tech machinery and an army of engineers, technicians and helpers arrive and stay for a whole 2 weeks prior to the race!!! Imagine that happening in the Delhi International Airport, organised chaos.

So the main Question is that if Delhi can afford to handle all that. The IOA (Indian Olympic Committee)'s head, Suresh Kalmadi along with Vijay Mallya think so. Hope they are right. We don't wna see sun stroked race drivers in our capital city do we? :P

Update: After reading Dilip's comment, a few points came in. First of all, yes loads of money and foreign attraction and the likes. Let's say after 2 years of hosting the race, there'll be lots of tourists who will come looking to discover India and they might start with Delhi. Is our capital fit enough to handle this sudden explosion, in terms of Infrastructure, Sanitation, Safety? With the Police and ASI unable to stop Graffiti on the Qutab Minar, how can they possibly extend protection to the enormous numbers of tourists? Let's just hope that the whole city undergoes a huge makeover. It's possible, Monaco wasn't such a big deal before the Monaco Grand Prix started. Now, renting a house adjoining the circuit (It's a Street GP, meaning the streets of Monaco will be converted into a Circuit for the race period) costs around $600,000 just for the 3 hours of race duration!!! Qualifying excluded!!!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Its only Love!

Its Only Love!

I get high when I see you go by
My oh my
When you sigh, my, my inside just flies
Why am I so shy when I'm beside you?

It's only love and that is all
Why should I feel the way I do?
It's only love, and that is all
But it's so hard loving you

Is it right that you and I should fight
Every night?
Just the sight of you makes night time bright
Very bright
Haven't I the right to make it up girl?

It's only love and that is all
Why should I feel the way I do?
It's only love, and that is all
But it's so hard loving you
Yes it's so hard loving you, loving you

Artists: The Beatles
Album: Help!
Year : 1965

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Music I hate


Those predictable beats from the likes of Vidyasagar and Baradhwaj and Yuvan joining their ranks now.

Yogi B

Deva's photo copied BSB and Boyzone songs

Songs my bro adores, loves and falls head over heels with...Apparently


Sccccrreeeeaming songs, like Children of Bodom's (Yeah, I hate them Golti A)

Coldplay (It still is a mystery to Rapecase)

Hip-Pop, Rap and likes (Some of Eminem's are an exception)

One's without a catchy melody in them


Should I even start on this?

Lessons to be learnt? Don't advise me on music, I know enough to tell what I hate!

Monday, 15 October 2007

i-fix 3

The third i-fix campaign happened last saturday night. This time it was the Shastri Nagar, Besant Nagar and Gandhinagar areas. The whole event as usual was fun. Lots of it. At the end of the campaign came the Photo Shoot comedy. Some people couldn't figure out the self-timer in their cameras. Yours truly did it with perfection.

Post the event, at around 3 Rape, Murali, Vatsan, Vinu and I headed to Rape's place and crashed after some vetti talks at around 545 am. Woke up like a Zombie at 9 and headed back home. Couldn't sleep the whole day cuz of the match. Crashed at 12 on sunday night and had to wake up at 515 the next morning for CAT Classes. The lack of sleep had shown it's effects. Slept like a Drunkard from 9 till 130 on Monday morning and headed to college post lunch.

A suggestion for the i-fix meet. The new comers for the 3rd campaign, most of them, had no clue what to do. They were just looking around most of the time, except for a few who joined us in actually doing the work. Some of them disappeared after some time. The next time, lets give them some work rather than expecting them to volunteer for it. Understandable if they wna be guided.

It was good fun to work with the i-fixers again. The next campaign might happen at K.K.Nagar, looking forward to it cuz its pretty close to my place and its one place i frequent often.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Happy Birthday to John Lennon.

Yeah, today (Oct 9th) is John Lennon's birthday. The Greatest Musician ever. Better than Paul Mccartney i should say. Mccartney's voice is brilliant, but John is the leader, unclaimed, but he sure is. And what better timing, I found this video on youtube this morning.

This is the Promotional Video The Beatles had made for their Help! movie. This video shows Lennon, Mccartney and Harrison strumming their guitars and Starr holding an Umbrella looking bored most of the time. The song's awesome as usual, but this video stands out. The chemistry between the 4 of them is brilliant. Simply amazing. Lennon sitting in the front playing the guitar and singing, behind him is Mccartney followed by Harrison and Starr. Most of the time, the video shows the front, hence showing just Lennon and its amazingly hilarious to watch the rest of them trying to get into picture. Mccartney and Harrison often stretching their necks, looking from Lennon's shoulder. Funny to watch Starr not even bothering to try. But the last minute is hilarious.

Confetti falls and judging by the reactions, I don't think any of them knew it was going to. Starr is obviously bored and starts moving the umbrella when the confetti falls and it takes everybody by surprise. Lovely watching their reactions, with Harrison missing a line, mccartney swallowing some.

Another fun thing is the bouncing, Lennon obviously not interested, Mccartney kinda forcing Harrison to go along. You have to see it.

Anyways, Happy Birthday John Lennon.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Formula One!

Amazing season coming to end this time around. Frankly speaking, the last 3 seasons have been awesome. 2k5 where Schumi had a bad car and was struggling against Renault's decently paced car. The end saw Schumi staging a return which was a tad too late to make much damage. Alonso literally walked away with the Championship. Schumi lost the title after 5 in a row. 2k6 saw a better car from Ferrari and an equally good car from Renault. Alonso made it look easy in the beginning, Schumi got right back in the middle of the season. It wasn't very late this time around. Schumi actually led the tally and had an amazing chance to win, until his very reliable car had an engine failure at Suzuka. Ferrari handed the title to Alonso this time, but must say he earned it. And shockingly, Schumi retired. Damn!!

Following the Formula One season is never easy without Michael Schumacher in it. I started seriously following F1 from 1997-98. This man is brilliant. Anyways, without him F1 is just not the same. 2007 came with lots of transfers to accompany it. Raikonnen (hated him, still do, kinda) tried stepping into the shoes of the No 1 Driver for Ferrari. Amazingly, massa gave him a run for his money. And in entered an unknown man called Lewis Hamilton. The first black man to enter F1. His entry was a laughable matter. No one in his right minds would put a rookie, an unknown, in the same team as the Defending Champion. But to everybody's surprise, even to Alonso's, this guy rocks. Being a true Tifosi, its hard not to support Ferrari. And so, I hate Mclaren, Simple as that. This guy, must be in Ferrari, he's got amazing talent and at some way to the middle, he said It was sad that Schumacher wasn't there as he wants to race with him. I laughed my ass off at this guy's comments. It's like Flypside saying its sad that they can't perform alongside the Beatles. A laughable matter.

At this stage, when he's set to become the First ever rookie to take the title of Formula 1 champion, i really wish Michael was there to race against this guy. Schumi can teach him what racing in the rain is all about, the Wet Weather Champion teaching a newbie. But watching Hamilton at Suzuka last weekend, its easy to observe that this man has got some talent even in the rains. He used the perfect strategy when he was behind the Safety car, slowing down, bringing the entire pack of 22 cars to a virtual standstill (oh for the uninitiated, you aren't allowed to overtake when the Safety car is doing its rounds) and then shooting off when he reached the home straight. Knowing that the car faster than his, is in 5th or 6th, it was the perfect strategy. Immaculately executed.

This season is set for a 3 way showdown at Interlagos (Brazil), 2 weeks from now. Hamilton, Raikonnen and Alonso all set to race for the title, its going to be amazing. With just 7 points separating the 3, its set to be one of the tightest fight for the championship. From what I hear, it was in 1986 that 3 people have had to race for the title in the last race. Obviously I am supporting Raikonnen, I don't want Alonso to win, straight as that. And I don't mind Hamilton winning, he deserves it. But still, Raikonnen it should be.

Ferrari has already won the constructor's title after the Spy Scandal. So it's just upto Raikonnen to make it a double.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Mokkai of the Week!

Place: IMS, Adyar, CAT Class
When: 1/10/07; around 20:00ish

VA Sir: I think Phenomenon comes form Kerala... Menon

Me: I don't think so! It says NO Menon!!!

Whole class (6ppl) turn and give a very cold and I-Will-Murder-You kind of a look with my sir wondering what Everyone was reacting for!!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

For the Benefit of Mr.Boredom!

STATUTORY WARNING: Proceed reading if and only if you are extremely Bored.

There are times when you are very bored and the monotony around you sucks you in totally. Sometimes you realize that the above mentioned is happening, other times you just fail to comprehend what exactly is going on. Before you get your act together and start coming up with your defense, your chance is gone. Boredom has it's own ways of taking up your time. Its got a really brilliant rebuttal system.

Imagine you get bored in class, you whip out your cell phone and start messaging someone. A conversation builds up and you are rid of your boredom. Strangely enough, when this kind of a situation might happen to anyone, its the Phase two (the conversation stage) that wouldn't happen to everybody. Annoyingly, the usual conversation buddies decide to ditch you and answer back in mono syllables or not answer at all. That's exactly when Boredom's had it's happy moment. That's one of the Million ways boredom comes down on you and totally screws you.

Following the warning posted above, many (of the very few regular followers) might have read ahead and reached this stage of the post. And I might've helped you get rid of your boredom, if even for a brief moment. If that's happened, you are most welcome to buy me a Banana Milkshake at Fruit Shop (25rs). If it didn't help you eradicate your boredom, you are most welcome to buy me a Coke or a Pepsi (7rs). If it resulted in increasing your levels of already existing boredom and added some frustration, you are welcome to buy me a Bun-Butter-Jam and a Lime Juice (10rs) at the shops near my College.

Choose your thing and gimme a call. :D

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

We are the Champions!!!

Yes! India has won the Inaugral T20 World Cup!!! Dhoni and his posse of men Defeated Australia, England, South Africa and Pakistan twice to lay their hands on the gleaming cup. It was an ecstatic moment at Rapecase's with loads of friends and his whole family. It was a wonderful atmosphere at his place. Tension was running high. For a brief period, Rapecase's Dad was banished from his own living room. He had to catch the winning moments on the replay.

About the match, It was an amazing one. Every single guy had contributed in some way or the other throughout the tournament. There was some brilliant bowling from Pathan, R.P.Singh and Joginder Sharma. Harbajan tried but like Sreesanth ended up giving lots of runs. As for Sreesanth, he's one hell of a run giver, but he ends up taking a wicket or two, but it doesn't compensate in anyway.

Dhoni is the future Ganguly for the Indian Cricket team. Infact this dude's much bolder and courageous when it comes to taking some crucial decisions at Crunch times. His decision to toss the ball to Joginder Sharma for the last over was a very bold one to understate. Every guy in that room had their Adam's Apples at the tips of their mouths when Misbah-Ul-Haq thrashed that first ball for a six in the last over. Thanks to some sense from Joginder's side and some bad thinking from the batsman's side, India won.

Happiness and Madness aside, India could've as easily lost the match as they won. Had Misbah-Ul-Haq chosen Sense over slogging (fluke), we would've been pretty sad and the same people who are God-Worshipping the Cricketers would be burning Effigies right now. Thank god the batsman's presence of mind sucked.

Overall India won, everyone's happy. Including the seniors!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

First Time!

Alright, two first time thingies actually. This is the first time I'm actually writing about something that's really blog worthy. Considering my crappy posts in the past, This is THE most proper post.

What is the build up all about?? I won my first Arm Wrestling match today. Not a big deal you might say, but seeing the weakster I am, it makes more sense to be surprised at that than read it as just another line. This eventful match happened against Rapecase. Last hour at college and it was a free hour as usual. Most of the guys were molesting Golti J (actually testing his Gym Body). I was messaging and watching them have a go at him, contributing with some weak punches. The Arm Wrestling started with little time left before the day ended. Rapecase and I decided to have a go. He warned me about something, i don't exactly remember. But I was so sure I was gna lose. So I just gave it a shot. And just when I was about to give up, Rapecase couldn't take it and he gave up and I won. I actually Won. This is such a Big Deal for me. I've been trying to pick on the weakest looking guy in class starting from my VIth std and this is the first time I've ever won in 8 years. Now that's a long time to go without a win.

I had a go against Srivatsan later and I lost as usual. But the win against Rapecase was a big thing. Both of us would agree that neither of us are exceptionally strong or something, we are 2 big time losers when it comes to our physique. But atleast he's jogging these days, he's gna get in shape soon and I'm gna be the only worshtu physique guy in my gang.

First Blog Worthy post...ever...!!!

Monday, 17 September 2007

i-fix Drive!

This was the second i-fix that happened and my first one. It was super fun to say the least. Reached the ensemble spot at 9 10 thanks to traffic to catch Jaydev and another guy already waiting there. A few of us including Vijay and Mahesh joined us. Then the small bit of confusion. There are 2 depots in the silly area of Adyar. Some of them had gathered at the other one. So the 5 or 6 of us who had come here went there, to meet up with co-i-fixers. Then we left for tea to a small hotel nearby and at around 10 30 for the site. The drive happened in and around Anna Street, Tiruvanmiyur.

With Ram providing us the Orange Reflector Jackets, it was super cool to be fixing pot-holes. It seemed like this time the concrete mixture and stuff was sorted out. It was much easier this time (atleast that's what the ones who were part of the previous drive said). I spent most of my time there diverting traffic, transporting Concrete using Ganesh's car and drinking Tea. After 4 hours of fixing holes, watching Drunk Men, watching a small boy get smacked hard, it was finally over. We managed to fix around 15-20 potholes and we fixed them good. The Rain Gods decided to watch us rather than shower their love on us.

Later, at around 2 30 am, 5 of us. Ganesh, Bittu, Mayen, Jayadev and I headed towards the beach. All we had to do was spend time till the Ultimate Frisbee gang came to play their saturday quota, because we didn't want to turn up at our homes like Zombies at 230 in the morning. After some Jogging, walking, punching, and wall climbing the Cops turned up. They started questioning us and it was Mayen who saved us with his Tiruvottriyur office line. They didn't have anything to say to us and left immediately. And after a while Ganesh decided to take a leak over the gym equipments, spraying copious amounts on all of them. And he got really surprised when I told him about my 8 years of Karate, no doubt he was, I certainly don't look like a Karate Guy. :D

At around 5 am we headed for tea (lost count). Came back to the beach to find some Ultimate Frisbee guys and they all started chatting and discussing Frisbee. I, on the other hand, was watching Sunrise at the Beach. It's probably one of the most beautiful sights in this world. I had been wanting to do that for a very long time now. It was brilliant, sitting on the Beach Sand, watching the sun slowly rising, a fiery orangish bluish sky. Amazing Sight.

Later, Bittu and I decided to try out Frisbee for ourselves, got a frisbee and started throwing around like crazy. Jayadev came up and explained some of the nuances and half an hour later, I was dead beat. Decided to watch rather than participate. Bittu was getting good at it by the minute.

15-20 Potholes, 6 teas, 2 Drunkards, 4 Cops, some Hostel stories, some jogging, some walking, some climbing, some peeing, 1 butter dosa, 2 idlis later I decided to head back home from what was probably one of the most productive night outs I've ever done.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My Fav Teacher!

Yup. It's that time of the year when you get sentimental about your teachers. That one person who's seen through your naughtiness and mischievious stuff that you did back in School. Even without you realising she/he might have known the real you. That superficial reason as to what it takes from you to actually do something that you did and the pleasure you derive from it. It's amazing how they can see so many students doing stuff under their noses and still manage to keep their temper under control. There may have been stray incidents, but considering the amount of trauma and turmoil these teachers undergo, phew, its a tough Job.

And that one person who's seen the Evolving me for a period of not less than Five years, from 6th till my 10th, is Madame. That's how I still call her. She used to teach me French. I wouldn't exaggerate and say she's the best teacher in the whole wide world and all. She's a very good teacher. When it comes to language, it goes beyond just the books to get the message through, and she was pretty good at it. She patiently teaches even the most stubborn student.

So here's to you Madame. Here's to one of the most Influential persons in my life. I've seen beyond your scoldings and teachings to learn something from the person you are, and I'm happy to say I've learnt quite a lot. The person I was when you saw me leave school has gone kapoot. I've changed loads, and I just hope you change your opinion about me. I'm not boasting, I've managed to surprise quite a few of my classmates. I've always admired you, your patience and your perseverance and I've learnt much from you. And I can assure you that you will live in my heart forever. You've been kind to me, been a very good friend to me while at school, known me personally, taken me for who I am and taught me a lot.

Life has wierd ways of teaching you lessons. You meet various people and learn stuff from the people who you least expect to learn from. It's really surprising when someone takes so much care and shows affection towards you. It was very comforting to be at the receiving end of Madame's affection. It didn't mean much to me those days, but come to think of it, she's been able to reach out to me, and that's saying a lot. I have loads of happy memories of her and some memories where she spent whole periods scolding me alone in front of the whole class. It used to be very embarrassing. But it was very plain that she didn't wna do it, she used to do that just because she wanted me to be embarrassed and it was a very fine plan indeed.

She loves being a teacher. The passion she shows towards her job is so very obvious and its wonderful to see someone caring so much about her students. Even these days, when its been close to 4 years since we left her at school, she still remembers each and every one of us and she cares so much for us. That's very very rare and extremely adorable.

Thank you Madame. Here's wishing you a Very Happy Teacher's Day. And a sorry for all the troubles I've given you at school. It was not intentional. Thank you for being there for me when my friends chose to ignore me. Thank You very much.

Miss South Carolina!

A long time ago, in some beauty pageant that i saw, some judge asked this female some question relating to her best ever feeling and she answered that her best feeling was eating sweets out of her mom's hands, I laughed my ass of for that reply. I figured (then) that if THE best feeling she's ever had is eating sweets out of her mom's hands, THE worst feeling must be going to the Loo or something.

And after all these years, i've learnt that only Dumb (read funny, dumb and stupid) answers are released as videos. Like this one!!! It's freaking hilarious. THE most funny vid I have ever come across. But on the other side, it just shows that American Teenagers are way more Dumb and Idiotic when compared to even the Teens of probably Malawi. They can atleast come up with a funny line when asked why some of their citizens can't locate their Country on the Map!!! Funny or not, I'm bloody sure they wouldn't pull in the lack of Education in Iraq and South Africa when asked why Americans can't recognise their own country on the Map.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Deputy Cul Sec!!!

Alright, the Happy news first (atleast it made me happy). I have been made the Associate Cultural Secretary of the Corporate Secretaryship Department in my College. Ok, for those who skipped that line cuz of so many secretaries, I am the Deputy Cul Sec at my coll. Yeah yeah, happy indeed! But i still can't figure out why they made me the Dep Cul Sec.

I've attended almost all the culturals my coll's been invited to since last year. And won in what? First in JAM at MOP recently and a 3rd place in Shipwreck at MCC. A first place and a third place can make someone a deputy cultural secretary? Isn't it wierd? There are other talented people in my year. Much more talented and multi-faceted when compared to me, why deny them the chance or the exposure? I'm not complaining. Who would? I'm just asking if they had made a hasty decision.

Anyways, my 1st 'Test', as my Cul Sec puts it, comes when I attend these culturals at Ethiraj college. I've gotta live up to my name it seems, as if I'm gna go around with a badge saying I am the Dep Cul Sec in my college or something. Who would know? Until i can keep my Trap shut (as Ron says).

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Culturals Galore!!!

Ethiraj College is hosting Three Departmental Culturals within a span of 2 weeks, starting from one on 5th and 6th sept, another on 10th and the last one on 14th and 15th of September. I screwed up big time in JAM the last time I went to Ethiraj, but considering that I won in MOP, I'm really confident of at least making it to the Final this time around.

But as always, Chaos Theory works it's magic. My Cousin's son's 1st birthday is on the 16th of September. This cousin happens to be one of my favourite cousins and he'll bury me alive if I don't attend the function. This function is in Bombay btw. Its been a long time since i've been on a long train journey, so I persuaded my mom and sis to get there by Train. So if I DO end up going there by train, I'm gna have to miss the 2nd day of the last culturals. I'm just hoping that something will happen in the final moments so that I can attend both days and still get to Bombay in time. It'll be amazing if that happens.

And I just realized that there's no way I can attend the AnnaBdayFix, which is bloody frustrating cuz I was really looking forward to be a part of the iFixers. Guess I can't make it this time too. I was so enthusiastic and I have to miss it. Its really irritating.

Update: Mostly not going to Bombay. Some silly reason. So this means I get to attend the AnnaBdayFix and the last day of the Culturals at Ethiraj. :D:D

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Spider Pig!!

Spider Pig, Spider Pig
Does Whatever A Spider Pig Does
Can he Swing from a Web?
No he can't, He's a Pig!
Look Out!
Here comes the Spider Pig!!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Fixing a Hole!!

Nope, doesn't have anything to do with the Beatles' song. This has got a lot to do with fixing Potholes though.

3 ppl decided that it's better to fix the Potholes on the roads of Chennai rather than just pass over them and complain about it under your breath. These ppl, along with another 15 or so fixed almost 60 potholes in select parts of Chennai in one Night (14th-15th). Brilliant initiative I say. Amazing thinking and it really takes a lot to actually go and fix them than just talk about doing it with a gang of friends. It takes hell a lot to go to Ground Zero and fill these holes with Concrete. Hats off to these people. If anyone deserves a marching band with a Salute on Iday, its definitely you guys.

I'm volunteering to this drive the next time they do it. Barely missed it this time. Damn.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Too Lazy to Title

Daily Rantings:

College's boring. Most of the days the last hours are left free. Huge surprise if 3 hrs take place per day on the Trot. Used to enjoy these in the beginning, eventually got fed up when profs didn't turn up when they know for sure that the guys in the class are sitting there ONLY for attendance.

Mahima's leaving town to get back to Ahmedabad. Gna miss her big big big time. (now don't start thinking immachoorely, she's just a very very good friend to me).

Gna resume my Western Classical listening. Had stopped it for some time so that I can concentrate more on The Beatles.

If there's one thing I'm completely happy about as of now, It's gotta be my Vetti times. Wake up every morning after 8. Sit Ultimately vetti on the system, listen to music, brood on all past sadness, finally get up to take bath and get my lazy ass to College. Or else, hit the sack again at 9, wake up at 1 30 for lunch and College.

Expecting RTFF to happen soon enough.

Started to read Harry Potter again from the 1st book. Finished till the 3rd in a week or so.

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Expecting something Interesting to happen. Anything.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

RTFF3! And Introducing The THE Language...

The Chennai Roof Top Film Fest is gna be held for the third time. I'd missed the 2nd edition cos it had clashed with my semester exams last April. So yeah, this time around I'm not gna miss it. Infact this time, I'm gna contribute by more means than just being there. Hoping to take my speakers for the event. Hoping to catch up on the Friends I made the last time around.

*Trumpets* *Beethoven 7th Symphony*

INTRODUCING, The much awaited Post on the THE Language. Co-founded by Rapecase and Me while vettily whiling away our precious time at college. This language is gna make revolutions and rotations all around the world soon enough and at that time, remember that you read about it right here. In the Co-Founder's page.

So how does this language work? Heavily borrowed (read completely) from the English Language, it works on a simple yet complicated word. THE. Yes, That's it. THE is THE most integral part of this Language. Some people might argue that the main base for a language is it's Grammar and Script. Hell with all that We say. The only rule in this language is to include as many THEs in your sentences as possible. Here are some examples...

In Normal English:

The Sun is shining brightly.

The mosquitoes are bothering me.

That Traffic cop looks Drunk.

Cigarette smoking is harmful for Viruses in the Air.

These normal sentences are simply complicated to give you that effect of reading a new language, and they would read like this in the THE language...

The Sun is shining the Brightly

The Mosquitoes are the bothering the Me (nothing wrong in giving yourself more respect)

That Traffic cop looks like the drunk.

The Cigarette smoking is the harmful for the viruses in the air.

It's extremely easy to understand and use. Be warned, people might laugh at you, critise you for talking like a lunatic. But they will worship you for promoting a revolutionary language. Who knows, you might even find a way into Wikipedia.

Friday, 20 July 2007

The Final Harry Potter

Even though many ppl wouldn't want me to claim that I've read the Deathly Hallows book, I guess it doesn't make a damn difference.

The fact of the matter is...I'm one of the few who's read the Book as of now. You might say it got released online and millions would've read it. Still compare that number to the number who're gna read the book ONLY after its released. It's miniscule.

It'll be a good story to tell to my kids. Your dad read the Final HP book even before it got released.

Monday, 16 July 2007

The Wierdity of All!

Yes. Ever since I've been unemployed, I've started spending hell a lot of my time sleeping. Suddenly my sister had to drop in to pick up her Passport. She's leaving at the ten o clock flight this afternoon. So in order to accompany her to the station (from where she'll go to the Airport alone), I had to wake up at 6:30 am. Not a really wierd time considering my past, but for the past month or so, I've been waking up only at 8 30 or so and again going back to the bed by 10 to wake up at 1 30 and then rushing to college. So yeah, the wierdity. Its already awkward to wake up at 6 30, on top of this, I'm sitting on the system typing out stuff. Naansense I say!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

iPhone Ad!!!

Really really funny spoof on the iPhone by Apple. Suttufied from here.

Saturday, 7 July 2007


I'm not helping. It's really an awful feeling when your friend's desperately in need of help. Saddest part is when you know for a fact that you can't do anything besides sit and tell that person it's gna be ok. You can't actually help them no matter what. Worshtu...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

50 Years Ago!

Yeah, sounds like a column in "The Hindu", but that's not what I'm referring to. 50 Years ago, in some remote part of England, two teenagers met each other. Sounds pretty trivial to be bothered about. Move on.

But these two teens didn't know that they would grow up to be two of The Most Inspirational People in the History of Music. Yes, Paul Mccartney and John Lennon had met each other for possibly the first time on the 6th of July 1957. Most of us weren't even born. Even our parents might've been toddlers or kids. But these two gentlemen met and went on to create the Biggest thing in the Music History according to me. The Beatles have inspired me very much, their songs have made me realize some stuff in life that I wouldn't have learned from anywhere else.

And to those who say Music is only contemporary and listening to The Beatles is stupid, I've got some choice words for you which I can't type here. The Beatles is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me and the World of Music.

Rakesh has a poster in his room which has a collage of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and John Lennon and a caption says "Spirits of Rock".

Jimi Hendrix, is a true God. I've not heard enough songs of his to worship him, but I know for sure that he is a Guitar God and will remain so for a really long time to come.
Jim Morrison, is Rakesh's God. Great songs but I can't call them Gods. Pretty good, but not Gods.
John Lennon, what can I say about him. The Beatles is THE best thing that's ever happened. Can't think of anything to say about them.

Now The Beatles are true Gods. Worship them. Fall to them. Drown in their soul stirring music.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Lessons I've learnt:

1. DO NOT expect logic from a Thalaivar movie. Those who do are plain idiots.

2. No matter how hard Shankar tries to choreograph a fight sequence, it ends up like the one in Matrix 2. (Atleast according to me.)

3. Painting people's belly with pots and Thalaivar's face is not aesthetic to look at, though it's kinda creative.

4. The only way to watch a Thalaivar's movie is to scream Thalaivaa once every three mins and clap till your hands turn red and the person in fronta you turns back to stare at you. You mite wna say "Padatha paaru da" (Watch the movie dumbo) to him/her.

5. Even if the hero is beaten till blood oozes out from every possible location in his face, its only acceptable if Thalaivar makes a comeback from that state. Anyone else? Rejettted!

6. Contrary to popular opinions, I don't find the heroine of this movie a) Hot b) A siren c) The hottest thing to scorch our screens since Simran. In fact someone thinks, "Typical of Rajini heroines, she is 'pothikinu' dressed during the movie and 'avuthikinu' dressed in the songs".

7. ARR should appeal to the Court to give him a right to sue those who manhandle his songs in the name of Picturization. First in the List is Shankar with his unrealistic, unwarranted, lavish sets. (Athiradee is an exception, best choreoghraphed Thalaivar song in History).

8. Thalaivar's style of saying Santhosam used to get on my nerves, now I've realized that I have no other choice.

9. It's very easy to convert Black money into legal money. Watch the Boss do it, with lots of ishtyle of course.

10. "Thalaivaaaa" "Whistle Whistle"

This one isn't a lesson, but an observation. Everytime ARR's name's on the screen, I seem to be the only one screaming my lungs out in the whole theatre.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

One of those Moods

At present, I'm in one of those moods in which you feel everything has let you down. Everyone you trusted, everything you felt that would lift you up, has let you down completely. They weren't expected ofcourse, but you always felt if something like this ever happens, you would stay strong enough to go through it. Right now, I doubt if I can make it through the way I want to. It's pretty hard to digest what's happening. It's even more horrible when you know for a fact that no matter what you do, the things that've happened are irreversible and all you can do is wait for someone to help you or something to get you back to normal. Waiting for that event or that person, the sooner the better.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Legal Issues!


Yes, got my 2-wheeler license today. Had to spend the whole morning waiting for the Inspector to come. Stupid fellow instructed us to come by 10 and that lazy bum ended up coming there only at 1!!! So he came, did the test (Standard 8 pottufying), went back to the RTO, got my picture taken and got the little piece of Plastic which enables me to ride Legally.

Finally got rid of my clean shaven looks, had that only for a week or so. Now back to the Muslim beard, as so many of my lovely friends were so kind to point out.

And the stupid college reopens this Wednesday. Will try to be nice to my juniors. What's the fun in ragging them? No gals! Cha.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Yay! & What the...

1st June 1967, the release date of one of THE most successful and inspirational albums of all times. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, the 8th album by The Beatles, was extremely revolutionary and inspiring for lots of artists and bands who followed. The Album consists of 13 outstanding and memorable songs. This album is said to be The Beatles' Magnum Opus. This album turned 40 yesterday and I celebrated it. :D . Off late The Beatles' songs have been running in my mind. Some ppl mock at me for listening to songs that old. What nonsense I say, the age doesn't matter at all, its the quality. Imagine, a song composed and released forty years ago is still fresh in the minds of loadza ppl all over the world. What more do the composers need?

I cried sometime during Forrest Gump. When Tom Hanks says that he had an interview along with John Lennon, and how John was later shot. I really cried.

Another revolution is this Jack Kevorkian guy. All he does is help sick people who are literally on their death beds. Well, he wouldn't be half as famous as he is right now if he wasn't doing the quirky version of that deed. He helps them alright, but he doesn't help them have a decent and content death, he helps them die. It's an extended version of Euthanasia. He doesn't kill them. He straps them on to a device that he has invented and allows the patient to inject themselves with killer poisons or breathe poisonous gases. He doesn't do anything other than strap them on to the device. The Patients, before actually injecting themselves speak about how they've suffered in life and how this Kevorkian guy is helping them do the right thing.

If you ask me, he's innocent. But the thing that put him in Jail in unforgivable. He injected the poison this time for some Youzuk guy and killed him. Stupid guy further went on to video tape all this and even challenged the authorities to "Stop" him if they can. Stop him they did. He was sentenced to close to 20yrs of Prison, but he was just released from Jail under Parole since he himself had contracted Hepatitis C and was gna die in a year. The Oath? " I Won't help anyone die"....

Whattey freaky world???!!!

Friday, 25 May 2007


I've been grossly Insulted. I had to wash a freshly washed and Ironed pair of Jeans just cos there was a little grease on it. Just had to wash it. The moment I dipped the jeans in the Soap water, I could feel the guilt running all through my body.

The days I've spent teasing my friends for washing their Jeans once a week came flashing rite in fronta my eyes.

So with my deepest condolences, I appeal to the Jeans wearing community to forgive my mistake, and it comes from deep inside my heart, I Will Not Repeat This.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

One Year in Hell!

Yup! Just got back from my Exams and it's officially one year since I entered Hell's Local Branch a.K.a Vivekananda College. First day? Read here.

Well atleast that's how I thought College would be. It isn't that bad actually. Got some cool friends. Rapecase, Mouli A.k.A Beer Belly, Golti A, Golti J, Srivatsan, Barath (the stinking rich guy) and as always Mokkai (Guru) . These guys keep me going and coming to college. Life's fun. College doesn't suck anymore. So One year's over. Gone Kapoosh. 2 more years. Hope I live to tell the tale.

A Friend of mine's opened a real cool site. If you're lazy to pick your good stuff when it comes to music and movies and what not, here's the site. You'll have fun going through it. Gimme feedback if you can, he'll like it. Pssstt: I'm the Technical Advisor for his site, which reminds me; He hasn't paid me yet!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Really Sorry

I certainly didn't mean to hurt you and I know for a fact that that's exactly what I did. I'm really really sorry.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

A Sample of our "Working" Class

This thing happens at the Office I work for. It's not a huge big time company. Their main customer is TVS and they barely cross the 100 sales per day mark. But then, there's this really funny guy who works there. This is what he does everyday...

Comes to the office at 12 30. Sits on his chair, cleans his table, takes out a few papers, puts on his glasses, reads the papers, signs a few of them. It's 1. "Dei, Ramesh, Saapadlaama pa??" (For the benefit of the non-tamil peeps, that's "Dei, Ramesh, Shall we eat??")

He's the Accounts Manager for that company. He's been doing this ever since I joined that Company in December Last.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Perfection + Evolution

"If there is something called perfection,then why is there evolution?" blogged Mahima.

And this is what I commented...

"well...agreed...on the long run...nothin is perfection...cant be achieved...but thn...think of man..and monkeys..or chimps....wen there were mite've been perfect...nothin other than just wildlife...nothin other than just nature to undergo its usual course of birth and death...then they went on to turn into humans...if humans are perfection...(which is a totally diff issue)...Nature is undergoing a massive process of evolution so dat it can adjust itself to all this pollution and stuff...which affects its natural cycle...

i dunno if dat made sense... :P"

Saturday, 21 April 2007

RTFF- April Edition

Roof Top Film Fest [RTFF] is happening again. Check out the Wiki here. It's happening on 28th April. It's again a Saturday and so you don't have to worry about the next day. I Promise you, this one's gna be better than the Previous one. Check this and this.

Do check out the Wiki. Pssssttt....check out the Participants list, there's a gal :D:D

Anyways, it'll be real fun there. With hot discussions about the movie with some real people who can talk about it.

Unfortunately I can't make it to it this time around. Got stupid Sem Exams. I know I won't be studying, but I rather stay Home. So ppl, who DO go there, pls tell me how it was!

Be there!!

Saturday, 14 April 2007

New People!!

Lots of New People. Some making me Smile a lot. Making me Happy.
Some making me angry, Irritated.
Some I make happy.
Some I make Irritated...

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Thank You

Today was a beautiful day. Thanks a ton to that one person who made it possible. Not gna mention who that person is. Let's just name him/her "X".

X made my long time dreams come true. X knows that, X felt that too. Thank You X. No matter how many times I tell that to you, you know that I won't stop. It means more than just that. X's got no idea how happy he/she's made me feel. It's beyond words. I just hope everyone feels it once a while.

Thank You. X. You're one person i don't ever wna loose in my life. Just know that.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

RTFF happened, missed it? Go Die...

Ever heard of a Marathon where the Participants wouldn't have minded a Second Go???

This kind of a Marathon happened. On top of a terrace. A Movie Marathon. Some simply amazing movies and a few handpicked Documentaries, that's all what's needed to keep you awake for the night, of course the presence of a few people like Sudhish and Nandhu would help a great deal.

It was as simple as that. The RTFF finally happened. It started late by around an hour, that wasn't a big deal when we got to watch the movies that were in store for us. I don't wna review each movie that we saw cos it was done enough at the RTFF itself, and for those who missed it, as Ganesh so rightly said "can Worship my Ass". Lol

Blood Simple, Hard Candy, TFLW and Annie Hall were the 4 full length movies that were screened. And a few more Documentaries were enough to keep the 20 odd strong crowd awake till sunrise.

Everything about the RTFF was awesome, the Cool Terrace, the amazing Sea Breeze, the Lack of Mosquitoes and an awesome crowd. Personally the RTFF was totally different for me. For the first time ever, i was watching Movies with people who actually knew what they were talking about. We weren't there to comment on each and every scene. It was not like that at all.

What made this more interesting were the Small Discussions that we had after each movie. Everybody (almost) pipping in with their bits about the movie, criticisms, appreciations, technical novelties, all were explored and I don't think it could've been done any better.

There was everything, Smoking, Drinking, watching movies, literally everything. And for the record. I neither Drank nor Smoked. Family reads man. :D

A couple of Guys managed to get pretty high and sleep off half way through. Ganesh, Mr. Smart Ass was one of them (there you go Sagaro, happy??? :P)

All said and done, I guess this wouldn't be complete without the promise of more RTFFs to come up. I am looking forward to those. And I am also waiting to see some more gals. Probably next time it should be some time in the day, so that more gals can attend it. As a favour for the guys atleast. Suraksha was the only one this time. As I already knew her, it wasn't pretty exciting. :P:P

Anyways, the event was super cool and amazing fun. A truly unique movie watching Experience indeed. Here's to everyone who made this event possible. Thanks a ton people.

Sunday, 18 March 2007


Thank you all for keeping up with my boring and lifeless blog for so long. This is the 50th Post. I was thinking of something worthwhile to fill this up; the F1 season's started, watched the race. Missed the God.

The first GP in my life without the God behind the steering wheel. No Scarlet Machine with the no 1 in bold black, no shining Red Helmet with small stars, no M Schumacher on the positions listings, No MSC on the grid positions, No MSC on Jean Todt's headphones.

It was totally different. It's like watching Cricket without Tendulkar. Golf without Tiger Woods (though i doubt how many of us even follow golf). A newspaper without words. That's how I see F1 without Michael Schumacher.

Most people would just write me off saying there were greats before him and there will be more great racers coming. But look at it this way. He's the reason I had started watching F1. A man who can get his leg fractured in an accident mid way thru the season and still end up finishing 5th overall. He's been the great of my generation.

You grow up watching Sachin Tendulkar playing those flawless cover drives and you see Rahul Dravid hitting the same shot. Isn't there a difference? You can pick out Sachin's brilliance. That's how it is for me. Raikonnen overtaking someone in a corner and Schumie doing it. The result is the same, both the balls end up in the boundary and both of them end up gaining a position.

But still, you can see the difference. Sachin and Dravid. Michael and anyone else for that matter. No comparisons at all.

He's the God of my generation, he'll be the God for the generations to come. No one can ever be more aggresive on the field. This man starts at the back of the grid. On P22, an hour and a half later, he's so casually sipping some $5000 Champagne bottle standing on the Podium. Not many can do this. He can. He is GOD. Simple as that.

Good Racers come and go, great men come and go. GOD come and go. Not many remember the good ones, a few would forget the Greats.

Not even the Goods and the Greats can afford to forget the GOD.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

My First Paycheque

Well, not a cheque. But my first pay.

I've been wanting to blog about this for a long long time, never got around to do it.

Brace yourself to this. Ever since I passed my CPT (read 200 mark obj paper for CA foundation) apparently with decent marks (121/200 with negative markings), I had been on the look out to join an auditor for my articleship.

Ok here goes, the Chartered Accountancy Institute feels it's necessary for every student who passes the CPT to undergo 15 months of articleship, where you have to work under an auditor. I thought working would be fun. Saying that I'm gna be working tomorrow still sounds cool according to some. Well, if this is what I have to go through for the 13 more months, I really regret choosing this line.

Sitting in front of a completely outdated system (Win 98 , celeron) for 5 hrs at a stretch doing THE most monotonous job (Data Entry) is definitely not my cup of tea. The worst part is yet to come, I get paid peanuts, Literally. Hate it completely. But I guess I have to go through if I wna make my dream resume come true.

So coming to my first paycheque, yeah cash. It was an amazing feeling. To get that brown envelope in my hand;All those hours spent on travel, trying to get to a place on time (for a change), that time spent waiting for the computer to restart after a marathon session of ctrl+alt+del. All of it seemed to rush back into my mind. For the first time in my life, I felt that the money coming into my hands was money well earned by me. I truly deserved it.

And I blew some 400 bucks on a single day, never been more hurt ever before. Even when I've spent lots of cash before I started to earn mine.

It's been 2 months now, I've been paid 2 times. It's a completely different feeling. To be able to experience it at this age makes it even more great.

Monday, 5 March 2007


Roof Top Film Fest.

A simple congregation of peeps who are very specific about what movies they watch and who they watch them with. A roof top fest to be organised in Chennai. True blue English classic/great/awesome (and all other adjectives) movies to be screened. Make sure you go through the comments section in that blog to view the movies that might be screened. And you're more than welcome to suggest some movies of your own. The more the merrier. You can visit the Wiki here.

You can write/tell/sms/(whatever form of communication you can come up with) all your friends who would be interested in watching some real good movies with people who might just share the same views as you do.

There's nothing more for you to do except register and visit the wiki often to keep yourself updated.

You're gna be cursing yourself if you miss this...

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Could've Drowned

Roger Waters performed this sunday (18th) in Mumbai. I asked my sis loong back if it was possible for her to get me tckts and all was well until Rapecase didn't wna go. So I couldn't go too. After watching a bit of the actual concert on Headlines Today, all i felt was " I cud've been there".


It was pure Magic. I've been a Pink Floyd fan only for the past 2 years. But after I watched P.U.L.S.E, i really couldn't fail to see how one can't be their fan. It was AWESOME. Bleddy awesome. Even though this concert in mumbai might not've been another P.U.L.S.E, it still was magnificent just to look at on da Idiot Box.

I could've been there.....:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Food for Thought

The recent trip to Kodai, Trichy, Karur, Guruvayoor and Palakkadu has left me none the wiser. But it's helped me realize somethings and here they are:

a) 6 people can NOT fit into a Santro, no matter how lean they are

b) Food in other parts of TN are very cheap when compared to Chennai. Not even once did our food bill cross 200 bucks for 6 ppl. AND my Bro and I were hogging like there was no tomorrow.

c) Waking up at 1.30 in the morn is definitely not fun. Even if it's for a trip to see Lord Krishna in one of his million avatars. Guruvayoor shows Lord Krishna himself sleeping...gggrrrr

d) CBSE books give a very bad depiction of the term "National Highway". A particular NH in Kerala (Name hidden for security purposes) leads to streets as wide as Ranganathan Street. And they call THAT a National Highway. Sheessshhhh. Another "Only in India" pic i guess

e) Do not underestimate the power of a Roll Camera. It CAN bring out good pics.

Food for who's thoughts?..Depends on who reads this.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Happy Me!!!

It's been a long while since the whole family went on a vacation. The last time was when we went to Calcutta, Bhubaneshwar, Darjeeling and some other places during the 6th standard vacations (woah, 7 yrs IS a long time). This time it's Kodaikanal (yeah,i no. First time trip to Kodai is with family :(( ... :P) and Palghat (last time was in 3rd std :O:O).

Ma sis is getting a huge increment in her salary. So this whole trip is being sponsored by her.

Here's a list of expenses lined up for her:

1) The whole trip
2) A new System at home (Yipppeeee!!!! :D)
3) A new Mobile Phone for me (It seems like I've been waiting for eternity)

Hope she doesn't have to dig too deep into her bank account... :P :D

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

That Four Letter Word

I was at the recent community screening of Sudhish Kamath's That Four Letter Word held at Coffee? on 6th January.

The Movie focuses on a group of young people who are kinda aimless and the way they redeem themselves and get going in terms of moving forward in their lives.

The whole cast does a wonderful job and there's a brilliant youth feel in the movie. It doesn't make you think but it just shows the lives of 6 people and how they change it themselves. All the artists have done their parts to a tee. None of the actors over act. They are very natural. They are the kinda people you can find hanging around in the local coffee shop.

The Director focuses on simplicity rather than extravagance (the budget might've been a cause for that) and it results in some slick shots. I especially loved the conversation at the beach. Screw You!!!

The music is simple and straight forward. The music director has done an exceptional job in terms of Background Scores. Especially in those black outs. Thankfully there aren't any songs and we do not find the characters dancing away in true cinematic fashion. Thanks Sudhish.

But I feel the movie lacked that bit of inspiration. Sudhish says it wasn't aimed at inspiring people. Trying to inspire is pseudo and that gets preachy he said when I asked him about this. But as I see it, the movie tells the story of some normal people having normal problems in their lives. But when you show it on screens, it isn't hard to expect people to get inspired from it. Especially amongst the Indian Audience. Smoking on screen is banned just because the government thinks that the people get inspired by it. If people can get inspired from something so bad, why can't they go towards something positive. Especially something that everybody can relate to. Making crucial decisions were a part of every body's lives at some point of time. And when they are shown a group of youngsters who focus on life after considering the exact same thing to be an utter waste of time, it's asking for people to get inspired from them.

The transit from a confused state of mind to a clear one where people realise the importance of them moving forward in life, and making a decision has been wonderfully shown on screen. A search for the best adaptation of the life of a bunch of youngsters on screen in Indian cinema definitely points to TFLW.

I loved one scene where Sara (Paloma) and Prashanth (Praveen) are having a conversation and then a young woman Jogging her head off just passes by them. They pause to look at the woman and then continue to talk. The woman depicting the monotonous life that Prashanth was having. It was a touch of brilliance I would say. I spoke about this to Sudhish himself.

The movie doesn't require you to strap on any magic boots to transport yourself into the world of the characters. What's best about this movie is that it isn't tough for the audience to correlate with the movie, its characters and their way of thinking. The movie appeals to those who have to worry about settling down in their lives.

A sensational movie I would say. It goes about with perfect logic (which is rather new to the Tamil audience) and the transition from one scene to the other is life like.

A Must watch in Theatres because only then can we appreciate the technical details of this film. This film has been shot in Digital format (remember Mumbai Express?). Sudhish says that the picture quality in the screenings is bound to be rather low as it was not meant for this type of screens, lighting and projection. He guarantees that it would look much more realistic in the big screens.

I would like to see many more movies from Sudhish. A different aspect to film direction, a different method of treating his characters. TFLW scores on every parameter. Be it direction, music, characterization, dialogues. The script provides equal screen attention to all of the characters. TFLW speaks for itself. The director has given it a voice and it sounds rather neat.

Here's wishing him and his team more success and I hope he won't find it difficult to find more producers for his forthcoming ventures.

Best of Luck Mr. Sudhish Kamath. And than you very much for giving us something different and something that we aren't used to seeing, at least not on the big screen.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Welcome 07

I know the "welcoming the new year" post is too late to be posted now, but who the hell cares???

2006 has been a pretty good year for me. I've almost achieved my so called resolutions and I've been able to accept the fact that generally Regretting something after you've done it is utterly useless. I'm talking about my College of course. Anyways "By gones are by gones" as Janani so casually says.

I was able to make up with most of the people I had hurt sometime over the past and I've lost some good friends too, but this time around it wasn't due to any fault of mine.

So What am I looking forward for this year???

Some friends to remember my b'day.

And wish me too :).

Some people to visit my blog at least once a month and not upon me dumping them with links to my blog before they leave some lame comment saying "Nice Blog da"... :P:P

My First ever Pay Cheque/Cash :D:D:D

Getting better at Flirting, Rakesh would lecture you, on request, on how worsht I am at putting Kadalai.

Those are the stuff I can think of as of now.

I almost forgot....

Happy New Year everybody.

Monday, 1 January 2007

Does anyone know Bush's E-mail id??

There is no need for me to write about Calvin and Hobbes, everybody knows about them and it would take me ages to finish typing my take on them. Found this random Calvin and Hobbes when I was vettily browsing the Net. Enjoy the humour and try to look at the inner meaning too.

Does anybody know Bush's Email Id? I think I got a mail to send him... :D ;)