Thursday, 30 October 2008

Massa or Hamilton??

Well, it's that time of the year again when the Formula 1 championship title is up for grabs. This time around it is a One on One Battle among Hamilton and Massa.

Here's how it stands. 1 race left. Brazil, Massa's home race. He's already won this race in 2006 for Ferrari and he won it the last year too, well, technically speaking, He let Kimi pass him in the last lap so that Kimi could win the Title. But this time around, Kimi is not in Contention and its just Massa against Hamilton. Massa needs to win this race, nothing else. Just the victory. And pray that luck will favour him and Hamilton finishes less than 6th place.

In my opinion, this is one of the worst seasons ever. Ferrari has never ever raced this poorly. They've won just 10 of the 17 races. But it's not the numbers I'm concerned about. They lacked quality. Pit stops are THE best forte of Ferrari. They screwed that up So many times in this season. Driver's mistakes, team mistakes, seriously disappointing. As a Ferrari fan, it's very disturbing to watch the best team perform like some 2nd grade amateurs.

But Mclaren haven't been all perfect either. I mean, as a team, their cars have been awesome, perfect set up for every race and decent pit stops. But they lack quality too. The quality it takes to be the World Champions. It's not some 20rs cake that you can buy at a bakery outside your home, its Formula 1. The Epitome of racing and if Mclaren manages to win the Constructors this time, I'd be flabbergasted.

Comparing Driver to Driver, both of them have made enough mistakes to last them a life time. Nigel Mansell once said "Each driver's allowed 1 mistake in the season if they are in pursuit of the Championship". That's so true, they are humans after all, they need to learn from their mistakes. But these 2, Massa and Hamilton have made so many mistakes, it makes me wonder how they are even in contention for the title! They crash into each other, miss braking points, get penalties, be stupid in the Pits. That's nonsensical, especially when you know you are going for the title.

If Hamilton wins the Championship, Ferrari and Massa have no body to blame other than themselves. They've raced like Amateurs and need to learn a lesson. Massa needs to handle pressure, he was fine till Michael was his team mate. The problem is exactly that. Massa isn't used to being the Number 1 of the team mates. When he was with Michael, there wasn't even a question as to who the Number 1 was. Last year, he was good, but Raikonnen was the better of the two. This year too, it started off well for Raikonnen, but half way through the season, the mantle was on Massa to go for the win. He isn't accustomed to the whole team banking on him to bring the title home, he's been happy playing second fiddle.

And if Hamilton wins indeed, he's got nothing to be proud of. Winning a Championship riding on the back of some team's faults and knowing that the way you've raced is pretty poor for a "Champion" will definitely haunt him.

Massa needs more than just luck on Sunday. He needs to make sure he grabs the Pole. Ferrari needs to make sure that Raikonnen joins him in the front row. There's nothing else they can do. Massa victory, Raikonnen 2nd for the Maximum points in Constructors'. Meanwhile, Raikonnen has to make sure that he bunches up the others well behind Massa to allow for Massa's usual mistakes. But keeping in mind Ferrari's awesome record in Sao Paulo and Mclaren's lack of one, we can safely assume that it's a Red 1 and 2 all the way.

The point is, where will Hamilton land up in all this. That's exactly why Saturday counts. If Hamilton manages to qualify in the 2nd or 3rd rows, its doubtful he'll finish less than 6th. Meanwhile, Hamilton's foolish too. No matter how calm and composed he claims to be, while driving the race, his thoughts are going to be fixed on the title and that should make room for some mistakes.

Both Massa and Hamilton Will surely make some mistake or the other. I bet my life on it. But, what matters is the effect of those mistakes.

Whatever happens, being the True Tifosi that I am, I'm hoping for the best. Ferrari 1 and 2. Massa win. And Hamilton crashing out. This could be a perfect time for Alonso to grab Ferrari's attention. If he wants to race for Ferrari, helping Massa win the Championship this time around will definitely help.

But Alonso in the same Reds as Michael? That'll be the day I stop watching F1.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Sister 2.5

Yes, I have an elder sister. And she's back home now after a 4 year escape to Delhi and later to Mumbai. She's got a Job in Madras and here forever. She came here last friday and she has Changed!

The first legit things she told me:

(1am) "This time yesterday I had my First Tequila Shot, damn I miss Mumbai already!"

I didn't know how to react, that's my Sister, talking about tequila shots and she went on to describe how it is done complete with telling me that the Lemon tastes better than the tequila, thinking that I didn't know that already!

Anyways, I had noticed this when my Bro and I went to stay with her at Hong Kong for a week. She has most definitely changed. She isn't the sister I knew. Not that I knew much about her. She's now more fun and takes that mocking talking kinda accent more often, spends like crazy, teases my Dad like crazy and talks like NON STOP. Even before she left home for her PG she used to talk a lot, but that seems like ages ago and now she's got all the Office Gossip to update us with!

So, she's different. Actually speaking, my whole family's changed. Everybody's earning, except me of course. So, what I basically do is hand out everybody's wallet to them!

A scene at my place yesterday:

Me: I need some money for petrol
Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis: Take my Purse.
Me: !!!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Results of a Golti's Bday!

Today's Golti J's birthday. Well, that's one Nickname that I came up with that has stuck. Anyways, Happy Birthday Golti!!

He had just one request for his Bday. Rakesh talking to some Random Girl. The History goes like this. Rakesh is one Gutless bugger. He just can't go talk to some random chick. I am not sure if he's afraid of being turned down or its the lack of simple guts. Anyways, Golti and I have been dedicated to get him to talk to a girl, in the best interest of Rape of course! Golti came up with idea of terming it as his "Birthday Gift" just to push Rape more. Well, it worked. Kinda...

We finished our Sim Cat and came to the entrance of Stella Maris and from that time onwards, Golti and I were pushing Rape to talk to someone. He just didn't budge. We then moved to Spencer's to have some food. Eating was done, then later at Fruit Shop, Golt and I engaged in some Cell Phone fighting (ala Pen Fight) and I lost bitterly each time. After all the taunting about my apparent "malluness" and some Table Graffitti later, we walked outta the place. All this while, Golti was pushing Rape to talk to a girl. At one point of time, he even refused to move from a certain spot until Rape did the talking. I finally convinced them that Landmark would be a better spot to hit on some girl.

At Landmark happened the Comedy. Golti, Rape and I were trying hard to spot someone who was single, not with any other guy or with her parents or in a gang. That proved pretty hard actually. Finally, there was this girl who looked pretty, standing all alone reading some random book from the Discounts Section. She was our target, Rape's target to be precise.

He summoned up his guts, smelt his breath and marched towards her. I was behind another row of books, checking a book and looking at Rape and Golti was nowhere to be seen. He slowly approached her and spoke something and turned on his heels immediately and came right back to me saying "I think I just made her Day!". I was like, what the hell??

From my view it looked like this. Rape marched towards her, literally Marched towards her, tight shoulders, hands tucked to his waist. He approached her, bent a bit forward to kinda force her to notice him, lifted his hands and said something. I saw her say "Thank you" with THE Most Wierdest Smile on her face and she went back to her book, waiting for Rape to say something more actually. But when he turned his back on her and walked away, she looked at him, kinda dejected and went back to her book, slowly smiling. I still feel he had a good chance with her if he had just lingered to talk more with her.

Anyways, this was a good enough Start. Rape was thinking he had made that girl's day. But instead, he had made his day. That was something very courageous of him. He being one of the most Shyest (I know that's not even a word) persons around.

After we came outta that place, I quietly asked him what he had told her. This is what he said : "I think you should know this. You look very pretty"

*blown to pieces by his and her lameness*

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

To the Good Times...

Well, today my Model Exams started. Rape and I had this devious plan of smuggling in a Mock CAT into the hall and taking that test, but as usual, plans never work out (Esp when it is even remotely connected to me), we walked out of the hall in an hour and thanks to Golti's snap brains, we were on our way to the Beach within the next 15 mins.

And Out of the blue, the hard working brain of Golti J had this brainwave while he was driving Rape's car to the beach. He suggested hanging out at a Pub rather than looking at the same boring women at the beach. Well, the weather was brilliant, I was hyper, good Combination. We all agreed, pooled in some money, bought cigarettes and headed out to Rape's place to get more cash. But then, we didn't really have much on us. 4 people, Rape, Golti A (Adithya), Golti J and Me had a very poor total of around 600 with us. That wasn't gna be enough for a Pub.

So we changed plans once again and decided to get some Beers and camp out at Rape's awesome Terrace. Now, this terrace holds fond memories for me. More about that later. So yeah, Both the Goltis went out and bought the Booze, while I forced Rape to listen to another Beatles song. Close to an hour later, around 6ish, the 4 of us went up to the terrace, lighted up and just had a fun time. Of course, I hate beer, it sucks, So I just stuck to smoking.

Now, about Rape's Terrace. His terrace has 2 levels. One with an attached room and an Attached Bathroom! The next level is the actual terrace, complete with staircase, ladder and an overhead tank.

Getting back, As soon as they started tipping the Drinks, God Cried, or peed, whatever. It Rained.

We took shelter under the overhead tank and waited till our Bottoms got wet before we decided to head back to the bottom terrace where they all finished their drinks. After that, I bored both the Goltis with the Bunny on the Moon. Taking care to dispose the bottles carefully, we headed out to Besant, the awesome Kaiyendhi Bhavan in that area. After some good food, Rape was generous enough to drop us back in college where Golti's Bike was. I finally got back home at 830 with Golti.

So, In short, a fun evening with the college guys. The whole gang wasn't there, but I'm glad it was just 4 people. It was the perfect number. I've always wanted to do something like this. Impulsively decide on something, hang out with some friends, have a laugh and head back home. Oh, and the Rain was an added Incentive.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Shout!

I just Shouted. It wasn't at anyone. I just shouted.

It was the Shout of Disgust, Contentment, Frustration, Happiness, Boredom, Callousness, Unsocialness, Existentialism, Fulfillment, Mourning, Depression, I-Don't-Care, Wondering what to do next and Uncanniness.

It was basically the Shout of My Life!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Table Graffiti..

The tables in my class at college are very very Inviting. With existing Graffiti stating things like "I Love India", "Call 9961661681, call me" and stuff like that, It really needed some nice lines.

Rape's Contribution - "I am you and what I see is Me" (Echoes - Pink Floyd)

Oh, and mentioning rape, it's his Birthday Today (Oct 4th). Happy Birthday da bum dawg! May this year give you more guts! :P

My Contribution - "And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make" (The End - The Beatles)

His gets no response. Mine gets a response right underneath saying this:

"so is the org*sm that you fake"

Enna Koduma Saar Idhu!!!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008