Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Rat's reason to want a Time Machine...

There was once this small rat. A very self-centered, non-expectant rat who was leading his own desolate life. No one to give him company, no one to listen to him or no one he could go to when he was feeling sad/happy/disappointed/content/gleeful etc. Then suddenly, this big Daddu kinda rat moved into the next hole. He was this very friendly, overtly extroverted rat who wanted to be friends with every other rat. And once Daddu laid his eyes on our small rat, he immediately wanted to befriend him.

What he didn't realize was that this was new for our small rat. Small rat was totally opposite when compared to Daddu. Small Rat was introverted, shy and unfriendly to strangers. But yet, small rat was not closed to Daddu. He would still entertain him whenever he dropped by and would listen to him talk and talk and blah even more. It's not like he hated him, but there was something in Daddu that prevented small rat from kicking him out of him hole. Not knowing what to do, small rat chose to try and actually befriend Daddu. When he started to look at the issue in this way, it proved easier to move along with Daddu and he was pretty happy to spend time with Daddu, doing very un-small-rat-ish things.

Days, probably weeks, probably years passed by and Daddu and Small Rat were inseparable. And suddenly, just when small rat thought everything was going well in his life, there came about another rat. This rat was similar to Daddu but was different at the same time. Not as extroverted, but still extroverted, not as humourous, but still humourous. Small rat was surprised to find himself attracted to this female rat with such vigour that he couldn't prevent himself from talking to female rat as often as he could. But at the same time, small rat was taking enough effort to keep this female rat from Daddu. Daddu never even knew female rat existed.

Small rat was not sure of what he was doing. He was still brothers in spirit with Daddu, but he had to come up with some excuse or the other in order to spend time with female rat. He felt like he was betraying Daddu, he didn't know what to do. He was not sure what he was doing, he was not sure if he was doing justice to his friendship with Daddu and he started to wonder if he should tell Daddu. But what if he didn't understand? What if he took it the wrong way and stopped interacting with small rat? Could Small rat take it? Was female rat worth all this in the first place?

Small Rat felt like slapping himself everytime these questions came to his mind... But he couldn't put it any other way... He wanted to get out the trap that he had created for himself... He wanted to be that desolate, unknown creature all over again... Even though he hated it then, he missed it after all the happenings... He could appreciate the freedom he had then... He wanted that care-free times back... But at the same moment, he realized that there was nothing that he could possibly do to get back to that phase in his life which he so yearned for... Retrospectively...

Saturday, 30 August 2008


"No one can ever tell you if waiting for Death was worth it"

Thursday, 21 August 2008

It's like they know me!

The last time I went into Seasons was for Ocean's Thirteen and it was a freaking Hot Usual Madras Day. From the Moment I went in, I didn't want to get out. The Air Con was just perfectly set and It felt like they knew I was getting in from a very Hot place. By the time I got out, I was shivering.

And today, when I entered in there for Dark Knight (finally!!), the Air Con was perfect again. Now, the difference was, I have a cold. A freaking troublesome one too, so when I say perfect, the Air Con wasn't too hot to make me feel my body heat and it was not cold enough for me to pull my sleeves down either. I was feeling perfectly comfortable in there for the whole 2hrs and 45 mins.

And this is normal to me now. Satyam has been "under construction" ever since the first time I went there and I guess it's not really gonna change!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Title this... Somebody!

Ever experienced a Pain that has made you want to shoot yourself just to get rid of it?

Let me rephrase

Ever experienced a Joy that has made you want to shoot yourself just so that you can Freeze it?

Let me rephrase

Ever experienced a moment in which you've undergone both the above mentioned?