Wednesday, 15 July 2009

He's leaving home after living alone for So many years..

I spent the whole day trying to come up with a smart and witty title for this post and where else to look for than The Beatles? :D

Indeed, I am leaving Chennai tonight, the train's in a couple of hours and here I am sitting in my towel after my last shower for the next 2 days. It feels wierd, knowing that I'm not gonna do some of the things I do pretty regularly for some time.

I don't have butterflies, moths or caterpillars of any sort in my stomach. I am excited and totally looking forward to the whole experience. There have been some harsh realities thrown my way over the last 2 days and I take them as a learning experience.

To all those I wasn't able to meet or talk to before I leave, I am the sorryness. I've had an awesome time thanks to all you people, each and every time I've hung out with you. And I am sorry for all those hurtful things I've said, they were just a spur of the moment thing.

Anyways, my dad's screaming both his lungs out and I gotta go.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Current Top 5

Vettiness is my middle name. Yes, say what you may, I am ever Lord Vetti. And what better way to relieve myself than listen to some music. I've been slowly making head way into clearing the backlog of songs that I haven't listened to even once and here are my current Top 5:

5. Divinity was born between Blue Wings - Ossein (12.31)

A lesser known american band, people somehow seem to like confusing this band with Opeth!
This song is Totally Psychedellic. Amazingly long instrumental works with just a few lines thrown in. This song totally works for me because of the occasional screams and the trippy feel the song provides.

"...Stride the invertebrates road
Inferiority drifts through your veins
The sunwheel pivots
And your sillhouette is forgotten

Advocate your eyes, Closed
Resperate your mouth, Shut..."

4. Dandelion - Audioslave (4.29)

Its pretty sad that Audioslave churned out just 3 albums. Even though people criticized that their 'sound' resembled RATM a lot, they made sure that they shed that and came up with some amazing songs with beautiful riffs.
'Dandelion' might not have thought provoking lyrics, but the powerful vocals and the addictive opening riff is enough to put this into my list.

3. Have you ever seen the Rain? - CCR (2.41)

Well, which Rock Addict wouldn't be a fan of CCR? This extremely short song has the usually wonderful vocals that you can associate with CCR. An addictive chorus and a flowing melody satisfies me. Infact, the title lines actually haunt me and my brother's heard enough to order a gun to shoot me the next time I sing this out loud.

2. Paranoid Android - Radiohead (6.23)

Yes, I hate Coldplay, I find them to be repetetive, kill me! I prefer Radiohead. They are all that I'd associate with a band that consists of people who've grown up listening to those classical British Rock Bands. Just listen to songs like "Creep", "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Airbag" and you can see where they get their inspirations from. They are how I'd imagine a properly successful 1970s Rock Band would sound like had they continued making music.

'Paranoid Android' has some unbelievably brilliant vocals and the guitar solos are awesome enough to put the song on the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos! I wikied this song and the song structure is apparently pretty unique. Its amazing how much you can learn about a song by simply reading about it in an Open Forum. After I read that, it became pretty obvious that the song sounds like 3 different songs crammed together with brilliant guitar solos uniting them.

1. Sometimes I feel like Screamin' - Deep Purple (7.31)

*Bows Down* Deep Purple is Brilliant, Period.
Though this is one of their more recent songs, It is infact the same Ian Gillian who sang the impossible "Sweet Child In Time" singing this song too.

A totally addictive, haunting and chillingly beautiful riff holds this song together from the start. This song does not have great lyrics but the resonating guitar work and the singing completely makes up for it. This might even make it to my list of All Time Favourite songs!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

When do they transform?

This is not the first day I have been woken up by my angry shouting Dad. I'm sure every one of us, irrespective of what we do and who we are, have gone through that agonosing feeling of being woken up by an angry, grumpy man.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad. I strongly believe that there are fewer people who can be more helpful than he is, but there's also the Grumpy side to him. The side that translates every little thing into a loud and annoying scolding session.

Not just my dad, I'm sure almost all dads fit that description. But what is it that transforms a youngster, happily married (if that's even possible) into that ugh-I-can't-stand-in-a-room-with-this-man kinda person? Onset of kids? Rough day at work? Bad cooking by wife? Or is it some reason that my mind can not fathom?

Whatever said and done, I really hope people don't lose their temper at the drop of a hat and for once, just imagine how they'd like to be on the receiving end. When decibels rise, it only causes stress, not only to the person, but also to that harmless cat sleeping away in the corner.