Friday, 29 February 2008


Yeah, I'm pissed. I don't know why. I don't want to know why. I'm pissed period.
I don't wna be normal again. Atleast not just now. I don't care for anyone saying anything. I'm gna stay this way until I choose not to.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Wally... You're Fired!!!

Yep, Wally has been fired. The Critical Systems management guy has been the creator and crux of loads of jokes. And he's been fired for posting a Cartoon comparing a Lemur to a Manager. Poor Wally... :(

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Very Random...

I've been feeling so damn random for the past 2 hrs

Couldn't make a proper conversation, was talking total crap

...I was heading straight into the Shining Sun...

Get your ass up and go get some studying done

I really dunno what I'm gna be doing

Anytime :)

Hate this...totally

Feeling very angry upon self

...You're asking me will my Love grow, I don't know...

Move the damned mouse outta the way

Waiting for someone who never replies to reply

I really meant what I told you

Waiting to see if someone comes online

Made self a promise not to watch any movie till the end of CAT

Gotta return those CDs to that guy

Shit Happens

That New T-Shirt looks good

You're Welcome :)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Some Help!

Ok, A really really wierd thing happened at college today. I walked into college listening to some song and there was this guy who had to Scream at the top of his voice to call me. And here's how the Conversation went:

Him: Excuse me (A very loud one)
Me: Yeah..
Him: Do you watch sports and all?
Me: Er, yeah, some...
Him: Olympics?
Me: Yeah, once in 4 years or so...
Him: Weight Lifting?
Me: Yes...
Him: Do men always carry more weight than women? In both the Categories? (Clean & Jerk and Snatch)
Me: Yeah, generally men do...but why..
Him: Just asking

And then he walked away.

I have NO idea how to react to this. Help?

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I watched a Video on TV today. It was about a couple of Highway Officials being run over by an Ambassador Car in our very own Kanyakumari. It was mortally shivering to say the least.

There they are standing, supervising a Temple Encroachment Demolition. They're surrounded by atleast 20 locals and some 5 Policemen when this White Ambassador Car zooms in (looking at the video, I would say 40 kmph tops) and runs over these 2 Highway Officials. The Camera-Man perfectly captured the happening.

I was shocked. Yes, they were Demolishing a temple, Ummachi Kanna Kuthifying might have crossed the minds of those poor old fellows, but this, no way. Not even in their Wildest dreams would they have thought that they would be run over by a Speeding Ambassador Car. That's one heavy car you know. They were taken to the Hosp, not before some reporter got "An Exclusive" from one of those engineers on their way to the Hospital.

Whew! That's one bad day for those 2 blokes.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Snippets III

(-) Got a smiley ball from the recent play I went to and that's my obsession as of now. It's keeping me sane and it's so much fun to keep squeezing it, helps me vent my anger at times. I'm in total love with that Ball. :)

(-) The Play is called Butter and Mashed Banana and it was really funny. Spoofed topics ranging from Leftists to Censor Boards to Rightists to Interviews to Phone Threats to Cinema Techniques! Super fun!

(-) Major renovation work at house might be starting before the end of this month and the worst part is that peeps are leaving to visit sis at HK. So its gna be a riot without them here and the work going on. I have to supervise all of that thanks to the world famous laziness of my Bro! :P

(-) Finally started preparing for CAT (That's one thing off my resolution list). Just one hour a day for February and it will increase by an hour every month. I'm hoping that 9 months of proper preparation should be enough to make it into some decent place.

(-) Lost is back!!! Yipee! It's back with a bang and if you still don't know what Lost is, please leave the earth. :P It's the best thing ever in TV and its back with the 4th season. Thanks to its schedule, 3rd season ended sometime in September, so it hasn't been affected by the Writer's Strike. Yay!!

(-) Suffering from a very very bad cold, sore throat and mild fever. Not been myself for the past week. Showing signs of recovery but still very tired for most part of the day.

(-) Rains saved India some blushes again, very unlucky Sachin, got Hit Out. But the bowlers seemed to have done a decent job bringing them to 51/3 before the rain totally abandoned play.