Wednesday, 26 September 2007

For the Benefit of Mr.Boredom!

STATUTORY WARNING: Proceed reading if and only if you are extremely Bored.

There are times when you are very bored and the monotony around you sucks you in totally. Sometimes you realize that the above mentioned is happening, other times you just fail to comprehend what exactly is going on. Before you get your act together and start coming up with your defense, your chance is gone. Boredom has it's own ways of taking up your time. Its got a really brilliant rebuttal system.

Imagine you get bored in class, you whip out your cell phone and start messaging someone. A conversation builds up and you are rid of your boredom. Strangely enough, when this kind of a situation might happen to anyone, its the Phase two (the conversation stage) that wouldn't happen to everybody. Annoyingly, the usual conversation buddies decide to ditch you and answer back in mono syllables or not answer at all. That's exactly when Boredom's had it's happy moment. That's one of the Million ways boredom comes down on you and totally screws you.

Following the warning posted above, many (of the very few regular followers) might have read ahead and reached this stage of the post. And I might've helped you get rid of your boredom, if even for a brief moment. If that's happened, you are most welcome to buy me a Banana Milkshake at Fruit Shop (25rs). If it didn't help you eradicate your boredom, you are most welcome to buy me a Coke or a Pepsi (7rs). If it resulted in increasing your levels of already existing boredom and added some frustration, you are welcome to buy me a Bun-Butter-Jam and a Lime Juice (10rs) at the shops near my College.

Choose your thing and gimme a call. :D

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

We are the Champions!!!

Yes! India has won the Inaugral T20 World Cup!!! Dhoni and his posse of men Defeated Australia, England, South Africa and Pakistan twice to lay their hands on the gleaming cup. It was an ecstatic moment at Rapecase's with loads of friends and his whole family. It was a wonderful atmosphere at his place. Tension was running high. For a brief period, Rapecase's Dad was banished from his own living room. He had to catch the winning moments on the replay.

About the match, It was an amazing one. Every single guy had contributed in some way or the other throughout the tournament. There was some brilliant bowling from Pathan, R.P.Singh and Joginder Sharma. Harbajan tried but like Sreesanth ended up giving lots of runs. As for Sreesanth, he's one hell of a run giver, but he ends up taking a wicket or two, but it doesn't compensate in anyway.

Dhoni is the future Ganguly for the Indian Cricket team. Infact this dude's much bolder and courageous when it comes to taking some crucial decisions at Crunch times. His decision to toss the ball to Joginder Sharma for the last over was a very bold one to understate. Every guy in that room had their Adam's Apples at the tips of their mouths when Misbah-Ul-Haq thrashed that first ball for a six in the last over. Thanks to some sense from Joginder's side and some bad thinking from the batsman's side, India won.

Happiness and Madness aside, India could've as easily lost the match as they won. Had Misbah-Ul-Haq chosen Sense over slogging (fluke), we would've been pretty sad and the same people who are God-Worshipping the Cricketers would be burning Effigies right now. Thank god the batsman's presence of mind sucked.

Overall India won, everyone's happy. Including the seniors!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

First Time!

Alright, two first time thingies actually. This is the first time I'm actually writing about something that's really blog worthy. Considering my crappy posts in the past, This is THE most proper post.

What is the build up all about?? I won my first Arm Wrestling match today. Not a big deal you might say, but seeing the weakster I am, it makes more sense to be surprised at that than read it as just another line. This eventful match happened against Rapecase. Last hour at college and it was a free hour as usual. Most of the guys were molesting Golti J (actually testing his Gym Body). I was messaging and watching them have a go at him, contributing with some weak punches. The Arm Wrestling started with little time left before the day ended. Rapecase and I decided to have a go. He warned me about something, i don't exactly remember. But I was so sure I was gna lose. So I just gave it a shot. And just when I was about to give up, Rapecase couldn't take it and he gave up and I won. I actually Won. This is such a Big Deal for me. I've been trying to pick on the weakest looking guy in class starting from my VIth std and this is the first time I've ever won in 8 years. Now that's a long time to go without a win.

I had a go against Srivatsan later and I lost as usual. But the win against Rapecase was a big thing. Both of us would agree that neither of us are exceptionally strong or something, we are 2 big time losers when it comes to our physique. But atleast he's jogging these days, he's gna get in shape soon and I'm gna be the only worshtu physique guy in my gang.

First Blog Worthy post...ever...!!!

Monday, 17 September 2007

i-fix Drive!

This was the second i-fix that happened and my first one. It was super fun to say the least. Reached the ensemble spot at 9 10 thanks to traffic to catch Jaydev and another guy already waiting there. A few of us including Vijay and Mahesh joined us. Then the small bit of confusion. There are 2 depots in the silly area of Adyar. Some of them had gathered at the other one. So the 5 or 6 of us who had come here went there, to meet up with co-i-fixers. Then we left for tea to a small hotel nearby and at around 10 30 for the site. The drive happened in and around Anna Street, Tiruvanmiyur.

With Ram providing us the Orange Reflector Jackets, it was super cool to be fixing pot-holes. It seemed like this time the concrete mixture and stuff was sorted out. It was much easier this time (atleast that's what the ones who were part of the previous drive said). I spent most of my time there diverting traffic, transporting Concrete using Ganesh's car and drinking Tea. After 4 hours of fixing holes, watching Drunk Men, watching a small boy get smacked hard, it was finally over. We managed to fix around 15-20 potholes and we fixed them good. The Rain Gods decided to watch us rather than shower their love on us.

Later, at around 2 30 am, 5 of us. Ganesh, Bittu, Mayen, Jayadev and I headed towards the beach. All we had to do was spend time till the Ultimate Frisbee gang came to play their saturday quota, because we didn't want to turn up at our homes like Zombies at 230 in the morning. After some Jogging, walking, punching, and wall climbing the Cops turned up. They started questioning us and it was Mayen who saved us with his Tiruvottriyur office line. They didn't have anything to say to us and left immediately. And after a while Ganesh decided to take a leak over the gym equipments, spraying copious amounts on all of them. And he got really surprised when I told him about my 8 years of Karate, no doubt he was, I certainly don't look like a Karate Guy. :D

At around 5 am we headed for tea (lost count). Came back to the beach to find some Ultimate Frisbee guys and they all started chatting and discussing Frisbee. I, on the other hand, was watching Sunrise at the Beach. It's probably one of the most beautiful sights in this world. I had been wanting to do that for a very long time now. It was brilliant, sitting on the Beach Sand, watching the sun slowly rising, a fiery orangish bluish sky. Amazing Sight.

Later, Bittu and I decided to try out Frisbee for ourselves, got a frisbee and started throwing around like crazy. Jayadev came up and explained some of the nuances and half an hour later, I was dead beat. Decided to watch rather than participate. Bittu was getting good at it by the minute.

15-20 Potholes, 6 teas, 2 Drunkards, 4 Cops, some Hostel stories, some jogging, some walking, some climbing, some peeing, 1 butter dosa, 2 idlis later I decided to head back home from what was probably one of the most productive night outs I've ever done.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My Fav Teacher!

Yup. It's that time of the year when you get sentimental about your teachers. That one person who's seen through your naughtiness and mischievious stuff that you did back in School. Even without you realising she/he might have known the real you. That superficial reason as to what it takes from you to actually do something that you did and the pleasure you derive from it. It's amazing how they can see so many students doing stuff under their noses and still manage to keep their temper under control. There may have been stray incidents, but considering the amount of trauma and turmoil these teachers undergo, phew, its a tough Job.

And that one person who's seen the Evolving me for a period of not less than Five years, from 6th till my 10th, is Madame. That's how I still call her. She used to teach me French. I wouldn't exaggerate and say she's the best teacher in the whole wide world and all. She's a very good teacher. When it comes to language, it goes beyond just the books to get the message through, and she was pretty good at it. She patiently teaches even the most stubborn student.

So here's to you Madame. Here's to one of the most Influential persons in my life. I've seen beyond your scoldings and teachings to learn something from the person you are, and I'm happy to say I've learnt quite a lot. The person I was when you saw me leave school has gone kapoot. I've changed loads, and I just hope you change your opinion about me. I'm not boasting, I've managed to surprise quite a few of my classmates. I've always admired you, your patience and your perseverance and I've learnt much from you. And I can assure you that you will live in my heart forever. You've been kind to me, been a very good friend to me while at school, known me personally, taken me for who I am and taught me a lot.

Life has wierd ways of teaching you lessons. You meet various people and learn stuff from the people who you least expect to learn from. It's really surprising when someone takes so much care and shows affection towards you. It was very comforting to be at the receiving end of Madame's affection. It didn't mean much to me those days, but come to think of it, she's been able to reach out to me, and that's saying a lot. I have loads of happy memories of her and some memories where she spent whole periods scolding me alone in front of the whole class. It used to be very embarrassing. But it was very plain that she didn't wna do it, she used to do that just because she wanted me to be embarrassed and it was a very fine plan indeed.

She loves being a teacher. The passion she shows towards her job is so very obvious and its wonderful to see someone caring so much about her students. Even these days, when its been close to 4 years since we left her at school, she still remembers each and every one of us and she cares so much for us. That's very very rare and extremely adorable.

Thank you Madame. Here's wishing you a Very Happy Teacher's Day. And a sorry for all the troubles I've given you at school. It was not intentional. Thank you for being there for me when my friends chose to ignore me. Thank You very much.

Miss South Carolina!

A long time ago, in some beauty pageant that i saw, some judge asked this female some question relating to her best ever feeling and she answered that her best feeling was eating sweets out of her mom's hands, I laughed my ass of for that reply. I figured (then) that if THE best feeling she's ever had is eating sweets out of her mom's hands, THE worst feeling must be going to the Loo or something.

And after all these years, i've learnt that only Dumb (read funny, dumb and stupid) answers are released as videos. Like this one!!! It's freaking hilarious. THE most funny vid I have ever come across. But on the other side, it just shows that American Teenagers are way more Dumb and Idiotic when compared to even the Teens of probably Malawi. They can atleast come up with a funny line when asked why some of their citizens can't locate their Country on the Map!!! Funny or not, I'm bloody sure they wouldn't pull in the lack of Education in Iraq and South Africa when asked why Americans can't recognise their own country on the Map.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Deputy Cul Sec!!!

Alright, the Happy news first (atleast it made me happy). I have been made the Associate Cultural Secretary of the Corporate Secretaryship Department in my College. Ok, for those who skipped that line cuz of so many secretaries, I am the Deputy Cul Sec at my coll. Yeah yeah, happy indeed! But i still can't figure out why they made me the Dep Cul Sec.

I've attended almost all the culturals my coll's been invited to since last year. And won in what? First in JAM at MOP recently and a 3rd place in Shipwreck at MCC. A first place and a third place can make someone a deputy cultural secretary? Isn't it wierd? There are other talented people in my year. Much more talented and multi-faceted when compared to me, why deny them the chance or the exposure? I'm not complaining. Who would? I'm just asking if they had made a hasty decision.

Anyways, my 1st 'Test', as my Cul Sec puts it, comes when I attend these culturals at Ethiraj college. I've gotta live up to my name it seems, as if I'm gna go around with a badge saying I am the Dep Cul Sec in my college or something. Who would know? Until i can keep my Trap shut (as Ron says).