Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Your move..

Desperation makes a man do funny things. When desperation is triggered out of a desire for change that is so strong it eclipses every other feeling, it ceases to be desperation and transforms into a need. This need, this pitches a tent in your head, refuses to budge when the strongest of thoughts are summoned to evict it. It will not move away until its demands are met and there is no convincing it otherwise. It simply can not be rationalised with and that irks me to a large extent.

Change is a whole monster by itself. The mind craves what it craves for and change is its opium. A little sniff at the minutest of possibilities and the mind it weaves patterns aplenty. No attempt to wrench it back to reality actually works and more often than not, it's wiser to give in. If you're going to be craving for something, why not do it whole-heartedly, rather than cheat a glance now and then.

On the other end of the spectrum is indulgence. Just how much is too much. When things get out of hand, it's much simpler to fall back on nostalgia and blame the self for looking one way in the past when the other way makes more sense, in hindsight. To fall back on hindsight never helps. It allows us to be a little more appreciative of perspectives, yes, but in that present moment, it's as much use as a poncho is as a spacesuit. 


On that note, after 3 years of working at Autocar India, I have bid goodbye in favour of an automobile news website Here's to taking risks whilst young.