Saturday, 2 February 2013

Back against the dam

Self-deprecation and I go a long way, so long in fact that we're often hanging out in bed after hours. But if there's anything appreciable, there is this insanely cheeky ability to take a step back and see things as they are. Whether that helps, I am not sure. But the objectivity, or at least what I term to be objectivity, is at times so easy to achieve - If I can call it an achievement - it is very very scary. So scary, it makes me wonder if all this is just a trick of the devil.

There is then this concern regarding the easiness, if this is all a by-product of wanton detachment. Let's not even get to how scary that shit is.

This objectivity though, prized as it may be, rarely solves a purpose. As in, it's all fine and dandy to sit back and watch the show unreel, but what use is it if it does not instill in you a sense of judgement. Now that, that really makes the underside of my pants turn all murky.