Monday, 5 September 2011

Dear irrational person

Sometimes, it's just easy to write something scathing and hurtful about you. I could do it in a jiffy and it'd hurt you till your last breath. But what I want you to know is that there are times when I will control myself. Not for your sake mind you. You usually flatter yourself like that.

What I do is always dependent on what I want to do and never on you. Let's get that straight. I do not, and I am making this abundantly clear seeing how telling you in your face has no effect, give a flying fuck for your irrationality. I loathe it. I look down upon it. I pity you for being in such a deluded state. But I will never ask you to see things the way I see it. Not only would that go against everything I stand for, that'd only confuse the hell out of you and your puny little brain that is insanely blinded by all that you assume, irrationally of course.

Whilst just reading this, you're going to be fuming your top off, I know that much. But you should know, this is a very restrained attack - yes, this is an attack alright - and that there is a lot more from where this comes from. It is not that a fuller attack would affect you more, I am not a very hurtful person in general. I usually don't even make an attempt to know someone enough to let them get on my nerves. 

And I should thank you for reiterating my belief in the general prevalence of absolute cock and bull irrationality that made me shut myself down to people in the first place. You are everything that turned me into a cynic a few years ago. You are everything I detest in this world. And now, when people ask me why I am the way I am, I have a living example to quote. And warn about. I should thank you for that.