Friday, 27 February 2009

Taake the 25!!

Too many things have happened in this past week.

Anna University's shit excuse for Culturals a.k.a Techofes. No cash/certificates for 3rd places. What crap man? Honestly, why would anyone even bother conducting events if they're gonna be giving just 300 and 150 bucks as cash "prizes"? That doesn't even cover the regn and the food costs there!!

While returning from Rakesh's place with Golti J, we saw this man having a seizure in one of the streets behind Raintree. I helped him while Golti called the ambulance. I've gotta say I was seriously impressed by their service. Exactly 1 minute after he called for the Ambulance, the new 108 service, the Nurse in the Ambulance called him and asked for directions from where they were. I don't know if it was the traffic or if they were just lost, but they took around 9-10 minutes to get to the spot, which is pretty late, especially in case of a seizure patient. Soon as they came, the Nurse whipped out a pair of Rubber Gloves (which, she later responsibly thrashed into the Dust Bin), she checked the man's vitals (The man had stopped seizing and he'd taken a tablet by the time the Ambulance arrived). I've seen enough Medical Sitcoms to know what they were saying. The man's state sounded normal to me and It was backed up by the Doctor who the Nurse talked to. But what really caught my eyes was the Ambulance as such. It was very well equipped. It had enough room to hold 3 patients and the Nurse had Digital Equipments for checking BP and Pulse. Not that ancient pumping thing which would fart afterwards. If there's something Yellow Shawl's govt has done this time, apart from the usual flyovers drama, it's Gotta be this service. Unbelievably smooth!!

You can never ever find me cribbing about someone or bullshitting about someone. But this time it's beyond me. Such a thing hasn't been organised in my coll since its inauguration. 60 yrs, we've never had an inter dept cults. Now the BBA Dept idiots hold such a huge thing. They dont even tell me that its happening!! I'm my dept's cul sec for crying out loud!! Leave me. The whole coll has no idea that they've been working on such a thing. Except for the management and the bba hod, who is one whole other story. My hod says this as a matter of fact thing. I knew about it only when they called me to moderate jam!! If not for that, I would've been shocked on that day. Like come on, If they'd said one word to me, I would've made sure my dept was roped in and we could've made it a heck a lot bigger. They just want all the glory to themselves. I'm totally flabbergasted and they're just going way beyond any line.

Post-Dinner whining sessions Rock!! Especially if you are whining to a girl who can relate to it! Thank you Rishma :)

My College has been conducting Department sports this past week. Cricket got over today and Badminton starts on Monday. I was never a good cricketer and I can never become one. I'm decent, I'm this run of the mill guy playing street cricket once in a while to keep his body in shape. I was not picked for the first match, fine by me, the team's got 15 ppl and someone has to sit and cheer the boys. We won the 1st match comfortably. The 2nd match was yesterday and I was picked in the 11. I didn't get a chance to bat though. When it was our turn to field, I was fielding in the deep, usually where I field even in street cricket. 1 run out, 1 catch in the covers and 1 dropped catch at Mid On later, we won the match. I have to tell you that I was utterly dismayed when the captain didn't pick me today. Everybody drops catches. Even the captain missed an easy run out. The run out I assisted in was at a crucial time and the catch that I took shaped the whole over in which they lost 3 wickets. I was sure I'd be picked. And after looking at the way my replacement was used, I was sure the Captain had lost his mind. He'd picked the other guy because he can bowl better than me. But he crapped on field today, misfielded many times and he wasn't even given an over. Shit happens!! C'est La Vie!

Anyways, I don't know why, But I guess I've been whining overtly for a long time now. I miss people. People who I kept close and who've betrayed me by their actions. No more whining for now.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Saarang Night..

I know all's been said and tons of people have posted things about their Nights at Saarang 2009. The writer's block's been very pushy and I had to post something to keep my blog alive.. so here goes..

The Night is pretty memorable.. Staying up.. The OAT.. The Singing.. The time with those people.. The Cold.. That Life warming smoke.. Drooling at Opeth's Kit.. Promised food and fooled by a kid (:P).. The card games at 3 am.. Slipping into the toilet for some smelly warmth.. The Simpsons T-Shirt.. The sadness about not being able to do anything to keep that girl warm.. Great times..

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Running a Marathon

Yes. I'm gonna be running a Marathon this sunday. Not a whole marathon, I haven't got the practice for that. I'll be running in the 10km mini marathon along with Golti J and Free.

I don't know why I am running (probably cuz I said I would to Golti when I was yet to wake up fully) but I am running.

So if I die after/during/before the marathon, this will be my last post. And if I make it to the finish line still standing, then I'll definitely blog about it.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


My mind has been blocked from producing anything that is worth reading. Yes. Writer's Block...