Friday, 25 May 2007


I've been grossly Insulted. I had to wash a freshly washed and Ironed pair of Jeans just cos there was a little grease on it. Just had to wash it. The moment I dipped the jeans in the Soap water, I could feel the guilt running all through my body.

The days I've spent teasing my friends for washing their Jeans once a week came flashing rite in fronta my eyes.

So with my deepest condolences, I appeal to the Jeans wearing community to forgive my mistake, and it comes from deep inside my heart, I Will Not Repeat This.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

One Year in Hell!

Yup! Just got back from my Exams and it's officially one year since I entered Hell's Local Branch a.K.a Vivekananda College. First day? Read here.

Well atleast that's how I thought College would be. It isn't that bad actually. Got some cool friends. Rapecase, Mouli A.k.A Beer Belly, Golti A, Golti J, Srivatsan, Barath (the stinking rich guy) and as always Mokkai (Guru) . These guys keep me going and coming to college. Life's fun. College doesn't suck anymore. So One year's over. Gone Kapoosh. 2 more years. Hope I live to tell the tale.

A Friend of mine's opened a real cool site. If you're lazy to pick your good stuff when it comes to music and movies and what not, here's the site. You'll have fun going through it. Gimme feedback if you can, he'll like it. Pssstt: I'm the Technical Advisor for his site, which reminds me; He hasn't paid me yet!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Really Sorry

I certainly didn't mean to hurt you and I know for a fact that that's exactly what I did. I'm really really sorry.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

A Sample of our "Working" Class

This thing happens at the Office I work for. It's not a huge big time company. Their main customer is TVS and they barely cross the 100 sales per day mark. But then, there's this really funny guy who works there. This is what he does everyday...

Comes to the office at 12 30. Sits on his chair, cleans his table, takes out a few papers, puts on his glasses, reads the papers, signs a few of them. It's 1. "Dei, Ramesh, Saapadlaama pa??" (For the benefit of the non-tamil peeps, that's "Dei, Ramesh, Shall we eat??")

He's the Accounts Manager for that company. He's been doing this ever since I joined that Company in December Last.