Sunday, 8 March 2009

Lonely Hearts Club Band..

Loneliness. Man is a Social animal and he is NOT supposed to be alone. Friends make a lot of difference, but there's always this certain gap that only one person can fill. And when it comes to me, I've got a saturation point. There're only some things my friends can give me and who am I to demand more from them? Being friends with them isn't a license to let my whims run riot!

Worst feeling ever? Not being hung by your thumb (though I've never tried that). It is feeling lonely, feeling lonely even when you are surrounded by people who go that extra mile to keep you happy. Feeling lonely, inspite of being amidst those very same people you run to when you have a problem. I guess that's hypocritical too. But right now, modest though I try to be, I am lonely.