Monday, 30 June 2008


Your Mind's Guaranteed
It's all you ever need
So what do you want with me?

- She has Funny Cars by Jefferson Airplane

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

It's a freakishly Small World!

Back to Blogging after a hiatus. Vacation was pretty good. After losing my Camera and almost being deported back home, I'm back in one piece, atleast physically. The Guilt is absolutely killing me.

Anyways, this Sunday I had to attend my Cousin's Engagement. After being appointed the Photographer for the evening, just as I was shooting the arrival of the Groom's parents, my bro spotted Maams.

Maams aka Dheeraj has been my classmate since 8th std, for 3 whole years. He's this guy from South Africa who knows a lot about everything! And he's one of THE loudest laughers I've come across. GS and Maams compete for that title . He's been part of "the gang" for a while and he's sema funny.

Bro: What's Dheeraj doing here?
Me: huh?
Bro: Has he come to the temple?
Me: LMAO, him and temples???
Bro: Then he must be headed here!
Me: Now that's wierd...

After finally concluding that he Was infact headed for the Engagement, I shouted out...
Me: Dei, Maams, what on earth are you doing here?
( A Couple of his relatives turn around to see me all normal. Did that short boy just shout out "Maams"??)
Maams: Dei, Van. The guy is my Aunt's son and don't call me Maams.
Me: Yeah, realised. The Girl is my Uncle's daughter!
Maams: Wokay, this is romba wierd. We are relatives now.
Me: Ada, dog. Yeah!!!

Amidst this conversation, I obviously missed the All Important Arrival of the Parents, but what the Heck!

And throughout the function, I had to call him Dheeraj, which is quite wierd for me after 7 years of Maams!!!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shit Happens!

Ever felt like you want to savour every moment of what is going to happen, it happens and you barely have a feeling that it happened? And you feel Extremely Disconnected and Lost and Pathetically Hopeless?

That's where I am right now...

Friday, 6 June 2008


You know you're all excited about a trip when there's nothing else running in your mind other than the small things you have to pack. The Drafts in your cell phone is filled with small reminders to pack a few stuff. There's an alarm set to remind you to view the reminders. And you know you are getting on the nerves of your Dad, who's freakishly tensed when it comes to packing and has absolutely no confidence in you when it comes to finding a terminal in an Airport, when he asks you if you've packed your Tooth Brush and you tell him Can't I buy a new one there? You know you are totally relaxed about the trip when a person asks you to bring an empty suitcase, just to fill it up with stuff that you can buy!

My brother and I are off to Hong Kong to spend a 12 day vacation with my sister. Yes, Sibling Bondings at it's best. Whilst my Bro is a bit tensed since he gets to take care of the Passport and the Ticks and stuff, I can't be more relaxed. All I have to do is keep him sane, which isn't a big deal since He barely bothers about the surroundings, and keep myself sane, which might be difficult.

I'm leaving today at 1130 and returning on the 17th. A short trip which I hope to cherish. I'm planning to maintain a small travelouge ala Motorcyle Diaries. I don't intend to learn Life's lessons in this trip, but lets see what it can teach me. Very Very excited about the prospects of totally freaking out in the absence of both my parents. :D

Monday, 2 June 2008

Beatles Night Aftermath!

As a Hardcore Beatles fan, I really was expecting a bad concert. Technically speaking, the Beatles probably had the simplest of music to reproduce, they didn't have all the present technologies, they freaking recorded their songs on 4 track machines (that's when the Song has just 4 layers of Music, say Vocals, backing vocals, drums and the guitars). Only in their last 2 or 3 albums did they move to 8 track machines and this is nothing compared to what the Musicians have today. And I agree that I'm a pessimistic Perfectionist, if I come to know that something I love is going to be reproduced, I want it to sound exactly the same. I was prepared to drop this principle for that Beatles Concert that happened on 31st.

It was awfully, depressingly, boringly, badly and amateurishly orchestrated. Don't even get me started on the Singing, except for one guy and another dude on Crutches, the Vocals basically Sucked. There were GIRLS singing some of the famous songs. GIRLS!!!! Nothing against girls, I love listening to women singing, but this was really bad. I mean, The Beatles are famous for their voices and the simplicity of their songs and these people had girls singing, guitar solos that went on longer than the Song. THIS IS FREAKING BEATLES. It wasn't supposed to be a Metal Concert but that's what it sounded like.

Some of the Audience got really frustrated and started shouting stuff like "You Suck!", "Please DONT play Strawberry Fields Forever" (That was me).

And what the hell was an American Accent doing on stage! The Beatles are freaking British!!! You dumb Idiots. To be Frank with you, it sounded like a rendition of the Beatles by people working in an Indian Call Center...

It ended with "Hey Jude", which is more of a Crowd song, so it went ok. Even though the show was entirely forgettable, here are some of the stuff that I just can't digest...

* Girls Singing
* The Accent
* I wanna hold your hand was sang by a Girl like it was a Testament to some retired soldiers. *Sigh*
* The Guitar on Blackbird was really good, sticking to the Original, but the Girl singing it...
* They didn't play "Yellow Submarine" or "Ticket to Ride" in spite of SO many requests

And the Article by DC woke me up sharply this morning. I mildly remember reading "a Success" "crowd favourites were played" *&%^^$&$#%$

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Anna, you come and ask me girl
To set you free, girl
You say he loves you more than me

So I will set you free
Go with him, go with him

Anna, girl, before you go now
I want you to know now
That I still love you so
But if he loves you more, go with him

All of my life I've been searching for a girl
To love me like I love you oh, now
But every girl I've ever had breaks my heart

And leaves me sad, what am I
What am I suppose to do oh, oh, oh .....
Anna, just one more thing, girl
You give back your ring to me
And I will set you free, go with him

All of my life I've been searching for a girl
To love me like I love you
Cause let me tell you now
But every girl I've ever had breaks my heart

And leaves me sad, what am I
What am I suppose to do oh, oh, oh .....
Anna, just one more thing, girl
You give back your ring to me
And I will set you free,
Go with him, go with him
You can go with him, girl, go with him

-Arthur Alexander
Covered by The Beatles