Thursday, 21 September 2006

I hate this Viral Fever thingy....

Thursday Eve: 3rd year fellow announces my name for the Shipwreck Comp @ Ethiraj on Tuesday.yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night: Quiz comp at coll, no one notices the guy shouting all the answers from the last row, finally a 2nd yr catches hold of that guy and, end result: Stripped off his attendance for the last 2 hrs.

Saturday morn: High temp all of a sudden, dad diagnoses as viral fever, Quarantine for 4 days. (ppl with a quick math mind -unlike mine- would've figured out that that 4th day falls on the day of the comp)

Saturday noon: Fever increases and I was unable to move a limb.

Saturday Night: Still had hopes of going to the competition on tuesday, so had to take more than 9 tablets a day.

Sunday Morn: Showing signs of improvement.....*YYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEE*

Sunday noon: Fever almost nil but I still couldn't move out of bed. Hopes still running high

Monday morn: Fever totally down, but I had to sleep for 1 hr just to be able to sit for 5 minutes. Hopes wade away a bit


Monday night: sitting to sleeping ratio reduces to 10 mins : 1 hr

Tuesday morn: Feeling much better, just when I thought I could site some silly reason and escape to the competition, Vomit man strikes. *yuckiieeesssss*

Tuesday noon: 1pm, friend calls up from Ethiraj saying " Macha, awesome chicks down here, ur missing a lot buddy" if i didn't know....gggrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday night: Still more tablets due to vomit. Getting much better

Wednesday Morn: Completely normal except for the fact that I was damn tired thruout the day

Thursday Morn: Fine as of now, tiredness going down, able to type blog....

Thursday, 14 September 2006

Micheal Schumacher is retiring...

It's official now, Micheal Schumacher, the greatest ever Formula 1 driver is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the current 2006 season.

Personally I feel that it isn't the right time for MSC to retire. With Alonso putting up his maximum effort possible and Raikonnen too busy to move his ass, Micheal would be the right person to put an end to Alonso's short stint of luck. I feel MSC must have retired at the end of next season; it would be perfect to finish with 9 championship titles rather than 7. But as a true MSC fan, I wouldn't want to see him retire at all.

I am no man to talk about MSC's records, but then the stats speak for themselves. This might be a huge cliché, but then he has re-written all the records on F1.

A short glimpse of his career record

1991 Makes debut with team Jordan
1992 Moves to Benetton ; Wins one race (Belgian)
1993 Wins one race (Portugal)
1994 Wins first ever World Championship title
1995 Wins second World Championship title ; becomes the youngest driver to win 2 titles on the trot
1996 Moves to Ferrari
1997 Disqualified for an unsportive move on eventual winner Jaques Villeneuve
1998 Wins 6 GPs
1999 Crashes into Stoves corner at the British GP ; Fractures Leg and is out of the title race ; Eventually finishes 5th in the season
2000 Wins 3rd World Championship title
2001 Wins 4th World Championship title
2002 Wins 5th World Championship title ; becomes the driver with the highest points at the end of a season in F1 history with 144/180 points.
2003 Wins 6th World Championship title ; surpasses Sir Alain Prost's record of 60 wins
2004 Wins 7th World Championship title
2005 Finishes 3rd in the season
2006 Placed 2nd in the points tally (as of Italian GP) with 108 points ; announces retirement from professional racing at the end of the Italian GP.

I started watching F1 in 1998, when a friend of mine told me that there's a brilliant chap in a red car racing like a mad fellow, I just had to watch him. It was none other than the great MSC. Some people feel that he has been the most unsportive driver in F1 history ever. Agreed, some incidents haven't been in a very sportive manner by MSC, but what about 2005?. This was the season when FIA (the governing body of F1) changed the whole format of points and Qualifying. Unluckily for MSC, Ferrari's cars that year weren't the best. And eventually MSC had to settle for the 3rd place in the season.

Every year, I get away from F1 action only with the thought that I would be able to see the greatest ever person to drive a F1 car, race the following season. But that would change this year. No more Fans Screaming MSC, no more MSC rulez flags in the grand stands, no more giant MSC flags from the Crowds, NO MORE MSC.

It's really hard to imagine F1 without the man who made you regard F1 as a sport. It's going to be so much harder for me not to see the shining red car screaming at it's highest pace with the greatest F1 driver ever, sitting behind the wheels.


Thursday, 7 September 2006

Vetaiyaadu Vilayaadu review...

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Jyothika, Kamalanie Jethmalaani and others
Direction: Goutham
Music: Harris Jeyaraj
Story: Search for a serial killer entwined with a love story and a simple flashback

The film doesn't start with a gethu intro for the Macho Police officer. It starts with a murder, a brutal one I must say. The movie moves on to show more murders and how the Intelligent Police Officer finally nabs the Criminals.

In the 2 police movies that Goutham has made so far, the only brilliant thing is that the Villain is intelligent. The villain is not some local goonda shouting the moment he wants to. But Goutham's villains are almost as intelligent as the hero himself. Of course the Hero being a tad more brilliant.

In VV Goutham takes care of the minutest of details giving the old Hollywood feel for the movie by keeping us updated of the time of each event. It's yet another Police officer flick, but then the way Goutham has handled the movie, so carefully, caressing every bit of it to avoid any kind of flaws or faults. I heard someone saying that as a participant, the flaws can't be noticed, but for an On-looker the flaws are very easy to notice. Goutham has been both a participant and an On-looker taking care not to make any kind of faults at all. For me, any movie with silly mistakes in them is like watching something that is half done. And surprisingly I couldn't find any mistake in this Movie. Hats off to Goutham for that aspect.

Kamal has done a commendable job as a Police Officer. If you are expecting some acting from him, sorry to say that you will be disappointed very much. Kamal has down very well but unfortunately there is not much of an acting scope in the role, at least not for Kamal. Jyothika as the lady love to Kamal has done a good job. Kamalanie jethmalani does a neat job of her miniscule role.

Coming to the villains, Goutham makes it a point to see that the villain is as much adorable as the hero himself. Be it Jeevan in Kaakha Kaakha or Amudha and Ila in VV, they have such an impact on the audience that they wouldn't want to forget them. That's because of the simple fact that the villains in Goutham's movies are intelligent.

A racy first half keeping the audience literally on the edge of their seats, but the 2nd half slows down the pace of the whole movie. An unnecessary Item Song, a kinda boring Love between the hero and the heroine and not enough information about the villains makes the movie just an average watch. The villains' sexuality still remains a puzzle. Kamal says they are homos but then they rape almost all of their victims, barring Prakash Raj of course. May be they are bi-sexual....still puzzling.

The problem with sequels is that these movies aren't compared with the other movies running at the theatres at present, but instead they are compared with their earlier versions. And that's where VV scores less. When compared to movies like Thimuru, SSUE and others, VV is awesome, but when compared to Kaakha Kaakha, it fails to keep up with the benchmark that Goutham created for himself.

Overall, a decent watch.