Thursday, 18 January 2007

Happy Me!!!

It's been a long while since the whole family went on a vacation. The last time was when we went to Calcutta, Bhubaneshwar, Darjeeling and some other places during the 6th standard vacations (woah, 7 yrs IS a long time). This time it's Kodaikanal (yeah,i no. First time trip to Kodai is with family :(( ... :P) and Palghat (last time was in 3rd std :O:O).

Ma sis is getting a huge increment in her salary. So this whole trip is being sponsored by her.

Here's a list of expenses lined up for her:

1) The whole trip
2) A new System at home (Yipppeeee!!!! :D)
3) A new Mobile Phone for me (It seems like I've been waiting for eternity)

Hope she doesn't have to dig too deep into her bank account... :P :D

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

That Four Letter Word

I was at the recent community screening of Sudhish Kamath's That Four Letter Word held at Coffee? on 6th January.

The Movie focuses on a group of young people who are kinda aimless and the way they redeem themselves and get going in terms of moving forward in their lives.

The whole cast does a wonderful job and there's a brilliant youth feel in the movie. It doesn't make you think but it just shows the lives of 6 people and how they change it themselves. All the artists have done their parts to a tee. None of the actors over act. They are very natural. They are the kinda people you can find hanging around in the local coffee shop.

The Director focuses on simplicity rather than extravagance (the budget might've been a cause for that) and it results in some slick shots. I especially loved the conversation at the beach. Screw You!!!

The music is simple and straight forward. The music director has done an exceptional job in terms of Background Scores. Especially in those black outs. Thankfully there aren't any songs and we do not find the characters dancing away in true cinematic fashion. Thanks Sudhish.

But I feel the movie lacked that bit of inspiration. Sudhish says it wasn't aimed at inspiring people. Trying to inspire is pseudo and that gets preachy he said when I asked him about this. But as I see it, the movie tells the story of some normal people having normal problems in their lives. But when you show it on screens, it isn't hard to expect people to get inspired from it. Especially amongst the Indian Audience. Smoking on screen is banned just because the government thinks that the people get inspired by it. If people can get inspired from something so bad, why can't they go towards something positive. Especially something that everybody can relate to. Making crucial decisions were a part of every body's lives at some point of time. And when they are shown a group of youngsters who focus on life after considering the exact same thing to be an utter waste of time, it's asking for people to get inspired from them.

The transit from a confused state of mind to a clear one where people realise the importance of them moving forward in life, and making a decision has been wonderfully shown on screen. A search for the best adaptation of the life of a bunch of youngsters on screen in Indian cinema definitely points to TFLW.

I loved one scene where Sara (Paloma) and Prashanth (Praveen) are having a conversation and then a young woman Jogging her head off just passes by them. They pause to look at the woman and then continue to talk. The woman depicting the monotonous life that Prashanth was having. It was a touch of brilliance I would say. I spoke about this to Sudhish himself.

The movie doesn't require you to strap on any magic boots to transport yourself into the world of the characters. What's best about this movie is that it isn't tough for the audience to correlate with the movie, its characters and their way of thinking. The movie appeals to those who have to worry about settling down in their lives.

A sensational movie I would say. It goes about with perfect logic (which is rather new to the Tamil audience) and the transition from one scene to the other is life like.

A Must watch in Theatres because only then can we appreciate the technical details of this film. This film has been shot in Digital format (remember Mumbai Express?). Sudhish says that the picture quality in the screenings is bound to be rather low as it was not meant for this type of screens, lighting and projection. He guarantees that it would look much more realistic in the big screens.

I would like to see many more movies from Sudhish. A different aspect to film direction, a different method of treating his characters. TFLW scores on every parameter. Be it direction, music, characterization, dialogues. The script provides equal screen attention to all of the characters. TFLW speaks for itself. The director has given it a voice and it sounds rather neat.

Here's wishing him and his team more success and I hope he won't find it difficult to find more producers for his forthcoming ventures.

Best of Luck Mr. Sudhish Kamath. And than you very much for giving us something different and something that we aren't used to seeing, at least not on the big screen.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Welcome 07

I know the "welcoming the new year" post is too late to be posted now, but who the hell cares???

2006 has been a pretty good year for me. I've almost achieved my so called resolutions and I've been able to accept the fact that generally Regretting something after you've done it is utterly useless. I'm talking about my College of course. Anyways "By gones are by gones" as Janani so casually says.

I was able to make up with most of the people I had hurt sometime over the past and I've lost some good friends too, but this time around it wasn't due to any fault of mine.

So What am I looking forward for this year???

Some friends to remember my b'day.

And wish me too :).

Some people to visit my blog at least once a month and not upon me dumping them with links to my blog before they leave some lame comment saying "Nice Blog da"... :P:P

My First ever Pay Cheque/Cash :D:D:D

Getting better at Flirting, Rakesh would lecture you, on request, on how worsht I am at putting Kadalai.

Those are the stuff I can think of as of now.

I almost forgot....

Happy New Year everybody.

Monday, 1 January 2007

Does anyone know Bush's E-mail id??

There is no need for me to write about Calvin and Hobbes, everybody knows about them and it would take me ages to finish typing my take on them. Found this random Calvin and Hobbes when I was vettily browsing the Net. Enjoy the humour and try to look at the inner meaning too.

Does anybody know Bush's Email Id? I think I got a mail to send him... :D ;)