Saturday, 16 March 2013


You're sitting somewhere, physically present at the social gathering or event, doing what is appropriate and yet, you're not. Mentally, you're elsewhere, wondering about the route to take back home, taking a lengthy glance at those long legs right until the time someone in your group or the owner of those shiny legs realises you're watching, thinking of that annoying conversation that you had with that person last night and how that's left you mentally drained and not in the good way. And then, there are those times when there's an incredible urge to write.

Write what? That one thing in your head that's up to here with intensity, that incredibly mind boggling idea that you've had marinating in your thoughts for all this while that has finally taken a solid shape, a form, big enough to want to get out of your head in a hurry. To talk about it to someone is useless. They'd never get it. It's yours, for it has been impregnating your every living moment, apart from the time you cheekily glanced at those legs, ever since it popped into your head during one of those mind-numbing moments social events.

Let it rip. To allow it to stay inside is as big a crime as chucking a bottle of Jim Beam down the drain. However, wait. Wait till you simply can not wait any more. A half-baked idea is as good as an umbrella in Antarctica. Nobody's going to reward you for pushing out half-assed ideas. Let it stay there till it simply has to come out, growling and tearing apart at the seams. Little nudges do help along the way.

And then, revel in the joy. Smile. Restart.