Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Effects of ignoring a call.

No. Not the effects of ignoring a call on your mobile or your landline. I am going to write about the effects of ignoring Nature's call.

It happens to everybody because everybody is equal in the eyes of Nature. She leaves no one in peace and if you ignore her call she makes it a point to embarass you in front of your friends. Nothing much, just a small soundless fart is more than enough to embarass you in front of your friends.

Ignoring Nature's call is very difficult actually but even if you suceed in doing that it's the biggest mistake you can ever make as a human being. The next time you are in the loo Nature will simply refuse to call.

The main aspect of this conversation is that it is totally one way. Nature calls and you have to answer. Not answering will result in 3 days stomach ache followed by constipation. We cannot call back or put her in the answering machine, if she calls we have to answer it or else face the consequences.

I had a flabbergasting experience with ignoring nature' call. I was in Trivandrum for my holidays. My family and my dad's friend's family were going for hiking. It was a pretty steep climb by road. We planned to go up by jeep and then come down rock-climbing or rather rock-descending. We left at 5 in the morning and I had no time to do my morning ablutions. I thought i'll do it the next morning or sometime later.

First day was pretty good. We camped in the open land and didnt have any space to go 2. So I was hoping that my body would co operate with me. Amazingly it did. I was safe for day 1. The trip was to last for 3 days. On the second day, there was amazing food and I couldn't stop myself, so I was hoping my body would be kind to me. For 2 days it was not bad, but the 3rd day morning was not good at all. I was struggling to walk. My brother saw me and gave me a plastic mug and said "Why worry when so much open land is there? Prove that you are an Indian" pointing to a piece of land which was nicely covered by long leaves and some trees.

I saw in pure amazement that it was totally concealed and it was hard not to go there even thought it was so grossssss. But then when Nature calls, it must be answered, I didn't and I had to face the consequences.

It was so relaxing and the feeling is undescribable.



Thursday, 6 July 2006

My Dreams!!!

Off late I've been sleeping a lot. Everyday my day starts only at around 11 30 am, that's when I wake up after burning the midnight oil watching the World Cup. But then, It is an awesome feeling to be awake till 4 in the morning and wake up at 11 30 and then go to the Nerd's Asylum (My College) by around 3. Coming back to me sleeping a lot thingy, my sleep hasn't been like the ones in Harry Potter where just anyone can have a dreamless sleep.

My sleeping time is my Dreaming time, some of these dreams are so realistic and so accurate to the minutest detail that I'm confused so as to which is reality. The other day, I had a dream that I am scrapping one of my friends after a very long time, and guess what, the same night I actually do that. It was not a deja-vu, it was something more. It felt so realistic that I started searching the scrapbook of my friend to see if I had done this before. I hadn't done it but then something told me it was happening again.

Anyways I guess this happens to everybody who sleeps at abnormal times like me.