Monday, 25 June 2012


Today has been one of those I'd like to recall sometime late into the future. It's been that kind of a day when dreams are shattered and reforged into something much more spectacular. It's been a day when something that was long overdue saw fruition, only, there was no amount of rational bracing that prepared me for what happened.

Today was one such day when the stars looked brighter, the moon looked milkier, the humidity made me sweat beads of joy and life as such was put on the spotlight. It's amazing how something you've wanted for well over three years finally happens and you're stuck there, having nothing to do, nothing to say, your brain freezes and the moment just lingers, tapping its fingers on the wood hastily, waiting for you to respond. And what do you do? Put up a performance so stoic, it'd make a deer on headlamps look like a log.

Today has been . Today has been immeasurably brilliant, monumentally satisfying and I'm secretly hoping for a repeat. 

I'm writing this down because I know for sure that my stress addled brain has lost all concepts of memory retention.

Today, this day, 24th June 2012, Ferrari won the European GP in Valencia with the Scumbag Spaniard on P1, Kimi Raikkonen on P2 and Michael Schumacher on P3.