Saturday, 30 December 2006

Recent developments at College

The students of my college were given a rude shock on some day last month. We found out that ALL the walls in the campus (read Apartment Block) was to be completely tiled. With WHITE tiles a.k.a Bathroom tiles. How silly is that? Srivatsan even started a Community on Orkut to honour this decision by the College Management. I was planning to take a pic and put it on the blog, but then my sister has suttufied the Digicam and she's in Mumbai as of now, so that ambitious project of mine seems to be a distant dream.

I've recently discovered that talking in English and singing English songs sitting in the Last rows can invite some cold stares, not from the teachers (cos they can't hear it), but from most students. According to them listening to English songs makes you a Peter boy. The worst part is that if they hear you singing a tamil song, they would be like "Unakku tamil song kooda theriyuma???" with a wide :O:O on their faces. Come on people, I was not born listening to English songs. I started following English music only from Xth standard. That by itself is way too late by the standards of many people.

The prof who teaches Office Management for me is a total b*s*a*d. He sent me out of the class for talking to my bench mate. As if that wasn't enough, he marked me absent for that hour. He later announced an assignment that we are supposed to submit on 30th. I haven't even started on it. And he wants 20 pages, how crazy is that???. Anyways I'm going to college next only on 2nd of January, so I don't have to worry about it for quite some time.

The best of the recent stuff at college has to be the news that the College is working on the 1st of Jan. Who the hell in this world would wna attend college on 1st, especially my college???

A perfect start to the New year, bunking college. WoW. Hope it leads to more bunking. :D:D

Friday, 22 December 2006

Blogger's Meet

A Blogger's meet is supposed to be lots and lots of fun. I've not been to one so I can't say much by myself.

See here for more infos regarding the meet.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Hail Hookah


Just tried hookah at CCD thanks to Rapecase. It was good. After being assured by rapecase and his friends that hookah doesn't contain tobacco, I decided to give it a go. It was good thanks to the nice rich cherry flavour. But the sad part was that there was a time limit. Damn it.

Rapecase tells me that there is unlimited hookah and unlimited refills too. So waiting to try that out.

Hail Hookah.... :D:D

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

10 things I would never do

I just wondered about what I would never ever do in my life....somethings I want to do....but there are alwayz stuff that I would never ever here goes

10) Commit suicide (cos its THE most cowardly thing to do)

9) Betray a friend (cos that's the worst thing one could do)

8) Live if I am deaf (I just can't live without music)

7) Have sex with a sex worker (who wants the bleddy aids?)

6) Join the art of living courses (cos the guy is a con man)

5) Not wish a friend on his/her b'day (cos I know how it feels to not get much b'day wishes)

4) Drive rashly (I've learnt ma lesson)

3) Spy on my friends (I know how it feels when someone suspects you)

2) Call someone short (cos it ain't funny...and I know how that feels)

1) Become an addict to smoking or drinking (this MUST be the worsht)

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Deep Woods 2006

Given the fact that I had missed the opportunity to go to the Stella Maris' culturals, it was no surprise that I was all smiles when I heard that I was gna participate in some events at MCC's culturals, Deep Woods '06.

I was to participate in 4 competitions. But who was going there to participate, with the number of colleges invited, esp the galz coll, it was gna b an amazing treat for the eyes. Especially after spending more than 6 dry months in this gay college, it was surely gna b an informal vacation.

Day 1 started off with the extempore competition for me, which was the most worsht one ever. topic sucked, art is telling truth using lies. It was one of the most boring event ever. But then, this was negated by the fact that there were so many gorgeous galz lurking aroung the sprawling campus. And then the time came for Spin a yarn. I was kinda pessimistic about my opportunities to win given the fact that my partner was a nut case. Anywayz, the topic was actually a good one. If I had an empty head....and the "story" of ours turned out to be more of a conversation rather than a Story.

That was supposed to be the end of the events for day one for me. But then my snr had withdrawn from shipwreck cos he had to participate in some other event. So I ended up registering for that too. And believe it or not, I was the last fellow to register and I won the 3rd place :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. It was sema fun, I was supposed to be Jim Carrey...i was afraid the judge might screw up my question round. 1st question....Mr. Jim Carrey, how do you explain your fetish for animals....gone...but i ended up blabbering something and won the 3rd place.

The day ended with the fashion show and it was time for some drooling once again. The main comperer made an awesome comment when the Ethiraj and WCC's rounds were over. he said "phew, that was one hot show. and i hear that the gents toilets are getting crowded, wonder why?". my college fellows put up a pretty good show for first timers. But who cares about the winning when you got so many beautiful galz around u???

Day 2 went off to a shocking start. This was the day when my main event, the debate was to be held and at the entrance i met my debate partner. He was like "macha, I'm not participating da". It was quite shocking. the topic was a pretty good one, Morality is the defense of the weak. And i wasn't going to participate. I somehow managed to digest the fact that I was going to spend the whole day without taking part in any competition. But it was time for more fun. the Quadrangle, or so they call the open ground in the middle of the campus was filled with people for the western acoustics program. it was pretty good, some of the colleges came up with their own compostions. in the middle of this event there was a huge commotion. apparently some New College guy beat up a Loyola College guy and as usual there was exchange of blows. Except for this unprecedented event, the whole culturals was rocking.

I didn't go for the 3rd day cos it was gna b filled with dry events like rangoli and collage and stuff like that.

PS: My college finished 2nd i contributed:D:D:D:D:D.

Friday, 1 December 2006

Tera Bina

Guru's music is out. Yet another awesome album by A.R.Rahman. Obviosuly loved the album, but one song stands out. Completely. It's called Tera Bina. Check out the song here
Just got one word to describe the album - Divine. It brings out a unique feeling when you listen to this song.

And one more interesting aspect in this Specific song, Tera Bina, is the use of different tunes for the two stanzas. I don't think I've noticed this in any other song, have you?

And check out the lyrics here. Thanks to Ramya for those.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Sunday, 19 November 2006

New Fav song, Old one though

The man who sold the world, by Nirvana.

Thanks to Rakesh, I was able to notice this song. It had been there in my playlist for more than a month, but thanks to him I heard this song and Man Do i love it. Kurt Cobain sure has a sexy voice.

Here's the lyrics:

We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there, he said I was his friend
Which came as some surprise I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

Oh no, not me
I never lost control
You're face to face
With The Man Who Sold The World

I laughed and shook his hand, and made my way back home
I searched for form and land, for years and years I roamed
I gazed a gazely stare at all the millions here
We must have died along, a long long time ago

Who knows? not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With the Man who Sold the World

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Why this Children's day?

I just realized that today's Children's day. It used to mean lots of candy (50p eclairs) and a holiday. But unfortunately everybody is aware of the fact that we ain't children anymore. So no more sweets and no more holidays.

But we can still wear whatever we want to college, that's remained the same.

But what did Children's day actually mean to us?

Was it really OUR day? or was it another day when we were dictated terms by our elders? The fact that such a day exists is actually useless in my opinion. What's the use?

To eat chocs...says a tho his digestive system would reject chocs on other days. May be it would've been relevant to celebrate this day when Jawaharlal Nehru was alive. but now it's utterly useless....

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Ajith sizzles as a Sissy

Just returned from "Varalaaru"

Ajith has really come out of the closet.

He just completely blows away the viewer in his sissy role. You just can't deny that this dude's got style, unlike Vijay who has to act to bring out style. There's something natural about Ajith that gives him a little bit of style which was very very crucial for that character.

I'm not gna write a review here, but just wanted to share a few thoughts about Ajith.

No fears, any given day, I would obviously vouch to be a Kamal Hassan fan rather than a Ajith fan.:D:D:D

Friday, 10 November 2006

Exams Galore

Well, just when I thought attending this college was a torture, I've got exams now. Semester exams and CA exams. Though I've done unbelievably well in my mock tests conducted at the institute (i got 135.75 out of 200....there was negative marking), I am still apprehensive about the real exam on 12th.

One of my math profs tell me that the Institute sets high standards and the Questions in the exams are going to be very very tough, while another math prof says as this is the first exam, the insitute would be coming out with a relatively easy paper....totally confused as to who I should believe...

whatever said and still going to be the last minute matter how high the standard is gna b....cos its in my blood....right from the first standard I've been a last minute studying guy....and I'm not proud of the results....but then, I just don't get the mood to study even 3 days before the exam....

as a friend said "the last minute preparation brings out the best levels of concentration"...anywayz....

and thanks to S and Sagaro who've successfully inspired me to sign up for Nanowrimo.

Both of them are totally sweating it out to get their entries out, and I haven't even started, the nerves that I've got. Anyways, I have a genuine reason (xams). So come the 16th I'll start writing my Epic and hopefully pull in as many friend's as possible as characters in my novel.

Saturday, 21 October 2006


I ACTUALLY met Suderman...can't believe my luck...this day was just another boring Diwali with stupid programs on TV when this happened in the evening...

I was on my way to my friend's place and I was waiting at the Signal. I was just checking out the rear View mirror when I saw a Red Colour Avenger halting slowly. I was just admiring the beauty of the bike and I found the owner pretty pleased. I just turned front and suddenly it hit me. That's SUDERMAN with his Red Avenger. I was totally dumbstruck and didn't know what to do and this was our conversation.

Me: Hi dude
Suderman: huh...
Me: You are Sudhish Kamath right?
Suderman: Yeah...and you are?
Me: I'm Karthik...
Suderman: can't really remember you
Me: I'm Karthik, the one who bugs you on Y! often
Suderman: *with a smile*...yeah...I remember you
Me: *not knowing what to talk* where are you going mate?(how the hell does that bother me???..stupid me)
Suderman: To a friend's place
Me: It's nice meeting you dude...and best of luck for your movie
Suderman: Same here and thanks.

And then the signal turned Green and he just zoomed away.

It was brilliant, he was very very simple and was so cordial to talk to a complete stranger like me.

This day is one of the most memorable day in my so happy....:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Desert Rose- Sting

I heard this song in my friend's place....fell in love with it at the first hear...
Love at first hear to be precise...amazing song...Sting's voice is so powerful and the lyrics, My God, it's brilliant....

I'm giving you the lyrics and check out the song here.

The Lyrics

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

I dream of fire
Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire
And in the flames
Her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire

This desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

And as she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing's as it seems

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

I dream of rain
I lift my gaze to empty skies above
I close my eyes
This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of her love

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

Sweet desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

Sweet desert rose
This memory of Eden haunts us all
This desert flower
This rare perfume, is the sweet intoxication of the love

Saturday, 7 October 2006

The fun in turning 18

Yep, I just turned 18 on the 29th of September. It's a kinda special feeling. Now i get to vote in all the elections. FINALLY i can ride around the city LEGALLY. I've always had a feeling that turning 18 would do nothing more than bring about loadza responsibilities, but now that i really am 18, i don't see any kinda responsibilities coming towards me.

The only proper thing I did after my birthday is put up a list. A list of what I intend to do now that I am 18, here goes:

Get a girl friend (An open application to all the single and ready to mingle galz reading this)

Taste Beer (Just hoping none of my family members are reading this)

Roam around like hell...LEGALLY...:D

Do something about my ambitions, as of now i can't see them anywhere else other than the trash can. So i kinda hafta get em outta that stinking place.

Join a gym

Go for some karting (May be Micheal retired just cos of this...hmmm....interesting)

Update my blog (though it's a long shot, i just hope i can do it regularly)

Earn some Dollars thru adsense ( one of my friends at coll has earned some $67 as of now...ggrrrrr)

That's all i can think of as of now....if i come up with something more, i'll let ya all know....

and be prepared to see a better Karthik from now on....:D

Thursday, 21 September 2006

I hate this Viral Fever thingy....

Thursday Eve: 3rd year fellow announces my name for the Shipwreck Comp @ Ethiraj on Tuesday.yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night: Quiz comp at coll, no one notices the guy shouting all the answers from the last row, finally a 2nd yr catches hold of that guy and, end result: Stripped off his attendance for the last 2 hrs.

Saturday morn: High temp all of a sudden, dad diagnoses as viral fever, Quarantine for 4 days. (ppl with a quick math mind -unlike mine- would've figured out that that 4th day falls on the day of the comp)

Saturday noon: Fever increases and I was unable to move a limb.

Saturday Night: Still had hopes of going to the competition on tuesday, so had to take more than 9 tablets a day.

Sunday Morn: Showing signs of improvement.....*YYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEE*

Sunday noon: Fever almost nil but I still couldn't move out of bed. Hopes still running high

Monday morn: Fever totally down, but I had to sleep for 1 hr just to be able to sit for 5 minutes. Hopes wade away a bit


Monday night: sitting to sleeping ratio reduces to 10 mins : 1 hr

Tuesday morn: Feeling much better, just when I thought I could site some silly reason and escape to the competition, Vomit man strikes. *yuckiieeesssss*

Tuesday noon: 1pm, friend calls up from Ethiraj saying " Macha, awesome chicks down here, ur missing a lot buddy" if i didn't know....gggrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday night: Still more tablets due to vomit. Getting much better

Wednesday Morn: Completely normal except for the fact that I was damn tired thruout the day

Thursday Morn: Fine as of now, tiredness going down, able to type blog....

Thursday, 14 September 2006

Micheal Schumacher is retiring...

It's official now, Micheal Schumacher, the greatest ever Formula 1 driver is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the current 2006 season.

Personally I feel that it isn't the right time for MSC to retire. With Alonso putting up his maximum effort possible and Raikonnen too busy to move his ass, Micheal would be the right person to put an end to Alonso's short stint of luck. I feel MSC must have retired at the end of next season; it would be perfect to finish with 9 championship titles rather than 7. But as a true MSC fan, I wouldn't want to see him retire at all.

I am no man to talk about MSC's records, but then the stats speak for themselves. This might be a huge cliché, but then he has re-written all the records on F1.

A short glimpse of his career record

1991 Makes debut with team Jordan
1992 Moves to Benetton ; Wins one race (Belgian)
1993 Wins one race (Portugal)
1994 Wins first ever World Championship title
1995 Wins second World Championship title ; becomes the youngest driver to win 2 titles on the trot
1996 Moves to Ferrari
1997 Disqualified for an unsportive move on eventual winner Jaques Villeneuve
1998 Wins 6 GPs
1999 Crashes into Stoves corner at the British GP ; Fractures Leg and is out of the title race ; Eventually finishes 5th in the season
2000 Wins 3rd World Championship title
2001 Wins 4th World Championship title
2002 Wins 5th World Championship title ; becomes the driver with the highest points at the end of a season in F1 history with 144/180 points.
2003 Wins 6th World Championship title ; surpasses Sir Alain Prost's record of 60 wins
2004 Wins 7th World Championship title
2005 Finishes 3rd in the season
2006 Placed 2nd in the points tally (as of Italian GP) with 108 points ; announces retirement from professional racing at the end of the Italian GP.

I started watching F1 in 1998, when a friend of mine told me that there's a brilliant chap in a red car racing like a mad fellow, I just had to watch him. It was none other than the great MSC. Some people feel that he has been the most unsportive driver in F1 history ever. Agreed, some incidents haven't been in a very sportive manner by MSC, but what about 2005?. This was the season when FIA (the governing body of F1) changed the whole format of points and Qualifying. Unluckily for MSC, Ferrari's cars that year weren't the best. And eventually MSC had to settle for the 3rd place in the season.

Every year, I get away from F1 action only with the thought that I would be able to see the greatest ever person to drive a F1 car, race the following season. But that would change this year. No more Fans Screaming MSC, no more MSC rulez flags in the grand stands, no more giant MSC flags from the Crowds, NO MORE MSC.

It's really hard to imagine F1 without the man who made you regard F1 as a sport. It's going to be so much harder for me not to see the shining red car screaming at it's highest pace with the greatest F1 driver ever, sitting behind the wheels.


Thursday, 7 September 2006

Vetaiyaadu Vilayaadu review...

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Jyothika, Kamalanie Jethmalaani and others
Direction: Goutham
Music: Harris Jeyaraj
Story: Search for a serial killer entwined with a love story and a simple flashback

The film doesn't start with a gethu intro for the Macho Police officer. It starts with a murder, a brutal one I must say. The movie moves on to show more murders and how the Intelligent Police Officer finally nabs the Criminals.

In the 2 police movies that Goutham has made so far, the only brilliant thing is that the Villain is intelligent. The villain is not some local goonda shouting the moment he wants to. But Goutham's villains are almost as intelligent as the hero himself. Of course the Hero being a tad more brilliant.

In VV Goutham takes care of the minutest of details giving the old Hollywood feel for the movie by keeping us updated of the time of each event. It's yet another Police officer flick, but then the way Goutham has handled the movie, so carefully, caressing every bit of it to avoid any kind of flaws or faults. I heard someone saying that as a participant, the flaws can't be noticed, but for an On-looker the flaws are very easy to notice. Goutham has been both a participant and an On-looker taking care not to make any kind of faults at all. For me, any movie with silly mistakes in them is like watching something that is half done. And surprisingly I couldn't find any mistake in this Movie. Hats off to Goutham for that aspect.

Kamal has done a commendable job as a Police Officer. If you are expecting some acting from him, sorry to say that you will be disappointed very much. Kamal has down very well but unfortunately there is not much of an acting scope in the role, at least not for Kamal. Jyothika as the lady love to Kamal has done a good job. Kamalanie jethmalani does a neat job of her miniscule role.

Coming to the villains, Goutham makes it a point to see that the villain is as much adorable as the hero himself. Be it Jeevan in Kaakha Kaakha or Amudha and Ila in VV, they have such an impact on the audience that they wouldn't want to forget them. That's because of the simple fact that the villains in Goutham's movies are intelligent.

A racy first half keeping the audience literally on the edge of their seats, but the 2nd half slows down the pace of the whole movie. An unnecessary Item Song, a kinda boring Love between the hero and the heroine and not enough information about the villains makes the movie just an average watch. The villains' sexuality still remains a puzzle. Kamal says they are homos but then they rape almost all of their victims, barring Prakash Raj of course. May be they are bi-sexual....still puzzling.

The problem with sequels is that these movies aren't compared with the other movies running at the theatres at present, but instead they are compared with their earlier versions. And that's where VV scores less. When compared to movies like Thimuru, SSUE and others, VV is awesome, but when compared to Kaakha Kaakha, it fails to keep up with the benchmark that Goutham created for himself.

Overall, a decent watch.


Saturday, 26 August 2006

My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nothing...

Yup, the old ANAGRAM is gotto change now. It's no more Nine Planets cos Pluto has been chucked out of the Solar System. It's no more a Planet. So now, the Solar System's got just 8 planets with the possibility of more planets being added. The irony is that one of the may-be-added planets is one heavenly body called "Charon", a moon of Pluto. The moon amy become a planet and the planet isn't a planet anymore.

Pluto is now rechristined as just another Plutonian object -the term itself arising from the word Pluto- after the International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto off it's Planetary status which it had enjoyed for the past 7 decades. This is a result of changing the definition of a planet. As Pluto didn't qualify to be deemed a planet according to the new defintion, it was, without any delay, kicked out of the Planetary List.

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

KANK review...Amitabh range role...



Read only if you have seen the movie or you don't care to see the movie...

It's very hard to write about the movie without going into the story because the movie has nothing other than that.

Here's the story in short

Simple intros for Abhishek, Rani and Priety. And a la Manmadhan intro for Amitabh Bachan
Scene (atleast an attempt, and ya the gals loved it) intro for SRK
SRK meets Rani on the day of her marriage
Few punchliners and some senti dialouges
He meets with an accident ( he does live, come on do you think KJ will kill SRK so soon...if you did gasp, it means you haven't seen any of KJ's movies)
Priety is sema hot shot babe
Abhishek is a big pary organiser and Amitabh is a Manmadhan

SRK and Rani meet after some years, SRK limps (gals gasp again...cha...gals r so predictable)
Marriages between SRK and Priety and Rani and Abhishek are on the rocks.
SRK and Rani (vetti ppl...seriously...they got nothing else to do other than meet each other at the station) meet very often and they fall in love....

Priety and Abhishek party like they got nothing else to do
SRK and Rani cheat their spouses
They sleep with each other
SRK slips this in as a joke during a both family dinner and sets Amitabh the manmadhan into thinking mode
SRK and Rani finally tell their spouses about the cheating
Priety makes a simple break up....(gals don't get shocked by this...She gives SRK one tight slap which surprisingly brings up the most claps from the crowd..they were clapping like mad when Priety slapped SRK...I clapped too)
Abhishek breaks all the crockery and makes a big hulla-bulla over the break up thingy
Oh and by the way....Amitabh dies 3/4 way through the movie

Rani is sent out of her house and so is SRK
They lie to each other saying they are still with their spouses and feint a narrative

Theen saal baadh...(:D)

Abhishek comes to Rani to give his marriage invitation
Priety rejects a marriage proposal from a colleague
Rani is invited to Abhishek's marriage

----Tamil Movie Climax----

SRK has a train to Toronto
Rani is convinced by Abhishek and Priety to go and join with SRK (Abhishek's bride happens to be the friend of the guy who proposed to Priety)
Train station climax

SRK for some unknown reason avoids Rani's sight and somehow gets into the Train
Rani spots her but she's on the other side of the Window

The Train leaves for Toronto
Rani is totally dejected

told u...tamil movie climax....

SRK somehow gets past the automatic doors and comes to the logic in KJ movies...

Even now he tries a silly joke....

Rani: Ab kya?
SRK: 15 days jail mein
Rani: Kyon?(gasps away to glory)
SRK: Train rokhney ke liye chain pull kiya liye...
Rani: Oh Dev...

Oh come on...don't tell me you laughed for that...

Bah Humbug!!!

They both get together


This is just a Point to Point of the story, the original movie is 3 hrs 15 long...was able to watch it thanks to the wonderful Butter Popcorn and Pepsi...

Well to be honest, Abhishek's done a wonderful job and Priety has kinda subdued role...she does that perfectly...SRK is his usual with his non-homorous one liners (which the gals sitting in the row behind me found very very amusing...crap)...and Rani with her croaky voice does her best which turns out to be a normal performance...

Amitabh the Manmadhan....wife dude's enjoying with one lady a day...he even introduces one girl as Saturday(says it's much better to remember the days on which he hired them rather than the names...indha vayasula idhu theyva dhaan)

Over all, I would say it was an extra dose of KJ's sentiments which generally isn't good for my health....It may suit you....

The movie is a one time watchable stuff....that too CD dhaan...but if you want to look at some hot babes, then go to Satyam and pay Rs.150 only and watch the movie...or whoever/whatever you want...


Sunday, 6 August 2006

The Worsht restaurant...

My Dad's sudden decision to take us all out came as a big surprise to all of us. It's not usually this way, we have to bug him for some weeks until he decides it's better to take us out. As it was his decision we let him decide the restaurant. It was Vasanta Bhavan in Vadapalani.

We left at around 7 30 and the look of the restaurant from the outside looked good and the Interiors was pretty good too with Underfeet Aquariams, it was kinda surprising for me. I never expected it to be this way and it was crowded to the brim, that's what surprised me totally. We were asked to go to the Garden Restaurant in the front of the Visage facing the Road.

Once we went there, the Comedy started. The waiter gave us a Menu card and there were 4 of us, so I asked him for another Menu Card and he started searching the whole area only to come back some 5 minutes later to say that all the other Cards were "in use". It was 8 10 by the time all the 4 orders were written down.

Dad ordered some Rava Masala Dosa. He got it within 10 minutes. My dad just put his hand on the Dosa and started looking at it from a million angles and finally concluded that there was no Masala in that!!!!. We called the guy taking the orders and told him about this, he apologised anad took it away and within 2 minutes came up with the same stuff and a cup with the Masala in it. We were totally taken aback, I as such didn't expect such a silly correction to the Problem.

Next came my Butter naan with PBM. It tasted good but the PBM was sweet!!!!. Utter nonsense. My brother and I were discussing about the pathetic condition of the restaurant when the Masala Papad my mom had ordered some 15 minutes ago was brought to the table. It had just two pieces in it while the Menu Card said 3 pieces. We told the guy about this and he promptly brought another one in his hands!!!!! He didn't even bring it on a Plate...worshtu...

So people, my strongezst recommendation ever, don't ever go to that resturant and please pass this message to all the others too.

The only thing my Dad said while we were heading back home in the car, "Next time I think it'll be better for youo people to decide the Spot"....

I can't agree more...


My Home

Got some searching done and some writing done and finally I am here with the Picture of my home, taken from how many miles above I don't know...but it still looks the same except for the idiotic cloud cover but read the description.

I'm giving you the link too...if you wna read the Description...I'm putting the link in the Comments section, check it out if you wna...


Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Effects of ignoring a call.

No. Not the effects of ignoring a call on your mobile or your landline. I am going to write about the effects of ignoring Nature's call.

It happens to everybody because everybody is equal in the eyes of Nature. She leaves no one in peace and if you ignore her call she makes it a point to embarass you in front of your friends. Nothing much, just a small soundless fart is more than enough to embarass you in front of your friends.

Ignoring Nature's call is very difficult actually but even if you suceed in doing that it's the biggest mistake you can ever make as a human being. The next time you are in the loo Nature will simply refuse to call.

The main aspect of this conversation is that it is totally one way. Nature calls and you have to answer. Not answering will result in 3 days stomach ache followed by constipation. We cannot call back or put her in the answering machine, if she calls we have to answer it or else face the consequences.

I had a flabbergasting experience with ignoring nature' call. I was in Trivandrum for my holidays. My family and my dad's friend's family were going for hiking. It was a pretty steep climb by road. We planned to go up by jeep and then come down rock-climbing or rather rock-descending. We left at 5 in the morning and I had no time to do my morning ablutions. I thought i'll do it the next morning or sometime later.

First day was pretty good. We camped in the open land and didnt have any space to go 2. So I was hoping that my body would co operate with me. Amazingly it did. I was safe for day 1. The trip was to last for 3 days. On the second day, there was amazing food and I couldn't stop myself, so I was hoping my body would be kind to me. For 2 days it was not bad, but the 3rd day morning was not good at all. I was struggling to walk. My brother saw me and gave me a plastic mug and said "Why worry when so much open land is there? Prove that you are an Indian" pointing to a piece of land which was nicely covered by long leaves and some trees.

I saw in pure amazement that it was totally concealed and it was hard not to go there even thought it was so grossssss. But then when Nature calls, it must be answered, I didn't and I had to face the consequences.

It was so relaxing and the feeling is undescribable.



Thursday, 6 July 2006

My Dreams!!!

Off late I've been sleeping a lot. Everyday my day starts only at around 11 30 am, that's when I wake up after burning the midnight oil watching the World Cup. But then, It is an awesome feeling to be awake till 4 in the morning and wake up at 11 30 and then go to the Nerd's Asylum (My College) by around 3. Coming back to me sleeping a lot thingy, my sleep hasn't been like the ones in Harry Potter where just anyone can have a dreamless sleep.

My sleeping time is my Dreaming time, some of these dreams are so realistic and so accurate to the minutest detail that I'm confused so as to which is reality. The other day, I had a dream that I am scrapping one of my friends after a very long time, and guess what, the same night I actually do that. It was not a deja-vu, it was something more. It felt so realistic that I started searching the scrapbook of my friend to see if I had done this before. I hadn't done it but then something told me it was happening again.

Anyways I guess this happens to everybody who sleeps at abnormal times like me.


Thursday, 22 June 2006

My first Bunk....yaaaayyyyy

yallow ppl

long time no c
c time no tea
tea time no money
moeny time no friends....

this is a short one I learnt from one of my new friends....

For the first time in my college life, i bunked college....the feeling is totally new....though I have bunked many whole days when I was at school....this feeling is totally new....the feeling that you are here when you are supposed to be in class it was awesome....

There were 4 of us....we never planned the thing, so even though 2 of them had bikes....we couldn't use them because they were parked inside the college campus....we headed to the bus-stop and caught a bus to Besant Nagar....went to the beach....sight adichified....had some snacks at Planet Yumm.....then at around 7 30 or so, caught the bus back to College and returned to the parking lot at 7 out the vehicles and went to the beach again.....I finally returned home at around 9 30.....Dad asked my what took me so long and I just said, "Traffic jam in T.Nagar"....and he said, "ya, it took me 1/2 hour to pass Pondy Bazaar"....I was thinking to myself....."ah it feels so good to lie after such a long time"...


Sunday, 18 June 2006

College Blues...

halo ppl....long time no c...

I've started going to college....Vivekananda College...evening....B Com Corporate Secretaryship....and my college can easily be described using very few choice words...

Padipps and Pazhams are all that surround me...well...I guess this is God's way of punishing me for all the wrong doings of mine...moving on with my college's description...My timings are from 3 30pm to 7 45pm...and when I come out of my class room at 7 45...The whole crowd moves Blindly towards the light at the entrance of the college....It's like moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel....we don't know what we step on...we can't see the faces of the guy next to me...Oh yeah!!!....I forgot to tell you that this is a guy's college...The Dress Code sucks....Only shirts and formal pants allowed...No t-shirts, no jeans and allegedly no cell phones too...

Anyways, me is stuck in this hell of a college...I have no idea how I am supposed to "enjoy" my college life...

My First Day

My first step into the college and all I see is a crowd of guys....It was totally wierd....To be honest with you people, I have never stepped into a place filled with so many guys...I felt completely out of place...and the First Hour of every Friday is Prayer hour...where we are expected to listen to some crappy seniors chant some Hymns....It's good to be spiritual...but then this is a bit over the line....One hour...Every week....complete crap...

Each class is of an hour's duration...I got a break from 5 30 to 5 45...and College ends by around 7 45...and by the time I get home it'll be around 8 45 or I've got long days ahead...Espescially if I join my CA classes...which I guess I'll join in another week or so...once I join them, my life will be hectic and I don't know how often I'll be able to update my blog...

k thn...


Thursday, 15 June 2006

Me enters college tomorrow...

FYI(for your information) has joined Vviekananda college....B com...Eve college...any guesses at the timings wud b futile....nvr before heard timings....3 30pm to 8 pm...

The college is nothing but a school...they don't even allow t-shirts over has to be Shirts and Formal pants hates this....and my class-mates are going to be P+P....Pazham+Padipps....I don no how I'm supposed to enjoy with these kinda ppl breathing down my neck....

Tomorrow....the list is going to be put up at D G Vaishnav College....pls pray that I should get admitted into that college....Me joining vivekananda college was just for safety purposes...and due to family compulsion....

Wish me luck ppl....



CAS....da damn system dat dusn't allow ppl down south to watch certain channels....

Describing this system in one word wud b so very easy....3 words actually.....f*c*e* up system....The chennai ppl r sufferin cos sum bugger @ Delhi didn't like the Tamil wat did he do??? he gave a punishment to da Chennai ppl....CAS.....Chennai Stuck with tamil serials....Wat else cud v do....sum may Wen delhi, kolkatta and bombay cud wade off da damn system...y cudn't v???

Wen da system was proposed 3 yrs ago...All the 3 metros....except our city of course....opposed it like hell....Our ppl welcumed it with open if they were welcomin sum country's president...And now v r stuck with tat damn system....there's no respite from it....if v have to get rid of it...either the State govt has to act or da cable operators have to unite....

But nothin seems to b happening....da politicians don give a damn to all this stuff....and the cable operators are cashing in with the help of the situation....pathetic....ppl from all the other cities in India and in Tamil Nadu r enjoying channels like HBO, Star Movies etc....and v ppl r stuck with da damn Sun TV, Jaya Tv etc who can't broadcast a single programme without cursing the opposition sux...big time....

Wat did v do to deserve this??? y only us??? Did the BJP govt hav sumthin against da Chennai ppl???

Wen ever i switch on da Idiot Box....i hear the silly bgm of sum sick serial...mostly copied mujik from sum English artist......but nowadays there's sum relief cos of da 2 channels....and I get to c WC and F1 in my home aftr so many feels so gud....

but wen da WC gets'll back to the stupid serials again....oohh....i'm gna hate those days...


Monday, 12 June 2006

Fate......Is it a ? or an !.....???

me again.....

Told ya ppl tat i luv philosophy....I read a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo....awesome book....Really changed the way me looks @ stuff....It's a story about a small boy chasing the wildest of his dreams...and how he succeds....and the stuff tat he finds and how he finds them...awesome work by the Author...It's a must read....for ppl who r interested in these kinda stuff...

Philosophy ain't my cup of tea...but then it does interest me...fate plays a major role....everything is bound to happen when it's supposed to happen...Nobondy can prevent fate from doing it's work...a movie was released long ago in connection with this notion...called Final's got 3 parts....

I live for the expectations kept in mind and I prefer if people live for the moment makes their whole view-point totally different....It's more enjoyable if life is led by this idea...but for the moment doesn't mean doing all that u wan to rite now...everything's got it's own time...wen it's supposed to happen, it will happen...

It's my fate that I have to rite such boring stuff to u...and It's your fate that u r stuck with such a boring post (If u've read till this sentence...i guess v think in da same it's my fate that I have to listen to some snide comments and remarks for this post....anyways...fate is one can change that...


Sunday, 11 June 2006

Ma first Crush....tis is vry embarasskin....

Me was too lazy to think of a topic to rite on and asks me's frenz...and me's frend says "Why don't u rite bout ur first crush?"....wat a topic???...she knew it wud b embarrakin fer me....but's will dusnt mind how many ppl will laugh...

Ma first crush...Was waaaaaayyyyy back in 6th standard....a gal called neighbour....WAS....not any wipe tat Smirk off ur faces....She was in 8th standard at tat time....her house was in da 2nd floor of the Apartments next to my house...wenever me was given da bat....ya v used to play cricket in ma wud aim to hit da ball into her house...Actually according to da rules @ ma compound....If da ball goes directly to da next apartments...da batsman is out...So everytime i try to hit da balll to her house...i wud b out...

me didnt care bout all wanted to c her....she was BEAUTIFUL....her little locks of jet black hair...her lovely smile...and her voice....da sweetest....till now me hasn't heard a sweeter voice tan hers....the way she walks aroun....carrying herself so gracefully...

but as usual her dad was da villian...he used to come out with her all da time...even wen she comes to da grnd floor to check out da if she dusnt no to read or sumthin...i used to curse tat fellow....tat sottai fellow...

but tat never used to stop ma likin fer her...I've never spoken to her....heard her talk don wonder how i no tat her voice is sweet....

The tragic twist to da story came wen her dad....ya da sottai a transfer to Pondycherry....damn it....this came wen me was in she was in her Xth....

ppl say tat there's a gud part to all the tragic's true in ma case too...She actually spoke to me....YAAA...she really spoke to me...

she said....."Bye Karthik...I'm goin to Pondicherry( Like i didn't know), I'm going to miss watching you play cricket...(she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...she really likes my cricket...)....

me went craxy listenin to her tat day.....well anyways....I don't remember wat made me have a crush on forgot her long ago...

me still remembers me's frantic attempts to hit da damn ball into her house... will never forget Uma...cos she was da first in me's long list of crushes....and the list dusnt got more crushes tan anyone can ever imagine....


Friday, 9 June 2006

Hi evrybuddy

The past 3 days hav been vry borin,,,,nothing much to cheer bout…nothing much to do….jus stupidly whilin away my time…it’s been so borin….except for one thing…..ME GOT 80 HITS TO MY BLOG……YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAA……

Me is too happy….me thanx all u ppl….me really thot me sux @ ritin too….but thn I guess u ppl really do like my ritin…wow…this is jus gr8….me feels so elated….and it’s all thanx to u ppl….i knew I cud count on u ppl….even in da darkest of ma times….and u proved me rite….

Ma frenz hav been ma greates gifts….me jus loves ma friends….but sum of em…I jus don no wat to say….well there r sum ppl….who I’ve known since a very long time…and when they found new friends…they jus start ignoring me….i don wna mention any names…it hurts man….it really dus…wen ppl u’ve been knowing so long suddenly start ignorin u jus cos they got new friends….now isn’t tat silly and sick???

K let’s leave out da borin topic….but me is sure tat all of ya hav experienced this prob…and u do wna talk bout it to sumone…well….me suggest u ppl open up a blog….:p…

Anywayz… late…me has been wondering a lot bout philosophy and stuff….and it’s interesting to a certain extent….i got a line from sumwhere and it’s sumthin like…crazier ppl don no tat they’re goin crazier…they believe they’re growin saner….makes a lotta sense….atleast to me….anyways….dus da line ring a bell to anyone???

Me is interested in odd stuff… likes philosophy, astrology, astronomy and all this star-gazing thingy….but me loves to talk bout Zodiac signs….if u ppl hav time…check out a book by Linda Goodman…the ultimate guide to Zodiacs….me learnt a lot from it…

i met a frend of mine las week....jus was talkin to tat person abt this kinda stuff....tat ppl leave their old frenz and stuff like tat...i was surprised to c tat person contradict me...tat person said they've nvr experienced tat kinda things...i don get is it jus my frenz??? or is there sumthin rong with me??? cud sumone explain it???


Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Those were the Best days of my life.....

If u think me is talkin bout these way....these r the most borin days of my life...these hols totally suck and I'm waitin to get bak to i mean....[:D]....

me is here to rite bout me's days @ JV...the skool was OK....but thn wen it came to was awesum...v had the best gang of guys...v were put together in 8th to no each other in da 9th....and wen it came to Xth...v got to hav fun together...

these guys were jus awesum....u won no time go by wen u r with em....talkin vettipechu....wastin our each other to the BG....tat was our toilet btw....Brindavan were 2 toilets....the one in da 3rd floor was the BG...and the one in da grnd floor was the Parliament....cos tat's where all da important ppl of my skool used to pee.....imp ppl like the Peon....arts sir (Dokkan)....and many others used to let themselves loose...

the fun v used to hav at classes were unsurpassable....Max prds esp.....Vijaya ma'm was our fav comedy i remember from her class.....once Anil was talkin sumthin to her and she got real angry....she was comin close to catch his ear...and guess wat he said???..."Venam ma'm....edhuva irundhalum pesi theethukkalam"...( ma'm...watever it is....v'll solve it by talkin).....was the best one I remember....another incident is where Vasanth Paul and I...were laughin for some silly joke....but the thing is v were laughin for 30 mins straight....

I don't remember the joke...but v both were laughin our asses off....v both used to laugh....then stop...then look at each other...thn start laughin was was totally awesome...the whole maths class tat day was outta track cos of us....Man....tat was jus awesum....

But then....there were sum bad moments too...atleast personally....don wna mention em....

there were sum incidents which used to repeat very often....Like Sriram laughing very loudly just when the teacher enters the class....and Dheeraj used to join was a riot...even for the smallest of Jokes...both of them used to laugh their asses was like a competition or something...the gals and the teachers used to think they lost a nut or something...but thn it was fun to look at them laugh so loud and get caught....after getting the scoldings...they'll jus sit down and laugh was totally hilarious...

Man...those really were the Best days of my life...the whole of my Xth standard was awesome....we used to b called the naughty X D...even our class teacher never wanted to cum to our class for a sub period....If we had 2 straight free the end of the First period, either the Principal or the VP wud b outside our classroom...waitin to advise us....

We used to play cards inside the classroom....Book-cricket was our favorite pass-time....second only to teasing....our most fav pass-time and our specialisation...

But, while I was in KV.....there r sum ppl who crack the sickest of jokes....and I used to laugh at was a pain in da ass to act as if I am laughing....anyways...

Allright ppl....I guess I've bored u toooo mucchh....


Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Einstein's Equation.....Me=SAF......Sux at Flirting

The last two days have been pretty boring as wants to do more research on the Babri Masjid thingy....but later

i am Blog's got 13 hits since the counter was installed....makes me feel very happy....

Ok comin to da totally sux at flirting....I've got many gals who've told this to me knows that flirting is natural and it can't be taught to any person...but me wants to flirt totally sux at it and me wants to improve cos me is goin to college this is mostly gna join a co-ed college....and if me joins a co-ed wud b very hard for me to control his flirting with gals...but then me dusn't wna embarras my self trying to flirt and get disappointed....but thn...there's a slight problem....all of me's frenz who r gals r jus can me flirt with frenz??? so it all cumes bak to one is still single and me wants a person to flirt if anybody can arrange for tat me wud b very faithful to that person... feels so gud to watch da rained las nite...rain in chennai in da middle of it's scorching summer...wat a relief....and as many ppl jus loves da rain....was watching it from behind my house gate las nite....strict orders from me's dad...if u go out in da rain....i won't pay for da wondered y he thot me wud get sick....anyways...

so me is waitin for u ppl to gimme flirting lessons...and for a guinea pig to practise my flirting skills...which is in da negative rite now...


Sunday, 4 June 2006

Startling stuff...

I did sum googlin and some ctrl+c....ctrl+v....and i found sum startling truths...

The Babri Masjid was demolished on December 6th, 1992...from a gr8 marvellous piece of architecture from the 16th century (when Babar built it) till 5th of December nothing but rubble on december 6th 1992...imagine....almost 400 yrs of legacy....crushed within an hour...
No wonder the Muslims got angry....but then this anger doesn't justify their killings and rioting...They should've resolved this matter just by talks....and shouldn't have taken to brute force...u may b thinkin...wat me wud've dun if i were to b a Muslim....tol ya earlier...i wud've killed the damn politicians who started this all....and If i had been put in the jail or sentenced to death...I wouldn't have cared...this death wouldn't have made me feel guilty...cos i wud've dun at least 1 gud thing before I died...

Leaving all this aside....The day after the demolition took place....there were articles all over the Media....articles accusing some leading politicians at tat time....but then the politicians didn't take it as an embarrassment and fight back...those damn ppl actually sought refuge from the people saying that they were falsely accused...and got sympathy votes....And wat happens??? the succeeding Parliamentary elections saw the arrival of BJP at the centre...after almost 16 yrs of Congress ruling...

How great is this??? You demolish a Holy structure.....get accused....trigger communal riots....riots that dented India's image in the global picture....act falsely....get sympathy votes...and LO....ur party holds the Power of the many of u wud like to try this modus operandi in order to rule India????

Me read that there were basically two gangs at work in Ayodhya....the VHP( who led the Kar Sevaks who actually physically demolished the Masjid), BJP and the RSS were the so called "Protectors of the Holy Land where Lord Ram was born"......the Gang of Muslims (whose name i can't remember) were " the Protectors of Babar's Masjid and the Protectors of the Babri Masjid".....

what many ppl don no is that in earlier days....even before the Britishers ruled India....there was a pact between local Muslims and Hindus living in and around Ayodhya...there were a gang of followers of both the Gods...and there was even a small religion that worshipped both Gods...there was a small Idol of Lord Ram inside the masjid premises....

when the Masjid was being demolished....there were 3 gangs present over there...
the VHP led grp....the Muslim grp and this gang of followers of both the Gods....

the end-result.....VHP ppl crying to demolish the Masjid....the Muslims crying that they would kill those who laid their steps on the Masjid....and finally the Gang supporting both Gods making frantic cries to stop all this.....

the building was demolished under the careful supervision of L.K.Advani, Uma Bharthi and many other leading politicians from the BJP.....

all the commotion @ Ayodhya gave many people sleepless nights....but One important person had his usual Sunday afternoon nap...undisturbed by the happenings at Ayodhya...this man was none other than the then PM, Mr.Narasimha Rao.....his assistants didn't give him the news because he "doesn't like to be disturbed in hi nap"....sickos

the worsht part is that the whole Nation knows that these politicians were involved in the mass act of injustice....but then they aren't even sentenced to a day's prison....

tat's India...... a politician does anything and gets away with it....and even gets a few thousands of votes and Sympathy votes...sick or wat???

me doesn't wna leave is gna find out more....dusn't matter if me gets comments....


Counter.....fixed it... got a counter....thanx to sriram...da computer genius...
me is bak...

today was a borin day as usual....saw BOMBAY fer da nth time this aftrnoon....awesome movie....
so me in dis post is gna talk bout tat movie...

first of all....Mani Ratnam's Direction....wat else do ya need???and to add more to the list....A.R.Rahman's mujik.....I don hafta say bout tat...fav song(s)....Uyire and Andha Arabi Kadal Oram....imagine this....People still luv to listen to these songs....almost 10 yrs aftr da movie....tats true class...

Da movie has a gr8 theme....nobody in their rite minds wud've imagined the story-line wen it was still in da first-half @ da village...seemed like another run of da mill luv story...but no...there's Mani Ratnam's class....wat an amajing story...

i've seen da movie many times bfore this...but this made me think a lot...

wat made ppl demolish da Babri Masjid??? wat made em kill each other??? i no tat sum politicians r involved...and the worsht part is tat those f*****s r still walkin scot-free....if i were to b a Muslim @ tat time....i wud've first brutally murdered those politicians instead of killing other Hindus and innocent is gna research dis topic....find out who was behind this national uproar....and me is gna c wether those ppl really had a reason to lift up weapons...


Saturday, 3 June 2006

back with a bang....Ouch

ya backed by popular is back posting...

wat do i post bout??? frenz....

basically i got 3 gangs of from from KV....and one from the contacts i got @ JH....sum ppl may no who i'm talkin bout....:D

the JV gang is by faaar the coolest gang....its got more than 10 ppl is damn proud of these frenz....but then sum of em r goin on the rong path....i don wna mention da names....

wat's this??? me is gtn philosophical....not gud for me's health....

and then the KV gang....not so thick...cos it was jus 2 needs more time to bond with those kinda peeps....but finds sum vry funny peeps out there....

thn cumes the fun gang....the JH gang....consists of 7 ppl...i guess...this gang is the most tiresum of all....cos it's got more mature makes me think....and it shows that me has got to think even wen me is amidst me's frenz....*me wonders wen was the last time he thot wen he was surrounded by frenz*

wen it cumes to roamin around...its mostly with the JV gang... cos of all those yrs together....but me is ready to roam aroun with any1....any1 who can tolerate with me....:P.....

k later....

more bout me

me again....

me loves mujik...books...sports...roaming....and the rain...

wen it cumes to my luv A.R.R...he's jus thalai....and then eng like rock, heavy metal and hip-pop...
me luves metallica....amajing grp...and me luves eminem too....linkin park, bonjovi, bryan adams... and the likes...and thanks to sriram for givin me an, not to a gal...but to eng mujik....

books r my vetti time friend....luv not read many classix or many likes Michael Crichton, JKR, JRR Tolkien, Dan Brown, P.G.Wodehouse...hmmm....tat dude who rote hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy...ya douglas adams....

sports is one filed where i fail is a jester of many sports....king of none....and again thanks to sriram....ya this time....for introdujin me to of my fav passtime...tho i totally suck @ it...

roaming aroun Chennai is one thing me does very often and me never gets bored of it...the flats and streets of kodambakkam, west mambalam, tnagar,kknagar,ashok nagar have seen me very often....alone...with a gal (nope not my gf...oh i hope so...)..with frenz...with parents... fav type of in chennai for as long as i hav and u'll no y....but thn me hates it wen there's rain outside and there's no power inside my home....and i hate rain in a saturday afternoon...cos tats the time i skid on the roads with my vehicle....


History...Bout me... called Karhik in the real world...van and chungu in my friends world... but me prefer anyname that i can remember...

well has finished 12th std this yr....waitin for college to open...not yet joined any college...cos its too early to know where i mite join.....a gud week more to know where i'm gna b put up...

me crazy bout my frenz....can't live without em....sum r funny....sum r thoughtful....sum r freakish....sum r loveable....sum r jus great....

All of em r my frenz and i don wan anythin else from em....

my life so far (17yrs 9months) has been quiet uneventful....except that i get my b'day every yr...and get promoted every yr....make new frenz every yr....hmmmm.....get scoldings from my dad every day....

me is still anyone readin this wna make me happy...gimme an intro to a gal who mite suit me....