Monday, 15 February 2010

Looking back..

I have this bad habit of looking back at the things I have done or said over the past years. I'm calling it a bad habit mainly because I look at my actions and tell myself, and the three other voices in my head, that there couldn't have been anything more stupid that I could've done. Somehow, I always feel that whatever I did, even if it was an action resulting out of a well-thought out decision, I'd curse myself and beg the voices to deliberate more the next time.

All this anti-myself things would only result in more introspection and more delays in making even the simplest of decisions. My process, as already pointed out by some people at key points in my hateful life so far, is terribly SLOW and needs to pick up speed. On the other hand, those voices don't really understand the need for speed and start arguing for ages strung together.


The toilet has always been my escape pod. My toilet back home, as emphasised previously, has been my epiphany-pot and has helped me many a time. Somehow, when I am inside the toilet on a sunday morning, taking my own sweet time (sometimes hours), just to poop and take bath, I am in a different world. A world where nobody tells me it's time to submit this, call her, go there, buy that, deliver that there, pay this there, post that etc etc. That world feels like it is a few light years away, unable to disturb me.

When I am in the other world, a world where all I do is think about things, take decisions, introspect and more, I am connected to the real world only by those thoughts, those intricate strands that are perilously thin but inevitably present.

I am not homesick. If you associate homesick to wanting to go back home for the food or people, I am not homesick. On the contrary, I am toiletsick. I want to spend time in my toilet, my epiphany booth, my teleporter to the other world. Sometimes I feel that the toilet has a voice of its own, telling me things and arguing with the other voices in my head. Maybe that voice has gained permanence in my head.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

One Movie Marathon later, one more is up

After a couple of weeks of some heavy duty work, cramped schedules and a lack of social life later, yesterday was a much needed and long overdue holiday. And what did I do? A Movie Marathon obviously.

Accepted - A random time pass comedy movie with improbability strewn all over, good way to start a movie marathon.

American Gangster - I had been wanting to watch this movie for ages now. After reading tons of reviews and being scolded for not watching it by my brother and many others, I finally watched it yesterday and it was definitely worth all the build up. Excellent acting by Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington, simple and smooth flowing storyline, slick directing make this a pretty good watch. It starts off like any other gangster movie and just when you start expecting the usual cliches, it bowls you over. A Gangster movie with just a single sequence of gun-shots and that was almost two hours into the movie. A slightly long movie though, just shy of three hours. Much recommended.

My Best Friend's Girl - Not worth a watch. If you like chick flicks and those mushy mean guy-loves-girl-who-is-loved-by-his-best-friend-and-the-girl-makes-him-realise-his-inner-self kind of movie, this is for you. It's worth watching in Sony Pix or something like that, but not fit enough for a movie marathon.

I have another movie marathon lined up for Sunday, pretty excited about it. Just need to make sure that I don't waste the precious marathon time by watching silly movies.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Times School of Journalism 2009-2010

Ego - recognition - tolerance - disgust - dedication – favouritism - debates - intellectual shunning - smirking - bitching - back biting - disappointment - glares - glances - competition - cries - smiles - embarrassment - anger - trepidation - hesitation - superiority complex - racism - moral obligations - arguments - hugs - kisses - fights - soup - tea - missed lunch - “What misery?” - flopped plans - sudden plans - bus rides - metro rides - convocations - conferences - free food - cheap food - good friends - misunderstood people – layers of clothes – presentations – crushes – infatuations – hint of love – drunken confessions - pathetic judgements – one on one conversations - unwanted venting - deliberate action - parties - drunken talks - doped up laughter - inferiority - controversies - rumours - girls - bitches - gossips – missed chances - late night talks - chats - train rides – auto rides – assignments – redo – display on the board – shivering nights – bad mix and match – missed calls – messages – trips – bike rides – ice cream – India Gate – dry days - viruses – pen drives – bluetooth buttons – wifi – after 4 – jokes that went unappreciated – concerts - plays – lines that were laughed at – unappreciated sarcasm – blog posts – status messages – tweets - giving up – music exchange – humungous plans – falling flat – sudden dilemmas – spontaneous decisions went wrong – winks – innuendos – double entendres – sudden end – flying time – desperation – goodbyes – hugs – handshakes- .