Tuesday, 24 November 2009

In want of a little perspiration..

Winters are crazy here in Delhi. One drop of sweat! That's all I'm asking for. For a Madras guy, sweat is second nature. We need to sweat a bit, whichever month of the year it is. And I haven't perspired in more than a month!!

And to all those people sitting in Madras and going "no, we hate sweating" and all that blah.. Come spend a month in temperatures between 8 and 13 and you'll know what I am talking about. The thought of having to roam around in your home with multiple layers of clothes is blasphemous. Worst of all, having to wait for the water to heat up using that god darned immersion rod is torturous. But then again, the warmth that you feel when you tent yourself under that thick kambli (blanket) of yours is worth it.

That alarm clock (over the ages, people have scolded the alarm clock using choice words, but this is, for every practical purpose, indispensable) goes mad and you'll HAVE to get out of that warm cocoon of yours to take bath and then go to college in God Ugly buses. The buses in Delhi are of two types. The pathetic ones and the proper ones. The Pathetic ones are just plain pathetic, you never know if that prick from the seat is a loose spring or a shard from a beer bottle. The proper ones, like the A/C buses in Madras are extremely over-crowded (thereby negating the proper adjective) and they barely stop at the places they should. This is the state of public transport in the Capital, which by the way, is hosting the Commonwealth Games.

After taking the Metro (which is awesome, except for the combined cost of ticket and rickshaw to reach college being higher than taking the bus to college and back), I switched to the bus. Now, I really don't mind the cold. I am seriously considering getting a cycle. It'll be a good workout and I honestly don't mind the 10km distance, the cold will help me get through it. With a little bit of luck, I might sweat a bit too!! :D

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Gahness! You care?!

Intention is a funny thing, it is probably one of those few things that acts as an obstacle to itself. But if there's a bright spot to this whole twisted thing, it is that Intention is a start, a start towards something better or worse, a start nevertheless.

It is weird how random people on the road can make you smile. You're standing outside a tea shop, sipping on hot tea on a cold evening and the dhoti clad old man with a stick can make you smile. The happiness on his face, despite his age, despite his inability to walk for one kilometer continuously, is impossible to miss.

For the millionth time in my sorrow filled life, I am feeling lonely. I've been lucky to make some wonderful friends here, despite my weird habits and quirks, they think I am Normal! Yet, there are times when I am in my room, my room mate's blabbering away to glory about his marketing classes, and I zone out. I blank out and feel how freaking lonely I am this world. I've written this before, but the worst kind of loneliness in the world is the feeling of being lonely even when you are surrounded by lovely people around you. Strange, the difference between lovely and lonely is just an alphabet. Gah, I sound like some 17th century wanna be poet!

And being silly and the boy with his tongue doesn't help. Not at all..

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Whatever the hell does this mean?!

I once had a dream (a week or so ago). Like everybody. When I was asleep (that happens rarely, so it IS a big deal). I've been trying to comprehend this till now and I fail to see beyond the obvious.

I was walking down the road leading from the market to my place here in Delhi. On the way, I bought a recharge card, used the ATM and paid some random bills. I took a right turn and there was sudden darkness. No lights, nothing. I trip and I fall down and I start rolling down like I'm coming down some hill. I tell myself that this is a dream and I tell myself to wake up. I do wake up, I smile a bit and I pull off the blanket from my face. The ceiling looks different. I am back home in Madras.

I come out of the room to find my whole family, including my brother (this is where it gets crazy, Mahesh is in South Carolina,U.S.A doing his M.S), watching TV. They don't think it's a big deal that I am there. I try to distract them asking when I came there and how I got there from Delhi. My kitten licks my toes and I smile at it. They tell me I've been there for a week. I try and tell them that it's impossible, as I didn't make any trip, and that it's even more weird for Mahesh to be there. I try and drink some water.

I suddenly wake up to find myself back in my room in Delhi!