Thursday, 21 September 2006

I hate this Viral Fever thingy....

Thursday Eve: 3rd year fellow announces my name for the Shipwreck Comp @ Ethiraj on Tuesday.yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night: Quiz comp at coll, no one notices the guy shouting all the answers from the last row, finally a 2nd yr catches hold of that guy and, end result: Stripped off his attendance for the last 2 hrs.

Saturday morn: High temp all of a sudden, dad diagnoses as viral fever, Quarantine for 4 days. (ppl with a quick math mind -unlike mine- would've figured out that that 4th day falls on the day of the comp)

Saturday noon: Fever increases and I was unable to move a limb.

Saturday Night: Still had hopes of going to the competition on tuesday, so had to take more than 9 tablets a day.

Sunday Morn: Showing signs of improvement.....*YYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEE*

Sunday noon: Fever almost nil but I still couldn't move out of bed. Hopes still running high

Monday morn: Fever totally down, but I had to sleep for 1 hr just to be able to sit for 5 minutes. Hopes wade away a bit


Monday night: sitting to sleeping ratio reduces to 10 mins : 1 hr

Tuesday morn: Feeling much better, just when I thought I could site some silly reason and escape to the competition, Vomit man strikes. *yuckiieeesssss*

Tuesday noon: 1pm, friend calls up from Ethiraj saying " Macha, awesome chicks down here, ur missing a lot buddy" if i didn't know....gggrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday night: Still more tablets due to vomit. Getting much better

Wednesday Morn: Completely normal except for the fact that I was damn tired thruout the day

Thursday Morn: Fine as of now, tiredness going down, able to type blog....


ice_fire said...

man..pavaam u...seems like tough time striked at wrong time...dunt worry..
you will find another oppurtunity

Rakesh said...

dude ... who got stripped of da attendance??? sorry i dint see this post!! was it me or u who got caught???