Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Why this Children's day?

I just realized that today's Children's day. It used to mean lots of candy (50p eclairs) and a holiday. But unfortunately everybody is aware of the fact that we ain't children anymore. So no more sweets and no more holidays.

But we can still wear whatever we want to college, that's remained the same.

But what did Children's day actually mean to us?

Was it really OUR day? or was it another day when we were dictated terms by our elders? The fact that such a day exists is actually useless in my opinion. What's the use?

To eat chocs...says a frend....as tho his digestive system would reject chocs on other days. May be it would've been relevant to celebrate this day when Jawaharlal Nehru was alive. but now it's utterly useless....


srivatsanhari said...

hey nice entry but isnt an eclairs 1rupee?!!

Rakesh said...

otha!! don u have somethin else to write... CHILDREN'S DAY of all da topics! thoo!! don write for da sake of it!!


better luck next time!!

Karthik.H said...


It cost 50p when I used to "celebrate" the day...

@ Rakesh

If it's borin...u don hafta read it...but then the irony is that u wont no its borin unless u read it...:D:D...

but ya...the occasion demanded it...i no its da worshtu post..phree