Sunday, 18 March 2007


Thank you all for keeping up with my boring and lifeless blog for so long. This is the 50th Post. I was thinking of something worthwhile to fill this up; the F1 season's started, watched the race. Missed the God.

The first GP in my life without the God behind the steering wheel. No Scarlet Machine with the no 1 in bold black, no shining Red Helmet with small stars, no M Schumacher on the positions listings, No MSC on the grid positions, No MSC on Jean Todt's headphones.

It was totally different. It's like watching Cricket without Tendulkar. Golf without Tiger Woods (though i doubt how many of us even follow golf). A newspaper without words. That's how I see F1 without Michael Schumacher.

Most people would just write me off saying there were greats before him and there will be more great racers coming. But look at it this way. He's the reason I had started watching F1. A man who can get his leg fractured in an accident mid way thru the season and still end up finishing 5th overall. He's been the great of my generation.

You grow up watching Sachin Tendulkar playing those flawless cover drives and you see Rahul Dravid hitting the same shot. Isn't there a difference? You can pick out Sachin's brilliance. That's how it is for me. Raikonnen overtaking someone in a corner and Schumie doing it. The result is the same, both the balls end up in the boundary and both of them end up gaining a position.

But still, you can see the difference. Sachin and Dravid. Michael and anyone else for that matter. No comparisons at all.

He's the God of my generation, he'll be the God for the generations to come. No one can ever be more aggresive on the field. This man starts at the back of the grid. On P22, an hour and a half later, he's so casually sipping some $5000 Champagne bottle standing on the Podium. Not many can do this. He can. He is GOD. Simple as that.

Good Racers come and go, great men come and go. GOD come and go. Not many remember the good ones, a few would forget the Greats.

Not even the Goods and the Greats can afford to forget the GOD.


Rakesh said...

God????? KISS MY A**!!!! SACHIN IS GOD!!!!!!!!

others are jus like JC ( Sons of God )

good phrases used da!! kalakarey!! :D

Karthik.H said...


dei...wat did i say?..sachin IS properly da...and so is Schumie...

sagaro said...

"Not even the Goods and the Greats can afford to forget the GOD."

Thanks for remembering me always :P

Karthik.H said...


daaaiiii....iru iru...ill kick ur butt at RTFF... :P

ice_fire said...

kalkaku po! getting pay check anal

S said...
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suraksha said...

oye! congrats! :P ippo dhaan seeing! :P

and i just notice you flicked some of my ex-blog header description! :P

Karthik.H said...


dank yo... :D :D

Karthik.H said...


It was just Inspired....aww luk at u...inspirin brighter brains and all...