Saturday, 21 April 2007

RTFF- April Edition

Roof Top Film Fest [RTFF] is happening again. Check out the Wiki here. It's happening on 28th April. It's again a Saturday and so you don't have to worry about the next day. I Promise you, this one's gna be better than the Previous one. Check this and this.

Do check out the Wiki. Pssssttt....check out the Participants list, there's a gal :D:D

Anyways, it'll be real fun there. With hot discussions about the movie with some real people who can talk about it.

Unfortunately I can't make it to it this time around. Got stupid Sem Exams. I know I won't be studying, but I rather stay Home. So ppl, who DO go there, pls tell me how it was!

Be there!!


Preetha said...

oh! how i wish!

Karthik.H said...


lol...Here's why U shud've stayed in Chennai...U dont get all this there do ya??? :P

suraksha said...

i went! i went!! :D :D :D