Friday, 25 May 2007


I've been grossly Insulted. I had to wash a freshly washed and Ironed pair of Jeans just cos there was a little grease on it. Just had to wash it. The moment I dipped the jeans in the Soap water, I could feel the guilt running all through my body.

The days I've spent teasing my friends for washing their Jeans once a week came flashing rite in fronta my eyes.

So with my deepest condolences, I appeal to the Jeans wearing community to forgive my mistake, and it comes from deep inside my heart, I Will Not Repeat This.


The Jeans wearing community said...

We forgive your act of washing your jeans. But we shall never forget your act of ironing them in the first place. :P

Who the fuck irons his/her jeans??? :O

Karthik.H said...

@the jeans wearing community

unfortunately I have dad freaks out if the pants aren't ironed... he says that's not how civilised people live... :P