Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I wanted to blog about

My kaiku ettina but vaaikku ettatha (Reached my arms but not my mouth) mp3 player
My College
Post 311pm
A Poem
A Sight that I saw
An experience at a Hotel

but all lost thanks to the bloody freaking exams which got over today!!!!!!!!!! :D


sagaro said...

My exams start this Friday :(

suraksha said...

heh. worsht. exams started today. one down, FIVE to go! :|

btw, haven't seen your 311 pic...pass it! :D

Karthik.H said...

@sagaro and suraksha

Besta luck...

and my 311 photo has disappeared :(( worstu phone camera screwed it... :(

sirpy said...

LOL... Tchah.. We missed all those.. Go on.. You can still blog about it na...?

Rakesh said...

Onodey akka gethu da!! super aa suttindu poitaa...!!

ozhungaa naa sonnethey pannu da!!! ull get two players!!! :)

Karthik.H said...


Indha effectukku onnum korachal ille.. lol... guess its kinda late... :)


free a vidu da...ava yen akka aachey...like dat wonly.. :P