Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I watched a Video on TV today. It was about a couple of Highway Officials being run over by an Ambassador Car in our very own Kanyakumari. It was mortally shivering to say the least.

There they are standing, supervising a Temple Encroachment Demolition. They're surrounded by atleast 20 locals and some 5 Policemen when this White Ambassador Car zooms in (looking at the video, I would say 40 kmph tops) and runs over these 2 Highway Officials. The Camera-Man perfectly captured the happening.

I was shocked. Yes, they were Demolishing a temple, Ummachi Kanna Kuthifying might have crossed the minds of those poor old fellows, but this, no way. Not even in their Wildest dreams would they have thought that they would be run over by a Speeding Ambassador Car. That's one heavy car you know. They were taken to the Hosp, not before some reporter got "An Exclusive" from one of those engineers on their way to the Hospital.

Whew! That's one bad day for those 2 blokes.


Rakesh said...

he got an "exclusive" from a dying man??? now this is wat i was talkin abt in my last post!! do u remember????

yes yes reporter's job is to get the news!! BUT THAT MAN WAS DYING!!!!

Karthik.H said...


Ok, in which part of the post do you find a word that's even remotely connected to Death! The man sprang up to his feet and gave a freaking interview, so I guess he isn't Dead!

Rakesh said...