Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Irritant No 3

On my list of things that Irritate me, People arguing without understanding what the opposite party says completes the podium.

When two people argue without realising that they both are talking about the same thing, it's not only hilarious, but quite irritating. They tend to increase their volumes when they stress on something and this I hate.

My Bro is one of the worst when it comes to this. He will have 1 point, just that one and keep on repeating the SAME thing again and again and again and again.. and in order to make this clear to everyone in the room, he will increase his volume Proportionally with frequent hand swings and power grunts.
It gets even more irritating when the other person is my Dad. He is someone who just Has to keep his volume up and not much of an arguer.

So tonight was one of those times when I had to walk out of the room when there was an "Important" family decision to be made. Heck, they both were saying the same things with different words. If they weren't wise enough to realise that, there really isn't any use being in the same room is there?!

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