Monday, 22 September 2008

People around me...

Well, I just realized, on a more conscious level, that there is just SO much to learn just by studying people around you.

There's this guy in college. He's got 15 arrear papers, paid close to 7k for CA Classes but attended less than 5, paid another 19k for CAT classes but attended less than 10 there. But yet, he looks happy. If I ask him if he's genuinely happy, surprisingly, he says yes. He is genuinely happy about how his life is going. He's got a girl friend, good set of friends and all he does is enjoy life a lot. I so envy him. Here I am, cramming my mind with mindless formulae for the CAT, leading a social life that is more stale than a rat on the streets, limited friends, and obviously I am not happy, complaining about everything, reeling under a bloody monotony, ever edgy, bursting at the wrong moments and to the wrong people. Why can't I be like that guy?

Closer, even at home. My Mom. She's got the same crummy old bank job for the past 30 years. She's not even tired of the job. 30 Years! It's the atmosphere that's got to her off late. Bugging bosses apparently. But when she gets outta office and gets back home, she complains, yes, but as soon as her ranting session for the day is done, she gets back to her normal monotony of cooking and eating and the usual stuff. I wonder what keeps her going. I complain, but I don't want to keep doing the same thing. I mean, it's too immature to say that, but come on. I want a change. I deserve a change. Why can't I be like my mom?

At my CAT class, there's this English Prof. Female prof. When I look at her, all I see is how Independent she is. Independent, smart and someone who has control over her life (atleast she looks like that). And that is so awesome. She must be around 40 or something and she's got her life by the scruff of her neck.

I can draw so much from each of these people, but what do I do? Sit on my lazy ass and complain about how life sucks and how I didn't get a fair deal. Someone KICK me!

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Rakesh said...

come this weekend.. u need " u know what " quit putting scene... the last weekend. i swear.. THE LAST... !! u know u need it plzz dont try to convince otherwise