Thursday, 25 December 2008


GS recently made THIS post on Insignificance and it's invited pretty strong comments from a stranger who surprisingly makes perfect sense.

I read the post a week ago and didn't react much to it because I thought he had made that post for a different reason. Sorry dude, mistook your thinking. Now, after reading those comments I feel the Insignificance myself. But then, the way I see Insignificance is on a more personal level. You, as a person, as an Individual, what have you done to change the chaotic way this world functions?

Some thoughts come to my mind as to what I was doing to change the world. First of all, the need to think that I wanted to change the world, changes the world in a way. Loads of people are satified with living their lives the way it takes them, but then again, the way their life takes them is the way they do things. It might sound like I am contradicting myself, but I was never good with words. Anyways, A person living in Tambaram may do something that might change the way my life functions, albeit in the minutest of ways. But still, that minute change might affect my life in a huge way. Butterfly Effect. It's not only about some small thing you do that'll eventually get back to you, it might be something a total stranger does.

What has this got to do with Insignificance? As I said before, I see insignificance in a personal way. What have I done to affect this world? Everybody is significant in some way or the other. Every action of yours, affects people everywhere, though you might not realise it. Exactly my point. To feel significant in some levels, you demand to see the "changes" you've made. Well, you can't see them all. But, as long as you realise that you Have indeed made a change in someone's life, you are significant in this universe. A person holds some value for the universe. The way the Universe functions is affected by each and every single individual, on earth or elsewhere. ETs do exist. I am not gonna argue on that here. That's a given.

What would your action of, lets say, walking, affect an ET on Planet X? I could stretch on to say that by walking you are creating a wave of change in Earth's mass and thus affecting it's movements in space, which in turn will affect the movements of other planets, which will affect the Planet X's gravitational field and affect our ET's life!

Again, Significance or Insignificance. It depends on the way you want to percieve it. If you agree that every person changes everything, you might want to see the change you created. On the other hand, you might be satisfied by thinking that you do change the world, whether you can see your effects or not. That's where the line between Significance and Insignificance lies.


Anonymous said...

Different reason eh.. What were you thinking? free..

I understand the butterfly effect and all but what I meant was everything is nothing, I mean even the whole universe is insignificant and meaningless. I wasn't talking about how you affect other people's lives and even Aliens in other worlds :). And about that, scientifically a very incorrect view on how one could affect Planet X from here :P because that gravity thing cannot happen.

And I was surprised man, that some stranger commented with so much sense in my blog. Free..

Karthik.H said...


Well, i did tell you i was taking it on a more personal level. And yeah, I know that can't actually happen, just the extent to which something you do can wildly affect another person. I told ya i was stretching it! :P

And that man's awesome.. good pilaasapy...

CkisgoD said...

evlo the insignificance man... u guys can giv a-holes like Simbu a complex with ur posts... free...