Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Running a Marathon

Yes. I'm gonna be running a Marathon this sunday. Not a whole marathon, I haven't got the practice for that. I'll be running in the 10km mini marathon along with Golti J and Free.

I don't know why I am running (probably cuz I said I would to Golti when I was yet to wake up fully) but I am running.

So if I die after/during/before the marathon, this will be my last post. And if I make it to the finish line still standing, then I'll definitely blog about it.


rt said...

atlast, sth to look forward to! bye.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be really really hard but I am sure it 'll be Legendary.. Remember what happened to Barney, his legs just stopped working after the marathon!! :)

Anyway free..
And stop calling me free..

Rakesh said...

me too me too me too... im running the marathon...!!

CkisgoD said...

GS will ultimately back out.. *prediction*

and its true!

Rakesh said...

free backed out?? why??

Karthik.H said...

sadly for you, I didn't die.. :)

did it man.. 100 bucks well spent.. will post soon..

yeah yeah.. free backed out.. had to go for coll cults.. some crap..

ha ha.. he did actually quit! :P