Thursday, 23 April 2009

Running around in Circles...

There are times when I wonder What exactly is it that I am doing.

Here's the Problem. I need people to survive. It is the conversations I have with them that keeps me sane and calm enough to live. Goofy, serious, philosophical, twisty, perverted, funny, mokkaish, depressing, bitching, pick me up sorts, whining, listening.. Every conversation that I have, however random, however short, definitely holds meaning to me. I cherish them and I look back at them at the slightest of the opportunities.

There are times when I wonder Why exactly is it that I am doing what I am doing.

I lie down and I listen to music. There are some songs that catch my attention effortlessly, while there are others that just pass by my ears. But then, there are those special songs that Make me listen to it, the lyrics, the instruments, the layers of music. There are times when I lose myself in the most familiar of tracks, discovering a new instrument being played at the background that adds SO much more meaning to the song!

There are times when I wonder How exaclty is it that I am doing what I am doing.

Some things were extremely hard to do when I was young. Why is it that some of them are hard even now? Have I not grown in confidence? Was I stupid enough to take on those things that early that they've left a permanent scar on me? How do I overcome this? Should I overcome this? Am I happy not actually doing them? Am I afraid of facing failure? Am I too idiotic for success?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think conversations make a person feel alive. In that moment, when you're having an involved discussion on something with someone, you have a momentary sense of purpose (even if it's random nonsense, lol) and therefore, they mean something.

But haha, that could be just another one of my crack-brained theories!