Monday, 3 August 2009

The Feel of Delhi..

Out of 34 people in my class, there are 5 boys!

That sums up my experience in Delhi so far. It's been a complete turn around for me from what I've gone through in Chennai on almost every count. The women are friendlier (yay! :D), the food is, much to my surprise, pretty awesome, the weather is decent and best of all, the Metro Rocks!!

But what's taken a serious beating is my name as Vetti. I no longer stay up late and watch movies and things, mainly because I don't have net in my room. I barely get any time during the day as college takes up most of it. My college works from 9 30 to 4 and since it's a bit far away from where I leave, I have to leave at around 815 to make it in time. It doesn't really end at 4, that's just eye wash, it usually goes on till around 5 and since I get so many assignments which require some research from the net, I stay back till around 7 or so to exploit the free wi-fi and meet my room mate in our regular dhaba near my room for dinner around 8.

I live in this area called Model Town, which is far away from where the students of Delhi usually live, but I find it to be a good place. Cross the road from my room and I get everything, from a Beer Shop (which works for my roomie's advantage) to Mc D's to road side Dhabas to a UCB showroom to a multitude of ATMs.

College, for a change, is awesome to say the least. My Classmates are all equally smart and everybody, again very unusually, has a penchant for the course!There's the whole of India here, with representations ranging from Kashmir to Manipur to Rajasthan to Bihar and TN (yours truly) and obviously the standard Mallu and the usual Punjabi.

The room I live in is awesome. I am staying with one of my college mates, fellow back bencher and partner in bunking, Mr. Beer Belly, so the whole trusting the room mate with your undies and deo isn't an issue. We've got a toilet and a kitchen (which we use to store our suitcases and our footwear) and a small terrace to ourselves.

So far, it's awesome out here. That's the only word I can think of. People back home warned me about bias against southies and all that but so far, I've experienced nothing of that sort. People in my college are educated and they know better. I get off with my crappy hindi at the Dhaba and with Rickshaw dudes.

I only hope I can say the same things about Delhi at the end of my stay here.

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