Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Basic Instinct

Watch a movie. Get a call. Pause. 15 minutes later. Play. 20 odd mins later. Message. Pause. Smile. Reply. Play. Feel hungry. Feel lazy. Pause. Rue about having to get up. Go to the next room. Search for room mate's corn flakes box. Go back to the comfortable bed. Earphones in. Play, eat. Munch. Increase volume. Munch.

Get bored of corn flakes. Close box. Appreciate a scene. Smile. Eat boring corn flakes again. Back of the mind thought, to be scolded by room mate for finishing his corn flakes. Smile. Realise it'll be two whole weeks till he returns. Pause. Nature's call. Get up. Break that fallen corn flake into numerous pieces. Pick each and every small piece and eat. Grin. Realise you have to pee. Go. Come back. Eat the missed out pieces. Play.

Think about the day that was. Lost in thoughts, lost in time. Smile. Realise that movie is still playing. Don't bother to rewind.

Pause. Double Click. Open Notepad. Write this out. Smile. Ctrl+S. Choose. OK. Alt Space C. Double click. Play.

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