Friday, 15 January 2010


The last two weeks rushed past me faster than the Veyron, maxed out.

The year started off with an emergency call from home and I spent the midnight of the last decade worrying about Dad's health, rubbished my fears and finally dozed off at around 3 am only to be woken up by the Taxi guy at 430. Weirdly, when I reached home, I wasn't as freaked out and scared as I expected myself to be, probably I braced myself up too much.

A week later, I am a changed guy. One who's been shown a glimpse of his future and has been starkly reminded of his responsibilities. I don't want to shun it, but I am not sure if I can handle it, or if I'm even supposed to.

One week in Delhi and I've again been reminded why I like Delhi. Sadly, only three months remain.

Two different weeks, Two different lives, Two Extremes. The future, the present, intertwined by the past.


Concerned Reader said...

What happened to your dad ?

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