Saturday, 13 February 2010

One Movie Marathon later, one more is up

After a couple of weeks of some heavy duty work, cramped schedules and a lack of social life later, yesterday was a much needed and long overdue holiday. And what did I do? A Movie Marathon obviously.

Accepted - A random time pass comedy movie with improbability strewn all over, good way to start a movie marathon.

American Gangster - I had been wanting to watch this movie for ages now. After reading tons of reviews and being scolded for not watching it by my brother and many others, I finally watched it yesterday and it was definitely worth all the build up. Excellent acting by Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington, simple and smooth flowing storyline, slick directing make this a pretty good watch. It starts off like any other gangster movie and just when you start expecting the usual cliches, it bowls you over. A Gangster movie with just a single sequence of gun-shots and that was almost two hours into the movie. A slightly long movie though, just shy of three hours. Much recommended.

My Best Friend's Girl - Not worth a watch. If you like chick flicks and those mushy mean guy-loves-girl-who-is-loved-by-his-best-friend-and-the-girl-makes-him-realise-his-inner-self kind of movie, this is for you. It's worth watching in Sony Pix or something like that, but not fit enough for a movie marathon.

I have another movie marathon lined up for Sunday, pretty excited about it. Just need to make sure that I don't waste the precious marathon time by watching silly movies.

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