Sunday, 2 May 2010

Home, Home again..

What a long, strange trip it's been. I was waiting outside my cousin's home, on the street, with two huge suitcases. This auntie from across the street was seamlessly multi-tasking between flipping her chappatis, giving me the stink eye and contemplating on calling the Police. That was ten months ago.

I was one of those who believed in the inherent goodness of humans. After some choice experiences thanks to some select people, I pity the fool I was. Delhi's given me a fantastic deal. Good friends, better memories and the best alone time I've ever had.

The moment I stepped into the Delhi bound train (seems like a lifetime ago), I decided that I had to test the city to its limits and to put myself under the microscope. I did, to a large extent, get side tracked often. But more often than not, my experiments and illusions were ably guided and suited for the city that is Delhi.

But that was before. Home is where I am right now. Chennai. A city with which I've been tied ever since birth. There are things here that I don't understand, things that are beyond me. But still, there are the people who condone me. God bless them.

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