Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Life goes on...

Ever since I got my Sociology books, I've been wanting to sit for an entire day and let my brain be confused to the hilt. As I found out after a recent visit to the library, all it took was 2 hours and 23 pages of this book - Deconstructing Durkheim by Jennifer M Lehmann.

It's a relatively small book, just over 200 pages. But the weight of its content goes, at present, well and truly over my head. There are a few concepts that I have to invest myself in before I get back to that book. And here's where I miss being in a class. If I were in a class, doing the same course, I'd have other peoples' minds at my disposal. A few questions here or there and a few opinions then and now surely got the pot stirring in my Journalism class and I don't see how it'd have been different here.

I guess I could just wait for the optional lectures to begin.

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