Friday, 13 January 2012

Just move on already

There is something I don't understand about us Indians. What is it about terming everything under the sun as offensive? Do we actually get offended? Or do we just want something to outrage about? Being offended, I think, is a very strong reaction, not very different from hatred. Question someone on them painting something as they 'hate' and they're quick to downgrade it to dislike.

If it's not some stereotype in an American movie, it's some obscure village in Serbia you've never even heard of, banning a book you probably didn't bother to read other than those recital competitions in school. Nobody wants to outrage at a certain Indian stand-up fellow being typically racist about everybody in the world (hey, he's doing it about everybody, so it's not racist,) but you want to go hammer and tongs at some random dude who probably bet with his mullah friend that he can make it to the national papers by issuing a fatwa against a form of exercise.

I am not asking you to outrage less and not waste your energy and all that. Saving your energy is of no concern to me. But if you do want to scream at someone at the top of your lungs, scream at the person who gave food to the semi-nude tribal wanting to see a dance, not at the cameraman who filmed it. If you want to get offended, be so at your politicians who have effectively voted themselves into power and done nothing for you, rather than tweeting the hell out of how Kolaveri is an insult to Tamil film lyrics and all that jazz.

Do what you want, I'm nobody to tell you not to, but when stupidity is mooning you, you've all but joined the stupids if you don't outrage about them.

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