Friday, 30 November 2012

A stagnant stream

Suddenly, everything is just stationary. Life stopped moving ages ago, mind you. The mind isn't as active as it used to be and the heart has let it become that way. The will to fight back exists, but laziness has a killer upper cut.

It's beautiful. There's this floating person watching this person in a bubble, struggling to get things in order, getting his feet tied up over absolutely nothing and ducking down just in time to let the big things swoop past him.



It's a pity that stories are told. It's a pity that the effort taken to tell them is monumental compared to the laziness that prevents one from reading it.

May be some stories need to be weighed individually and not against a history that has seen sparkling examples. Laziness though, is effortlessly universal.


It is not stationary because I am waiting for some one great thing to happen that will sweep the flooring from below me. Neither am I saying that the things that have happened/are happening are of little consequence in the bigger picture. Some of them are huge pivotal moments. Just that I couldn't care less or I wouldn't miss much had they not happened.

"Life has to fall apart so you can try and rebuild it to your liking (which of course isn't possible as it is only going to fall apart again and you're supposed to draw solace from the fact that you've done something during the course of this rebuilding.)"

Meanwhile, the anticipation has taken a tumble from the cliff. For good, may be.

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