Thursday, 2 October 2014

Of a familiar pattern...

It is quite odd that writing has followed me for over a decade now, from writing lengthy exams to pointless notes in class to more exams to magazine articles to online stories to assignments, it's been quite the journey. The last bit of the equation is probably one of the few things that I've taken on voluntarily.

Being a full fledged student once more, after a full 4 years outside of a class room, was pretty odd at first. To force the little discipline gained from a sparsely-corporate lifestyle for almost 4 years out of the way and to inculcate the typical laziness associated with a student has, to put it mildly, been the toughest thing to do. Sadly, it had to be done. I'm not in the least bit implying that this transformation has somehow been completely voluntary or under my full control. It's been a result of the circumstances, past and present, coupled with a willful undertaking.

Yet, I am Buridan's Ass. Faced with the demands that college makes, primary of which is that of intense thought and understanding at all times, along with a mostly lazy refusal to indulge in the aforementioned demands, I am Buridan's Ass. The test though, is to see how long the tension lasts.

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