Friday, 2 January 2015

Of years gone by and lessons...

There are reasons to be glad that 2014 has ended. It was most torrid with the latter part of the year needing a drastic move to a new town and a new place to salvage a little peace out of the year. That said, save for a few months towards the start and in the middle (barring March thanks to all the travel woohoo) 2014 was tepid at its best and horrendous at its worst.

Thing is, to expect a new year to bring new fortunes is more than plain naive. But what else is there to provide hope when things spiral out of your control before you can grab the end of the rope, and with impeccable frequency at that? You'd think there are lessons to be learnt and you'd be right. Sometimes, it's tough and almost impossible when slight teases are thrown around here and there to lull you into thinking you've got a hold of this crap before it explodes on your face. Again. Just like the last time. So to hide from it all seems most ominous and pertinent for now and that's precisely what I've done. A year and a half more of this hiding and there might be hope after all. See you on the other side 2015.


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