Tuesday, 15 August 2006

KANK review...Amitabh range role...



Read only if you have seen the movie or you don't care to see the movie...

It's very hard to write about the movie without going into the story because the movie has nothing other than that.

Here's the story in short

Simple intros for Abhishek, Rani and Priety. And a la Manmadhan intro for Amitabh Bachan
Scene (atleast an attempt, and ya the gals loved it) intro for SRK
SRK meets Rani on the day of her marriage
Few punchliners and some senti dialouges
He meets with an accident ( he does live, come on do you think KJ will kill SRK so soon...if you did gasp, it means you haven't seen any of KJ's movies)
Priety is sema hot shot babe
Abhishek is a big pary organiser and Amitabh is a Manmadhan

SRK and Rani meet after some years, SRK limps (gals gasp again...cha...gals r so predictable)
Marriages between SRK and Priety and Rani and Abhishek are on the rocks.
SRK and Rani (vetti ppl...seriously...they got nothing else to do other than meet each other at the station) meet very often and they fall in love....

Priety and Abhishek party like they got nothing else to do
SRK and Rani cheat their spouses
They sleep with each other
SRK slips this in as a joke during a both family dinner and sets Amitabh the manmadhan into thinking mode
SRK and Rani finally tell their spouses about the cheating
Priety makes a simple break up....(gals don't get shocked by this...She gives SRK one tight slap which surprisingly brings up the most claps from the crowd..they were clapping like mad when Priety slapped SRK...I clapped too)
Abhishek breaks all the crockery and makes a big hulla-bulla over the break up thingy
Oh and by the way....Amitabh dies 3/4 way through the movie

Rani is sent out of her house and so is SRK
They lie to each other saying they are still with their spouses and feint a narrative

Theen saal baadh...(:D)

Abhishek comes to Rani to give his marriage invitation
Priety rejects a marriage proposal from a colleague
Rani is invited to Abhishek's marriage

----Tamil Movie Climax----

SRK has a train to Toronto
Rani is convinced by Abhishek and Priety to go and join with SRK (Abhishek's bride happens to be the friend of the guy who proposed to Priety)
Train station climax

SRK for some unknown reason avoids Rani's sight and somehow gets into the Train
Rani spots her but she's on the other side of the Window

The Train leaves for Toronto
Rani is totally dejected

told u...tamil movie climax....

SRK somehow gets past the automatic doors and comes to the platform...adjust...no logic in KJ movies...

Even now he tries a silly joke....

Rani: Ab kya?
SRK: 15 days jail mein
Rani: Kyon?(gasps away to glory)
SRK: Train rokhney ke liye chain pull kiya na...is liye...
Rani: Oh Dev...

Oh come on...don't tell me you laughed for that...

Bah Humbug!!!

They both get together


This is just a Point to Point of the story, the original movie is 3 hrs 15 long...was able to watch it thanks to the wonderful Butter Popcorn and Pepsi...

Well to be honest, Abhishek's done a wonderful job and Priety has kinda subdued role...she does that perfectly...SRK is his usual with his non-homorous one liners (which the gals sitting in the row behind me found very very amusing...crap)...and Rani with her croaky voice does her best which turns out to be a normal performance...

Amitabh the Manmadhan....wife dead...so dude's enjoying with one lady a day...he even introduces one girl as Saturday(says it's much better to remember the days on which he hired them rather than the names...indha vayasula idhu theyva dhaan)

Over all, I would say it was an extra dose of KJ's sentiments which generally isn't good for my health....It may suit you....

The movie is a one time watchable stuff....that too CD dhaan...but if you want to look at some hot babes, then go to Satyam and pay Rs.150 only and watch the movie...or whoever/whatever you want...


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ice_fire said...

i dunt feel kank is that bad.
tho it gets slow at some places...
its abt complex human emotions...
SHAHRUKH IS ADORABLE.....stop getting jealous...
gals love him no matter what....