Saturday, 26 August 2006

My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nothing...

Yup, the old ANAGRAM is gotto change now. It's no more Nine Planets cos Pluto has been chucked out of the Solar System. It's no more a Planet. So now, the Solar System's got just 8 planets with the possibility of more planets being added. The irony is that one of the may-be-added planets is one heavenly body called "Charon", a moon of Pluto. The moon amy become a planet and the planet isn't a planet anymore.

Pluto is now rechristined as just another Plutonian object -the term itself arising from the word Pluto- after the International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto off it's Planetary status which it had enjoyed for the past 7 decades. This is a result of changing the definition of a planet. As Pluto didn't qualify to be deemed a planet according to the new defintion, it was, without any delay, kicked out of the Planetary List.

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